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Pen Vaporizers Dont Smell?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Live-N-Learn, May 17, 2013.

  1. Live-N-Learn

    Live-N-Learn Higher, Higher, Baby...

    I figured I'd ask a quick question to solve the myth that has been placed inside my dome. I see all these rappers using the G-Pen and these pen vapes, which I believe use oil cartridges and things that a non MMJ place like NY doesnt supply, to my knowledge. Do they have a smell? I noticed my Pax and other vapes have a smell to it, while not major, is definitely detectable by weed radar, aka a trained nose. Is that because it is flowers and not oil, or whatever is in these cartridges. Anyone wanna take me to school with these pen vapes, and the thrill of them? Or is it just overrated, and dont perform as well as other portables.
  2. Kevdog420

    Kevdog420 OMMP Patient

    Good pen vapes get me stoned faster than any other portable I've tried, and most set tops for that matter. They use concentrates (although there are some that have dry herb attachments) so it is pretty much like taking a dab but it is portable. Concentrates have much higher THC content than bud so its pretty obvious why they get you more medicated.

    As for the smell there is some but not much at all. Compared to a pax or something that vapes flowers it is much more discreet. If you think about it when you vape oil, you are not vaping all of the plant matter you are just vaping the resinous THC/CBD. The plant matter in flowers makes the smell far worse compared to oil. You can still smell some vape pens though, if you are close. I've used them in movie theaters, restaurants, concerts, and in public places like parks and have never once had someone detect it or comment on the smell.

    I would imagine it would be kinda hard to find concentrates in a non medical state like NY. I live in Oregon and concentrates are all over and cheap ( bho is like $20/gram here ).
    And yes vape pens do get the job done

    Edit: vape pens can either use straight hash oil, Vegetable glycerin tincture or some can use dry herbs. Hash oil is what most use, and the attraction to the hash oil ones is that it gets you heavily medicated while at the same time being extremely portable and discreet.

    oh and btw do you use the cloud buddy with the HA?? if so how does it work?
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  3. Live-N-Learn

    Live-N-Learn Higher, Higher, Baby...

    My Cloud broke today so I will be actually trying it out tonight. I will let you know how it goes on the HA.
    Which pen would you recommend for oil? I wouldnt mind having a great quality pen vape for when it becomes available.
  4. Kevdog420

    Kevdog420 OMMP Patient

    Word let me know how that goes. Sorry the cloud broke on you man :(

    First thing about vape pens is don't buy into the whole set up, because most are just regular e-cig batteries + a hash oil atomizer. So what I tell people is to get a regular 510 e-cig battery then buy a hash oil atomizer from a vape company. It saves you 50 bucks and it is the same thing.
    here is an ego-c twist: http://www.myvaporstore.com/Joye_eGo_C_Twist_Variable_Voltage_1000mAh_Battery_p/ego-c-tstxl.htm
    (this battery is 510 threaded, and will work with any 510 attachment such as Vaped products or gentleman's products)

    That being said I really would recommend looking into gentleman's hash oil atomizer. The draw back most vape pens have is they use a glass fiber wick to absorb the hash oil. The beauty about the gentleman's is it doesn't have a wick thus producing a much better flavor and a safer experience. I also recommend vaped products from ruvaped.com if you don't mind about a wick. I own the glass globe from vaped and I love it, you can just load a dab at a time which is nice, but it does have a wick. I have heard bad things about g pens and atmos so i would try to stay away from those. Omicron products are good but I prefer the others I mentioned more. Omicron also uses wicks.

    here is gentleman's hash oil atomizer: http://www.gentlemansvapes.com/products/hash-oil-atomizer

    that combined with the ego-c would be around $50, giving you one of the best vape pens on the market for half price.

    But don't buy a vape pen for at home use, they really are meant to be portable. A nail/dome set up is much better honestly, but pens get the job done for being portable.
  5. z9

    z9 Well-Known Member

    I second not getting a pen for home use.

    The dabbler and VIP are good pens.
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  6. Meghan

    Meghan Well-Known Member

    I have an O-PHOS and like it just fine. As far as smell, it's less than my Pax, but there's definitely a subtle smell. I never noticed it until I carried my pen into work in my pocket. A co-worker was standing at my desk talking to me and BAM! I smelled it. Hopefully he didn't!
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  7. Bouldorado

    Bouldorado Well-Known Member

    My friend has the G-pen, which I've used quite a bit. First off, this thing totally kills all flavor; even oil that tastes great off a nail, just tastes neutral in the G-pen. Doesn't taste bad, but not something I would smoke if I didn't get high from it.

