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Paying it Forward - A New Direction

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by vtac, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    No new list.I will accept any donation that is not being used, and I will gain experience and knowledge about each before it passes to a new home. Each unit that is sent will go to a home. There are just a couple of items on the wish list left, that were to put things back together and usable.
    That is a tough of a question to answer, at least at the moment.
    My "Vaporizers of choice" on my signature still weigh in heavily as my top 4.
    I would have trouble choosing 3.
    1. For a desktop, I enjoy the Standard SSV with Hand Held wand, or in it's place I love the VaporBrothers Box with mini-wand.
    2. For a portable for around the house I love the Solo ...for around the yard I like the NO2, but that is replaced easily by the CFX. (out in yard no parts to break on those)
    3. For a portable on the go, I like the Inhalaters, but I never mind using the Iolite or WispR
    You asked for top 3 and I came as close as I could!
    The Volcano is a big part of my rotation, but I imagine I could live without it if I had to (and I have had to!... but did not have as much fun)
    Herbalizer is a unit I reach for when ill, for it's super fast hits.. but I limit my use a tiny bit... perhaps due to more frequent cleaning needs, or smaller chamber capacity.

    All of that being said.... My number one unit that I leave on 24/7 and it gives me the first hit of the day, daily, and the last hit I take before sleep.. SSV standard HC and Hand Held wand.
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  2. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    The story of Sammy
    In late 2003 I was run over by a truck, and I broke every bone on the left side of my body.
    I had a Traumatic Brain Injury and stayed in a coma for 5.5 weeks.
    I was told I would never walk.
    You all know that story.
    Once I was finally sent home I had to go to therapy for a very long time, and one day on "Van Tran" ,the medical transport for Tucson (where incidentally I met my wife, Patty)I saw a new passenger get on the van...
    I saw that he also was paralyzed on the same side as I (left) , and he walked with the cane in his right hand, as I was trying to learn to do. He sat next to me and I noticed the same speech pattern as mine. (I continued in speech therapy for 2 more years and have improved)
    We became friends, and we would meet at HealthSouth Rehabilitation center for lunch on Fridays.
    Sammy was in a coma also for the same length of time... the only difference was he broke no bones.
    I looked up to Sammy for his independence, and I worked hard to be like him.
    That was in 2005.
    Time and circumstance changed, and I got stronger and worked out daily... and I still do.
    Patty had a great deal to do with that.. she made me want to be strong.
    I visited Sammy once a month for the last twelve years.
    Over time, Sammy became complacent, and stopped going places.. partially because he found a kind woman that said she would stop by a few times a week to see if he was OK. That was 3 years ago. Sadly this became Sammy's downfall. She wanted so much to be helpful that she began doing everything for the already declining Sammy. He never had to get up from the spot in the couch, and never moved for 3 straight years.
    I visited monthly still...
    She brought him cigarettes, bourbon and beer, made him food and once he could no longer move, she got him a urinal and bedpan, and a bucket that she emptied for him 3 times a week.
    I saw it happening, but Sammy would not listen to me, and said he was just glad I still came by and was a friend.
    One visit, Sammy was on the floor, having slipped off the couch. I could not help or lift him, and I called 911, and they sent Sammy to the emergency room.
    Not having left the spot on the couch in many years, he was a mess.... he could not even transfer to a wheelchair, let alone sit up,..... and standing was out of the question.
    Everyone got involved... I won't go through the list of agencies and Doctors here... trust me there were plenty.
    Sammy is now in a Rehab center, and has been for a week.
    He knows he needs intense therapy and stretching. He knows he will be in a wheelchair for a good while as he tries to get his old skills back together.
    I want to get Sammy a Medical Marijuana Card.. I always did, but since the MMJ Cards became available, there was no way for me to transport him, move him, or for him to afford the visit with the Doctor.

