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Paying it Forward - A New Direction

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by vtac, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    No new list.I will accept any donation that is not being used, and I will gain experience and knowledge about each before it passes to a new home. Each unit that is sent will go to a home. There are just a couple of items on the wish list left, that were to put things back together and usable.
    That is a tough of a question to answer, at least at the moment.
    My "Vaporizers of choice" on my signature still weigh in heavily as my top 4.
    I would have trouble choosing 3.
    1. For a desktop, I enjoy the Standard SSV with Hand Held wand, or in it's place I love the VaporBrothers Box with mini-wand.
    2. For a portable for around the house I love the Solo ...for around the yard I like the NO2, but that is replaced easily by the CFX. (out in yard no parts to break on those)
    3. For a portable on the go, I like the Inhalaters, but I never mind using the Iolite or WispR
    You asked for top 3 and I came as close as I could!
    The Volcano is a big part of my rotation, but I imagine I could live without it if I had to (and I have had to!... but did not have as much fun)
    Herbalizer is a unit I reach for when ill, for it's super fast hits.. but I limit my use a tiny bit... perhaps due to more frequent cleaning needs, or smaller chamber capacity.

    All of that being said.... My number one unit that I leave on 24/7 and it gives me the first hit of the day, daily, and the last hit I take before sleep.. SSV standard HC and Hand Held wand.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2017
  2. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    The story of Sammy
    In late 2003 I was run over by a truck, and I broke every bone on the left side of my body.
    I had a Traumatic Brain Injury and stayed in a coma for 5.5 weeks.
    I was told I would never walk.
    You all know that story.
    Once I was finally sent home I had to go to therapy for a very long time, and one day on "Van Tran" ,the medical transport for Tucson (where incidentally I met my wife, Patty)I saw a new passenger get on the van...
    I saw that he also was paralyzed on the same side as I (left) , and he walked with the cane in his right hand, as I was trying to learn to do. He sat next to me and I noticed the same speech pattern as mine. (I continued in speech therapy for 2 more years and have improved)
    We became friends, and we would meet at HealthSouth Rehabilitation center for lunch on Fridays.
    Sammy was in a coma also for the same length of time... the only difference was he broke no bones.
    I looked up to Sammy for his independence, and I worked hard to be like him.
    That was in 2005.
    Time and circumstance changed, and I got stronger and worked out daily... and I still do.
    Patty had a great deal to do with that.. she made me want to be strong.
    I visited Sammy once a month for the last twelve years.
    Over time, Sammy became complacent, and stopped going places.. partially because he found a kind woman that said she would stop by a few times a week to see if he was OK. That was 3 years ago. Sadly this became Sammy's downfall. She wanted so much to be helpful that she began doing everything for the already declining Sammy. He never had to get up from the spot in the couch, and never moved for 3 straight years.
    I visited monthly still...
    She brought him cigarettes, bourbon and beer, made him food and once he could no longer move, she got him a urinal and bedpan, and a bucket that she emptied for him 3 times a week.
    I saw it happening, but Sammy would not listen to me, and said he was just glad I still came by and was a friend.
    One visit, Sammy was on the floor, having slipped off the couch. I could not help or lift him, and I called 911, and they sent Sammy to the emergency room.
    Not having left the spot on the couch in many years, he was a mess.... he could not even transfer to a wheelchair, let alone sit up,..... and standing was out of the question.
    Everyone got involved... I won't go through the list of agencies and Doctors here... trust me there were plenty.
    Sammy is now in a Rehab center, and has been for a week.
    He knows he needs intense therapy and stretching. He knows he will be in a wheelchair for a good while as he tries to get his old skills back together.
    I want to get Sammy a Medical Marijuana Card.. I always did, but since the MMJ Cards became available, there was no way for me to transport him, move him, or for him to afford the visit with the Doctor.