    As for odor, the pen itself doesn't really smell, but the exhale definitely does. Not sure if you've ever dabbed hash oil, but the exhale smells just like a dab from a too hot nail (ie burned oil). I can usually notice the smell on exhale if I pay attention, but I'm not sure if a non-smoker would associate the smell with weed/hash.
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  8. Kevdog420

    Kevdog420 OMMP Patient

    Ive found this taste issue to be the case in most pen vapes.

    Only one that doesn't do that, is the glass globe since you can load a dab at a time and you aren't smoking reclaim constantly.
  9. Atomsk

    Atomsk Floating In My Tin Can

    Lots of great discussion thus far, but I think we need to frame the question differently because the sample you are questioning, weed users on a weed forum, will not be fairly representative to the whole, or people who might smell you using your pen. I think you'll find that a lot of the time smokers and vapists can't really tell what they're doing is smelly, while those who are not around pot a lot will find that even vapor reeks. I feel like most answers to this question are vapor doesn't smell as much compared to smoke.

    Vapor in general is smelly, especially if you're using really good buds or really good wax. Good vape pens make the same vapor as their table top counterparts, some with weaker production, some sometimes better. The majority of good vape pens out there use wax, a.k.a hash oil, but you will find some that combine this with glycerin. The glycerin mixture smells less than straight wax but is also weaker in potency. And I agree, bud vapor tends to smell more than wax vapor, and that's probably because of the absence of plant material. You will still get the weed smell, and it's concentrated, because wax also extracts terpenes, which give weed it's distinctive smell and taste.

    To answer your question in context of will people who don't do pot smell my vape pen and vapor, I would have to say it depends on the situation, but mostly, yes.

    If you are outside, only those in your immediate area will be able to smell it. I'd say that's a 5-15 foot radius, depending on their olfactories. The volume of space the vapor can take up is increased so there is less concentrated smell, not to mention the wind, scents of being outside, and the characteristic of vapor to dissipate quickly, which makes it so that it won't carry downwind like smoke will.

    If you are inside, it depends on ventilation. In a room with one window open, you can still expect it to smell for those not used to pot, especially if someone comes from another part of the house in to your room. It can also leave your room and smell in the hallway. This will not be the alerting reek of pot smoke, but rather like you have a quarter of nice herb out in the open. Use the same caution vaping inside as you would smoking inside. Put a towel down, keep Febreeze at the ready, and have a candle going. It will not linger like smoke, though.

    When not in use, the things can still smell. I mean, in a vape pen with .5 grams of wax, you basically have the equivalent of an 8th of herb. This is further exacerbated with heat and where the pen is. Heat will excite terpenes, releasing that weed smell. For my cartridges filled with wax, I keep them in an airtight container, just like you would with bud.

    In terms of worth, hell yes these things are worth it. I mean, it depends on which you get, and what your needs are, but by and large the convenience and performance of a good vape pen rival some table top vapes out there (of course I don't mean the Volcano, XHALE, EQ). With the right pen, you can do more than get the job done.

    But I don't get how people are using these things in movie theaters or classrooms or grocery stores so brazenly. Or why they would. It is a great stealth option because people who see it won't know what you're vaporizing, but be responsible. I understand the novelty in being able to get high wherever you are, but you also risk second hand inhalation for those around you. It still smells, and you can still get caught. And getting caught with wax, not bud, can land you in a whole lot more trouble, even in medicinal states.

    If you want good vape pen suggestions, I got you. But just as a general rule, if you're looking for VAPORIZATION, steer clear of the Atmos, Cloud, GPen, Ovale, Trippy Stix, and Gentlemen's. These are more of portable, electronic combustion.
  10. ak47bluntz

    ak47bluntz Member

    I have a custom built vaporizer i have a 900mah battery with a 710m-Atomizer and have the 710 mini. my 710 mini ive had since last year and it still rips. i haven't had no problems I love the atomizer its completely different than any of the other pens. I feel its extremely underrated it has a coil and a huge space to where i could pack half a gram in it and just smoke it through out the day and it rips so BBBOOMMMBB. 4 fat rips and im all good its like the TI nail. IMO i think its probably one the better "portable, electronic combustion" of the vap pens. As for the smell iam constantly toking on campus around tons of people and it does smell like 5 foot radius. The smell disappears pretty quick and smells of citrus for a bit instead of pungent kush stank. Its so lowkey you could medicate almost anywhere outdoors with it.
  11. Krissyxoxo