    He won't be a candidate for an MMJ card for a while, because he must stay at that rehab center for a month, before they figure out a new living situation for him. It is doubtful Sammy will live independently in his own place for a good while, and likely will live in a group home or similar facility for a year or two...
    BUT, I figure in about 4 to 6 months he will be ready to go with me to see the Doctor, and get a card.
    The Doctor that re-certifies us yearly is willing to charge us 1/2 cost for Sammy's visit when that time comes, and we will pay it for Sammy.
    Next is the state fee... $150... BUT if you get Food Stamps it is half that price.... so the State fee for Sammy will be only $75.
    For Sammy to get a card will be $120 total, and then I can legally share my meds with him from that point on.
    Still a long road first however. Rehab for a month, then a living situation with continued therapy. 4 or 5 months from now we will help Sammy get a card.
    I will make ready for this, and place an item or two in FC Classifieds, and we will be ready!
    Getting Sammy into Emergency, and talking to a multitude of Agencies, and arranging things for Sammy is is how Patty and I have spent every minute of our free time for the past 8 days.
    So.... there were no new patients for us to work with since my last post 8 days ago.
    I still feel the fulfillment of Paying it forward however......
    After 12 years, Sammy is in rehab, and agreeing to get an MMJ card. He has agreed to group living for as long as it takes for him to get whole again.
    I have a vaporizer with Sammy's name on it... waiting for him.
    There will be funds for a card.
    Thanks for hearing about Sammy.
    A friend since 2005.
    I watched in pain as he declined in his eagerness to work out and stay strong, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel now.
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  3. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    I wish to thank the anonymous donor, who went through Puffitup, to purchase some Vapes for me to donate to the community. The order was for XMax V2Pro units, and there are a number of them (about a dozen).
    Thanks goes out to this individual, and to Randy @PuffItUp who kicked in some variety of similar sized units.
    With the financial horizon as it is, it makes sense for me to provide these self enclosed portables as an alternative to low income individuals that often have no permanent living arrangement.
    Among the units are a Vapor Blunt Version 2 (it will go along with some pongs, and water tool sent by one of you last month thx @VAPEHUNTER ), a couple of Pinnacles, and some new units I never tried (yes... as I get them set up for patients, I get to test each one out... that besides a good conscience are my rewards!)
    Among the units I had not tried is a Vaped Flora.
    It has only one setting, but that setting seems a great one.
    I describe my test with the Vaped Flora at:

    Patty and I are done now with getting Sammy set in his rehab center... and we connected him with a representative from Arizona's Long Term Care System.. to get him proper living arrangements.

    The Volcano that came back fro the Police is getting a home within a few days.
    One Hospice has 3 MMJ patients at their facility.
    They only house 4 patients there, and all 4 are seniors.
    The Volcano is going to go there.. I have discussed with them the benefit of getting that last 4th resident her card, as she suffers from the discomforts of MS (and Stage 4 Cancer)... both qualifying conditions.
    Wouldn't that be amazing if that Volcano could serve all 4 patients in one Hospice home!:nod:
    The closest I have come to that was two couples that lived in similar settings....
    one couple got the Zephyr Ion, and the other got a Volcano. This Volcano that was returned by the Police was that very Volcano, on it's way to a new Hospice. I am giving them 3 bags to go with it, one for each patient... and I will go back there in a couple of months to clean the EZ Valve, and teach a staff person at that time what needs to be tended to in way of cleaning.
    Will talk with you friends later on... Friday Night approaches, and Patty and I love to get ready to settle in!
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  4. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast
    A noble goal indeed, but let's not pass over the progress here? MMJ is accepted there. That is so very important and far reaching for the customers. To have that option at such a critical and venerable time is no doubt seen as a blessing by those involved. Viva Vitolo!! You done good once again. Thank you so much for what you do, what many of us no doubt wish we could do, for others. Your sharing the details with us here allows us to vicariously take some modest joys from your victories. Please keep it up.

    If I'm allowed a bit of hopeful fantasy here imagine a better world where Hospices advertise "MMJ Caregiver on Staff" to attract customers? You know someone to fill those Volcano bags and drop them by your room when you push the button? Maybe forget the flowers and vegetables in the garden out back and let the guest grow something really useful?

    Vitolo, you da man. We should franchise you far and wide..........

    Thanks again for the happy words.

