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People like this still exist

Discussion in 'Cannabis News and Activism' started by Jared, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. Jared

    Jared Cannabis Enthusiast

    Prosser Pot Wars:
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    I couldn't watch the whole thing for obvious reasons but what I did watch and listen to really blew my mind. I didn't think it was possible for people to still be this ignorant. I replied with some bible verses basically okaying cannabis. Can't wait to see how he twists them around to not mean what they mean. If this isn't the right place to post this feel free to delete it but I wasn't sure where it belonged and figured some people would find this as interesting as I did.
  2. 215z

    215z Well-Known Member

    Lol don't they sell beer at that gas station a block away?
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  3. kimura

    kimura Well-Known Member

    I think the 20th century will go down in history as the century of propaganda. The destructive and antisocial effects of misinformation and disinformation are immeasurable.

    These people have been indoctrinated. It is deeper than logic and reason. I'm not sure what the answer is. Sometimes I really feel like we just need to wait for all of these people to die, while doing everything we can to prevent further indoctrination of other generations.

    EDIT: and using the bible as a basis for arguing against legalization is LAUGHABLE. not only does the Old Testament authorize the use of all seed-bearing plants, the overriding message of the New Testament is supposed to be "love one another." it's not very loving to deny safe and therapeutic herbs from people who benefit from their use, nor is it very loving to legally destroy these peoples lives for using harmless herbs
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2014
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    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    Judas was a Christian ? Really Now ?

    That's one of his starting points so i would expect the rest of his argument to be wrong also.
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  5. Jared

    Jared Cannabis Enthusiast

    The main sign to their town has a portion dedicated to wine. Lol.

    His excuse as to why he isn't out picketing bars and breweries is there's just too many of them. :rolleyes:
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