    Krissyxoxo New Member

    I've read most of y'all's comments . But, still need a little clarification . Can you use dry herb in all oil vape pens ?

    mod note: Your question is off topic, especially in an Ask FC thread, and qualifies as thread hijacking. If your question isn't on topic for the thread, please find one that is, or start your own.
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  12. Enchantre

    Enchantre Oil Painter

    WA USA
  13. CentiZen

    CentiZen Evil Genius in Training Accessory Maker

    America's Hat
    If someone tries to tell you something to use marijuana or marijuana resins in and says it is NOT going to smell, they are either wrong or trying to sell you something. Usually both.
  14. clouded vision

    clouded vision Well-Known Member

    Yes oils definitely smell, I noticed it today when my friend took the first hit off his o-phos in my car.
    This week I plan to experiment with making some reclaim and ABV oil to mix with a really fragrant e-juice to use in a clearomizer. I have a feeling that it will mask the smell nicely,I know it won't be as potent but it's only for when I need absolute stealth so I don't mind being to take an extra hit or 2
  15. YeeeBuddy

    YeeeBuddy Well-Known Member

    Orange County
    The only Oil/wax I have found that has ZERO weed smell is Tetralabs Puregold(www.tetralabs.com), stuff is around 90% THC and I can vape it anywhere and people just think its a E-cig. If your a med patient in Cali or Washington I think they will deliver to your house, I get it from dispensaries. I use this stuff with a Variable voltage E-cig battery and clearomizer from gotvapes (http://www.gotvapes.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=148_120&products_id=518) This setup recommended to me by @Haywood has been my go to way for discreet on the go medicating, best 35$ investment evAARrrr.
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  16. Vape N Bake

    Vape N Bake Disturbed

    I run this same setup also from @Haywood. Total stealth mode!
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  17. Quetzalcoatl


    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    They can smell more or less depending on the terpene profile.
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  18. joe0508

    joe0508 New Member

    I have made some pretty good rrosin and put into one of those .6ml co2 tank for thick oil off of ebay.This is the link for the tank that i used,
    I store the product {still in the tank} wrapped in a plastic bag from a grocery store in the bottom of the fridge.I can still get a wif of weed smell when taking it from the bag to take a hit.Can i just get some more nicotine free pg flavoring from the head shop and add it straight to the tank and take care of the smell that is coming off the tank?

    Also is it ok to heat the tank up with a truck heater vent after taking it from the fridge?
  19. crawdad

    crawdad floatin

    potano territory
    blackout-x 2.0 pen i have can use oil or dry herb (swap inserts), i cant smell much at all when its closed up unless i shove the mouthpiece up my nose, i only did it once.
  20. nosmoking

    nosmoking Just so Dab HAppy!

    DC Area
    co2 pens seem to smell the least IMO but once you are familiar with the smell then you know it. I don't know if e-cigs smell but I can tell in a heart beat if I smell a co2 cart. Not the vapor, I can actually smell the carts especially if they have been stored in a drawer or console of some sort that them enclosed. The vapor definitely smells as well.

    It may not be a typical marijuana odor, however there is no doubt that they smell. I vape with a co2 pen often in ski areas and such with no problem in a non-friendly state however I am outside and co2 pens are not really existent around here so no one knows what they smell like.

    edit: I can also differentiate the smell of one strain from another in my co2 pens. For instance I currently have flavrx co2 carts with Skywalker, True OG, Girl Scout Cookies and Yeezus. They all smell slightly different.
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  21. joe0508

    joe0508 New Member

    It seems to be only when i put it in the frig.I put it in the frig wrapped real thick in a plastic bag untill i am ready to use.When i take the tank out of the frig with rosin juice cold in side,Then i will heat it up in front of a vent in the truck untill it is nice and oily and than hit it.I cant really smell it at room temp only when i take it from the frig?Can i use more pg based flavoring and mix it straight in the tank while heating in front of the vent?How many drops for a 0.4g

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