  5. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    You are surely allowed.
    What a world it would be!
    I am in the process of rebuilding a bunch of dismantled EZ valve bags (with original roles of Solid valve bag material)... and they are coming out good.
    I want the Hospice to have extras!
  6. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    @OldOyler ... your Vivante Alternate arrived, and I want to thank you.
    A remarkable convection portable that heats up faster than most convection units.
    This will be a special placement indeed.
    I talk about the unit at http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/vivant-alternate.23668/page-28#post-1101480
    I will be letting all of you know where all of the units go to.

    A couple very low income patients have contacted me from near Phoenix.
    We are shy to have patients from so far away at our home.
    They wanted to know where we would meet, and I had no place set up.
    We will use the back gate of our '95 Explorer and meet at a parking lot and do the instructing and physical display there, then will continue on Skype later on.
    Thank God that these two have internet access!
    They asked if we could meet at a local "420 Social Club", but there are always tie dye clad patients marching up and down on the street in front of the place that boasts a "dab bar" and more.... and of course there are always cops watching from under 100 feet away.
    I had to reject the idea, and decided to meet these strangers in a public area.

    That is OK... It works, and it was how we met all patients during the 587 days of terror, so this will be acceptable.
    We have been visiting patients at their homes, except for those that we have worked with before.

    There are many beliefs I hold dear about low income patients.
    Their carriage, the way they move and walk increases when they have reason to feel pride in themselves.
    Being given an upper tier vaporizer does a great deal to a patient's ego.
    They come not knowing what to expect, but they leave with more than they hoped for.
    When they leave with a working unit that in the marketplace is reserved for those with high income.....
    They feel rich!
    Imagine being poor, and being passed an old model car that is worn and smelly... but it gets you there.
    The poor man will love and use this car to get where they must.
    Give them a nicer car, and they will walk with a straighter gait as they go to their ride....
    ... and in their feeling of luxury they will surely pay it forward to others.

    So it is with vaporizers.
    All I used to be able to provide was old used EZ Vapes, and it was always appreciated.
    Now I see pride, and a feeling of self esteem.
    Talk soon all!
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  7. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Today was special.
    First off thanks go out to @mephisto
    We received the care package of portable vapes, and sundry MMJ items, along with the wax atomizers, and dry herb carts, Batteries, and other vaporization tools that I could not do justice in this simple post.
    What you sent was immense! The new Prima Unit was requested by many patients!
    Not just @mephisto , but others... many of you requested anonimity/
    About today and Matt
    We have not seen our friend... a patient named Matt in a long while. (almost 2 years).
    Matt is (please forgive my language) One Fuck of a Survivor!
    Declared terminal 5 years ago, we have seen Matt on a regular Basis until the raid.
    We did not just visit friends... We were afraid of exposing friends and patients to being seen with us.
    Matt found himself a used Solid Valve Volcano.
    We were in touch last night as, in our new found freedom, I began contacting those dear to us.
    Matt had a wish list.
    He has been clear of any cancer (I won't grace the beast with a capital letter), for almost 2 years now.
    We have seen Matt at a variety of weights so severe that one would not recognize him. We have seen him completely bald a half dozen times.
    He wrestled with Chemo a dozen times.
    God Bless him... he fought hard and won!
    Today Matt wore his shoulder length hair in a pony tail. I tried not to let the tears of joy show.
    Matt, since we "clammed up" and stopped helping folks had stuck with a Volcano he found at a good price. A solid Valve.
    He loves his unit, but during our talk, he expressed dismay that he was always tied to the wall, and could only walk off a short way with a bag in hand (a short little bag at that).
    He read in the vapor trail patient forum, that I wanted members to not be shy, and let me please know their vaping needs.... and he trusted and contacted me.
    Today, thanks to the pure desire to help of members here, Matt walked away with a few items... You know who you are that has helped Matt today, and he knows who each of you are. You each know what you did!
    Matt left today with:
    a full roll of Official Volcano Bag material (to make bigger bags!)
    A Solo with a new glass stem ( so he could go outside, or into his Bedroom to medicate near his wife).
    A brand new Xmax V2 Pro so he could vaporize when traveling away from home..
    Now... I need to thank all of you responsible for letting me see a smile on Matt's face.
    Matt with a full head of hair, and at fighting weight.... still going in monthly for re-evaluation, because such success with his cancer and chemo was never expected.
    Next came Rachel (Chemo patient still going to sessions, and still seeking remission). Not done with Chemo yet, she received a new Battery set in holder for threaded enjoyment of wax... and with it she received a brand new Cerum, along with two new Cerum spare atomizers.
    I have had trouble with the Elo Vape... people seemed to just not find it effective.
    My findings were no different.
    The herb came out toasted brown, and I got a tiny buzz, but not much visible Vapor.
    Rachel being a wax user does not use Herbal vaporizers, but I asked if she would be interested in doing a study for me, and accept some plant matter and the Elo, and test it until she found a sweet spot.... a way to enjoy the Elo.
    She accepted the challenge (and to be honest I was relieved, because the Elo was a great deal of work for me). When she finishes the learning curve on the Elo, she and I together will surprise her boyfriend (a spinal injury patient) with the Elo for his birthday. They already use a Puffit that was donated right here!....
    and when her boyfriend's Elo day comes, he will get a Dry herb artomizer and battery with it.... because the Puffit is really not that heavy duty of a device.
    A big day for Patty and I.
    Two patients served, and then a package replacing what was handed out....
    And in the next two weeks we have 3 more appointments with patients that we have not been able to help for almost two years.
    We be catchin' up!
    I would like to extend a gracious and humble thanks to you members.... You each know what you gave to Matt and Rachel today, and I do not need to specify.
    The next weeks have a man that was paralyzed when he fell off a girder at work.
    He works no more, but sits in pain. He was referred by a local Doctor, and will be getting THREE items from us... A Desktop, Vapor Brothers unit, a portable Flower vape (Flowermate), and a wax pen.
    Hell if we are going to help, then this man needs a desktop and a portable, due to tri-weekly visits to physical and occupational therapy... and a way to use concentrates to boot!
    I want him comfortable at home and on his way to and from therapy.

    One day:
    • a roll of Volcano OEM bag material (enough for a number of bags)
    • a Solo and New stem
    • An Xmax V2 Pro
    • 18650 Battery/charger/ push button device for Battery
    • Cerum with 2 spare atomizers
    • an Elo
    • Dry herb atomizer (divine tribe)
    AND..... an incoming package of new stuff to move forward
    (p.s.... thanks for the scale @mephisto )
    YOU ALL made today a success.
    I know it was a success because I am bushed!
    All set for next week, I look forward to seeing patients, and bit by bit, losing our fear of having visitors.. (the cops messed our minds up badly... but we are forging forward to healing!)
    Members of FC, and visitors to this thread....
    We did this together!.
    We ( Forum Members and us) picked up the slack, and got REAL patients in discomfort ways (not just a way.... but plural ways)
    to medicate effectively and also in a fashion that would make our creator proud....
    We have a way to use his gift to us, in a more safe manner with greater results and effects.
    Thanks for reading along.
    The visits can be lengthy, and my stamina is not what it was two years ago, but I build up a stronger resolve daily, and Patty helps me.
    We could not do this without you.
    Vito and Patty
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  8. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Thursday- April 6th
    Today we had a skype session with a couple living in Phoenix.
    They are in their 40's .... so young to both have Cancer.
    They met during radiation therapy a year ago, and have been together since.
    Low on money, they used her Mom's computer to visit me.
    I demonstrated some units, and today we sent them by USPS, a Vapor Brothers unit....
    a Haze dual for concentrates and herbal use on the go, and an Adventurer as a portable to have a back-up, and a unit for each of them to have for when they are not with one another.
    It went out priority mail today, and they will call once it arrives, and we will set up a skype session to answer any questions, and demo any details that they are uncertain of.
    Packing these and getting to the Post Office took most of the morning, but it was well worth it.
    They were very excited when we video conferenced, and I was also. They were so anxious to have a vape (their Doctor recommended it), and I was so relieved to help them.
    I will report back and share the details this week.
    Much love to all of you!
  9. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    I could not think of a thread to better tell of a grand interaction with a friend that you all know.
    He always pays it forward too.
    I also did not want to be so egotistical as to create a whole thread to a visit!
    I have a few FC long time buddies, but I have only had the honor recently of meeting @Lookatmeglow at my home. We had a great time and exchanged Vape info.
    A long time friend here has been @ChooChooCharlie
    We have kept in contact by message and email, for a good while. And this man helped along with others of you when the law was at our door.
    The comradery I speak of is born of a certain mutual admiration of each other's way of demonstrationg our varying levels of obsession with vaping, and of accessories. and the comparative analysis of methods of holding a unit, and techniques for loading etc.
    ChooChooCharlie took a road trip, and we looked at one another's tools of the trade.
    He brought a gift for the community... (vape parts and acccessories and the like) and he brought
    4 units I had never tried.
    And he got a peak at a couple that he had never faced up close.
    I saw the Okin .. a rarity in that it is delicately hand made, and tiny, and came in a hand made box.
    It is a device, that you attach a charcoal cylinder to after drilling a couple little holes in it. The heat from the red hot coal allows convection vaping on a small scale, but it does have a following.
    Now then....
    I was honored to handle a Mighty.... AND a Crafty.... and if that were not enough, I was introduced to the Grasshopper.
    ChooChooCharlie of course pointed out strengths and weaknesses in the units, AND his solutions to the latter. This is one accessorizing guy. ... to load multiple capsules,.... to keep lips cool using some very warm tools.
    We battered one another with information and visual up close technology.
    Patty and Choochoo talked gardening.
    If all that were not enough, after a day long discussion on vapes (with a few twists and turns), we got to go to dinner with this FC celebrity.
    Thank you @ChooChooCharlie for the items you left for our community low income patient population.
    Dinner was a blast too.
    But really knowing you.... that was the best for the both of us.
    We were honored to have you here.
    Talk soon!
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  10. ChooChooCharlie

    ChooChooCharlie Well-Known Member

    Great time!! Felt like a kid in a candy store, which vape should i try?

    Given time constraints and questionable cognitive digestion, I selected two -- the Herbalizer and Volcano. Now it's beginning to sink in...any vape works, just pick based on "set and setting" (sorry, borrowed phrase from 60s).

    Vito provided an additional perspective from a patient's point of view. Inveterate rec users like myself owe Vito a great debt not only for his care-giving, but also for his sharing here on FC. By the way, Vito, you are SO lucky to have Patty in your life. What a joy she was, putting up with us two vape geeks!
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  11. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Oh my word... I know just how lucky I am.
    I've never thought otherwise, she is one of a kind.
    We did certainly discuss vapes at length!
    I never sat with a person that shares so many similarities on the values of the various constructs that make up the vape experience!
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  12. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    A box came in, and the giver wished anonymity.
    I received the package you sent, and you have gotten things here off to a great start of the day.
    I now have a couple of Zaps ready to go, thanks to the transformers you sent. The other goodies were amazing additions, that will round out existing patients tools very well.
    The Divine Crossing stuff is right up the alley for a patient that is very good with his eyes and hands... but confined to home for his paralysis.
    He loves his pens, and he loves to tinker, and I can hardly wait to present it.
    All of you can feel good about Paying it forward, and about this thread.
    Even if you are not in a position to participate, you and the reading of posts here adds strength and support.
    Cheering on our work, adds to the Universal Consciousness which shines a light upon the troubled, and reveals where the help is needed most.

    @ChooChooCharlie introduced us to the Catholic Worker Movement (called CWC for Catholic Worker Community), proliferated by Dorothy Day , in her plight to feed the poor. We learned there is a CWC place here called Casa Maria.
    (see http://www.casamariatucson.org/)
    Since that day we first went and saw their soup kitchen, Patty and I have been harvesting bags of Giant Swiss Chard, and Blue Kale, and delivering these huge bags to Bryan the guy that runs the show.
    It keeps poor folks fed and healthy.
    Even when we do not have a large bag full, we think about them.... same deal....
    We arouse the Universal Consciousness by thinking of them, and wishing good for them.
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  13. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    @ShayWhiteGrow Thanks for this unique tool. The WispR E
    Not much is written about tjhis, but I am doing a session with it now, and believe I have just the spot....
    A Patient that loves the WispR form and use, but fears butane (hey... we all got a thing!).
    I am enjoying the way it gradually heats up higher until it achieves max temp.
    The vape show continues.
    Monday's story should be most enlightening!
  14. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Time to report in to my FC Family about the "movement".
    It has been a week of paying it forward and almost a dozen units (and parts too) went out this week.
    On Monday we met with 2 patients from Phoenix, that we met in a Safeway Parking Lot. What can I say, we were scared to have people we never met from another city in our home. They brought their cards with them, and I explained that I needed to see them to know they were covered, in the event they got stopped for paraphernalia.
    They got vaporizers for themselves, and another older couple in their area.
    EZ Vape, VaporBlunt 2, Hydrotube for the "blunt", 2 Haze units and 2 Xmax pros went to two homes for use with 4 patients. They were very pleased and surprised by the way the interaction went, as was I. I got hugged by two new patients, that live a couple hundred miles away!
    Man with crippling arthritis in hands, elbows and shoulder bursitis was here at our home on Tuesday and left with a Boundless CFX (The one that was donated with the screen in place of the usual metal "filter") He got an Adventurer also to test out, but has told me the water feature made him nervous, so it is coming home to us this week.
    Wednesday we had our patient friend with Fybromyalgia over. They got a 5 pack of Yocan Torch replacement coils that were donated by a local buyer whom I introduced to the folks at Yocan Technologies.
    Thursday… Yesterday, we got to see one of my favorite patients was here. A Chemo survivor (5 times!!) he was given an EZ Valve set for his Volcano, along with a rebuild kit, and 3 new bags. Along with that he was sent home with a battery charger, and two new single coil wax carts. I knew that a wax pen, and a volcano left a hole for outside the house vaping, so he was given a Solo as well.
    I did not wish to deplete the supplies of units, and I knew he would require one more plug-in desktop. I gave him my Vapor Brothers unit, knowing that I would replace it in time.
    A final gift for a chemo survivor.
    An indica Vape, a Vapor Brothers box vape, and a Vapor brothers wooden grinder. This Vapor Brothers unit came in from an anonymous donor with a regular whip/wand and a ceramic one.
    Man left here feeling rich.
    Most of my units have names.
    When I introduce a unit by name, it makes the experience a lot more personal.
    It tells them that I am intimately familiar with the tool, and they are not taking home a free handout…..
    No… It is different than that.
    This is me sending a personal friend home with a patient.
    A piece of me goes home with them.
    It is them feeling the Universal Consciousness of all the helpers and donors, and members of FC as the wind beneath their wings.

    Today... Friday We go to a weekly stay hotel to see Sammy. We have gotten him into a room that has a bed the same height as his wheelchair, so he can work further on transferring.
    He will sign a paper making us authorized representatives, and we will then go get his Bank statement. After that we will hand deliver the statements and an application I have filled out for him to be accepted on Arizona's Long Term Care System, so he can be helped financially to get better housing, and the end goal of that as you know is to get Sammy an MMJ card.
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  15. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast
    You know, Vito, sometimes when I'm low (like right now, in fact) I come here and read a bit.

    Suddenly I feel better, look at the company I'm keeping!!!!

    You restore hope, no easy thing for sure. At many levels. I'm sure, given the right filters on the right telescope, a bright center of good karma can be see in the high desert from the moon......and beyond.

    Keep up the good work, the world surely needs more like you.

    And thank you sincerely for sharing the victories you witness. It makes it human you know.

  16. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    I want to shout out my thanks to @IckiestOfTheSticky
    You sent me a replacement Vivant cord, that arrived this morning, and got my Vivant firmware updated!
    Emily @Vivant also sent one, so I was able to spread the love and get a community member with a second hand Vivant that never had a charging cord, his own update/charger.
    Life's good.
  17. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    An email from this friend says it all:
  18. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast
    Amen! Through Vito, of course.......

    Bravo Vito! Peggy lucked out too. Ask her.

  19. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    I test out each unit I am sent for a while so I know it's weaknesses and also how long I can expect a patient to keep it.

    @OldOyler your Vivant was thoroughly tested, and it had no issues that some complained of... I liked it so well, I got one from another person that was not crazy about it to use for myself. I just wanted you to know that your Alternate (Vivant) went this morning to live with a Pair of Seniors with cards.... Sisters!
    On in their years they moved together and became MMJ patients... one for advanced arthritis and the other Glaucoma.
    Thanks for introducing me to the Vivant!

    @VaporsVaporizer one of the Indicas went to the other sister. It reminded of her late (passed 35 years ago) husband's lighter.:)
    Two deeds done in one interaction, on Sunday morning by 9 A.M.
    Guided by your caring and generosity, I am humbled.
    May your Sunday shine!
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  20. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    What a golden day here at Vape Central.
    Yesterday Patty and I celebrated 10 years of official marriage, (we were together longer).
    We clung to one another all day on our special day, and ate our dinner.... by candlelight......
    Today, a day after our anniversary, we went to eat in a local dining establishment... and came home.
    Phone rang and it was Andre
    I will remind you of who that its:
    His torch had died, and he was going to start using flower again.
    Patty and I felt so blessed to have been able to celebrate our anniversary and go out, that we wanted to be sure this young man was treated right.
    Andre has Neutropinia
    His family has stepped up in every possible way..... Mother will donate bone marrow, and others will help with children during treatment.... His oldest son also has this disorder, and they will have to be kept apart during treatment.
    What is a Vaporist to do?
    We had Andre here 30 minutes ago.
    We replaced his Torch atomizer.
    He was given 2 top caps for the torch atomizers for carefree use and easy change.
    Psychological well being is most integral at a time like this.
    He took with him, a Dr. Dabber set....intact, and
    a Vapor Brother's Vaporizer fully loaded and with warranty.
    Once again, we get that all too rare feeling that all is right in our Universe...
    and that someone worse off than ourselves gets a leg up onto the trolley car of inner peace.
    Andre will go home tonight and glow at the miracle of his new equipment.
    Patty and I will glow knowing that I gave Andre a great variety of tools to use for medication, and Patty gave him a list of community resources for the care of his child during treatment.
    The Bone marrow transplant is in a few weeks, then there will be some radiation and other perfunctory procedures that follow this sort of thing.
    I have left the stories out for a few recipients of the past week, because of complications in our legal and medical existence.... but the story of tonight's visit with Andre can not be left out, because his stock of medicinal potential was provided by YOU.
    Go team FC.
    We know how to pay it forward, and that is how we like it!
    Thank you all.
    Thanks for your support..... and even more than that...
    Thank you for reading this.
    There are dozens of "Andres" out there.
    We can get to one at a time, but we would be hampered, and "all talk" if not for you, who have granted us tools to step up to the plates of many patients that would be without if not for the family I am addressing right now.... YOU!
    Have a good night all....
    I must sleep now, and all of you will be in our thoughts and prayers.
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  21. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Last week a couple from 110 miles away contacted us. Both Cardholders, they had gotten a Solo from us 6 years ago... Before we had a thread to share the excitement of helping others.
    The Solo apparently had started giving short sessions and dying......
    Without diagnosing, I assumed it was the Battery.
    I had a new Solo Battery that was from PuffitUp, and so I told him to come in for a Battery exchange. (Luckily I did not mark the dreaded X on the battery to designate it for disposal "you X'd batteries all look alike to me") They did the battery exchange and I gave him a new Solo stem .... his was cracking.
    This week I got a call his Solo was functioning the same.... He brought it in, and I was able to salvage back my new battery!...... His Solo had blown a circuit, beyond my presently ever worsening vision and dexterity's ability to repair. I'm not whining.. swear to the Lord above I am "doin' it" (growing older) gracefully....
    Just as far as fixing vaporizers .... I was a whiz and in spite of moderate to severe spasticity I could solder and hold a tweezer.
    Now with TWO pairs of 3X reading glasses worn one over the other as though they were bifocals... both fixed for astigmatism, and with prisms for double vision... I can with effort read instructions!:myday:
    My hands shake worse also.
    It's all good... no repairs were in his future. His Solo put in it's time.
    By good fortune from a recent donation (I hope I thanked you enthusiastically enough. your units are always in showroom condition) from a member that likes to remain anonymous, I had a Solo in NEW condition with all parts sitting in my room.
    Since being more mindful about how things appear to outsiders, we travel more, and we space out visits with patients.
    We have been very blessed lately.
    The donations from members have been keeping us with a variety for patients to select from.
    Since we have been so fortunate, and were in a particularly humbled mood, to see these two patients, both using the Solo for all that time.. (we lost track of some friends after the "incident").
    We have been witness to "what goes around, comes around" a couple hundred times over.
    The Solo went accompanied by A Flowermate Mini for her, and A Focus Adventurer for Them to experiment with and share.
    It felt like a good thing to do for a two card household!
    During the past week, an unopened, sealed XMaxV2 Pro found it's way into the hands of a chemo patient that has made do with the Magic Flight Launch Box we gave him in 2012! He came to get Batteries, but I found his screen to be worn on one side, so we got him approved for a warranty replacement on the MFLB... a new pair of MFLB Batteries.. and the XMaxV2 will hold him until the new box arrives.
    Going back to growing old... even with glasses on I could not see the worn screen until I took a picture
    and saw it blown up to screen size!
    Much love to all of you.
    New stuff is happening every day around here.
    When it's great, I will share it right here!
    Thanks for reading.
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  22. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    3 to 4 years is the battery span of a Solo.
    4-5 years seems to be the functional expectation I can hope for.
    When it rains it pours!
    There was a period of time that was after the patients I spoke of due to word of mouth from a few of the recipients:
    At that time, I had referral after referral from a Pain support group specifically wanting the Solo.. It is always best to go through @PuffItUp and use the code. We at that time , and later the Solos flowed through here like water! I recall @stickstones donating a few!
    Two more calls came in asking about the batteries.
    I think I have two that are still viable.
    I have other units, and so some patients may get moved to more modern tools.
    If anyone out there needs Solo "innards" let me know by private message... looks like I have some to share.
    I get to keep the shells and teflon Gaskets!
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  23. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Wish list:
    A couple of standard EZ Vape wands. They can be VaporBrothers wands also.
    Anything like this will do:
    Which leads me into today's story.
    I post on Facebook as MMJ Vaporist I regularly remind low income patients to contact me for a healthier and more economic means of using meds. I inform them that they do not need money.
    Someone reached out, and we spoke on the phone.
    Vietnam Veteran who got his MMJ Card for PTSD.
    After he already had his card, 3 years ago the patient had a fall and wound up in a coma.
    He takes care of his grandkids to boot.
    An old time standup guy!
    Due to our own PTSD and not having met him, Patty drove me to his home, where he was taught to use a vapor brothers box vape, and he was presented with an IMag plus to keep handy as a side-arm in his war against the conditions that keep him from feeling as he once did.
    Both units in this case were not brand new.
    Both are tried and true however, and he knows to contact me for any quirks or monkey-wrenches in the machinery of smooth vaping.
    This is his first experience vaping, and I figure these units are foolproof and expect positive results.
    As always.. I thank you humbly for reading what is going on here at the Vapor Trail!

    I gave thanks to many here.... @stickstones ... I hope I appropriately thanked you for the generous donation of the Solos you sent a few years back... They are still working and serving the patients that got them! The one that the police took was given back and in a home too.
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  24. StormyPinkness

    StormyPinkness Rhymenocerous ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    I am replacing the nail I got from the cheap chinese e-nail setup I bought on dhgate, is that something you could use?

    Also have a wooden vapcap body I'm not using anymore, would that be useful minus the ti tip?
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  25. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    How generous to think of local patients.
    I have a few displays of odd pieces that patients that come are allowed to select from freely.
    No one patient has ever abused or taken advantage, but everything finds a home sooner or later.
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