    He won't be a candidate for an MMJ card for a while, because he must stay at that rehab center for a month, before they figure out a new living situation for him. It is doubtful Sammy will live independently in his own place for a good while, and likely will live in a group home or similar facility for a year or two...
    BUT, I figure in about 4 to 6 months he will be ready to go with me to see the Doctor, and get a card.
    The Doctor that re-certifies us yearly is willing to charge us 1/2 cost for Sammy's visit when that time comes, and we will pay it for Sammy.
    Next is the state fee... $150... BUT if you get Food Stamps it is half that price.... so the State fee for Sammy will be only $75.
    For Sammy to get a card will be $120 total, and then I can legally share my meds with him from that point on.
    Still a long road first however. Rehab for a month, then a living situation with continued therapy. 4 or 5 months from now we will help Sammy get a card.
    I will make ready for this, and place an item or two in FC Classifieds, and we will be ready!
    Getting Sammy into Emergency, and talking to a multitude of Agencies, and arranging things for Sammy is is how Patty and I have spent every minute of our free time for the past 8 days.
    So.... there were no new patients for us to work with since my last post 8 days ago.
    I still feel the fulfillment of Paying it forward however......
    After 12 years, Sammy is in rehab, and agreeing to get an MMJ card. He has agreed to group living for as long as it takes for him to get whole again.
    I have a vaporizer with Sammy's name on it... waiting for him.
    There will be funds for a card.
    Thanks for hearing about Sammy.
    A friend since 2005.
    I watched in pain as he declined in his eagerness to work out and stay strong, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel now.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2017
  3. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    I wish to thank the anonymous donor, who went through Puffitup, to purchase some Vapes for me to donate to the community. The order was for XMax V2Pro units, and there are a number of them (about a dozen).
    Thanks goes out to this individual, and to Randy @PuffItUp who kicked in some variety of similar sized units.
    With the financial horizon as it is, it makes sense for me to provide these self enclosed portables as an alternative to low income individuals that often have no permanent living arrangement.
    Among the units are a Vapor Blunt Version 2 (it will go along with some pongs, and water tool sent by one of you last month thx @VAPEHUNTER ), a couple of Pinnacles, and some new units I never tried (yes... as I get them set up for patients, I get to test each one out... that besides a good conscience are my rewards!)
    Among the units I had not tried is a Vaped Flora.
    It has only one setting, but that setting seems a great one.
    I describe my test with the Vaped Flora at:

    Patty and I are done now with getting Sammy set in his rehab center... and we connected him with a representative from Arizona's Long Term Care System.. to get him proper living arrangements.

    The Volcano that came back fro the Police is getting a home within a few days.
    One Hospice has 3 MMJ patients at their facility.
    They only house 4 patients there, and all 4 are seniors.
    The Volcano is going to go there.. I have discussed with them the benefit of getting that last 4th resident her card, as she suffers from the discomforts of MS (and Stage 4 Cancer)... both qualifying conditions.
    Wouldn't that be amazing if that Volcano could serve all 4 patients in one Hospice home!:nod:
    The closest I have come to that was two couples that lived in similar settings....
    one couple got the Zephyr Ion, and the other got a Volcano. This Volcano that was returned by the Police was that very Volcano, on it's way to a new Hospice. I am giving them 3 bags to go with it, one for each patient... and I will go back there in a couple of months to clean the EZ Valve, and teach a staff person at that time what needs to be tended to in way of cleaning.
    Will talk with you friends later on... Friday Night approaches, and Patty and I love to get ready to settle in!
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2017
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  4. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast
    A noble goal indeed, but let's not pass over the progress here? MMJ is accepted there. That is so very important and far reaching for the customers. To have that option at such a critical and venerable time is no doubt seen as a blessing by those involved. Viva Vitolo!! You done good once again. Thank you so much for what you do, what many of us no doubt wish we could do, for others. Your sharing the details with us here allows us to vicariously take some modest joys from your victories. Please keep it up.

    If I'm allowed a bit of hopeful fantasy here imagine a better world where Hospices advertise "MMJ Caregiver on Staff" to attract customers? You know someone to fill those Volcano bags and drop them by your room when you push the button? Maybe forget the flowers and vegetables in the garden out back and let the guest grow something really useful?

    Vitolo, you da man. We should franchise you far and wide..........

    Thanks again for the happy words.

  5. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    You are surely allowed.
    What a world it would be!
    I am in the process of rebuilding a bunch of dismantled EZ valve bags (with original roles of Solid valve bag material)... and they are coming out good.
    I want the Hospice to have extras!
  6. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    @OldOyler ... your Vivante Alternate arrived, and I want to thank you.
    A remarkable convection portable that heats up faster than most convection units.
    This will be a special placement indeed.
    I talk about the unit at http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/vivant-alternate.23668/page-28#post-1101480
    I will be letting all of you know where all of the units go to.

    A couple very low income patients have contacted me from near Phoenix.
    We are shy to have patients from so far away at our home.
    They wanted to know where we would meet, and I had no place set up.
    We will use the back gate of our '95 Explorer and meet at a parking lot and do the instructing and physical display there, then will continue on Skype later on.
    Thank God that these two have internet access!
    They asked if we could meet at a local "420 Social Club", but there are always tie dye clad patients marching up and down on the street in front of the place that boasts a "dab bar" and more.... and of course there are always cops watching from under 100 feet away.
    I had to reject the idea, and decided to meet these strangers in a public area.

    That is OK... It works, and it was how we met all patients during the 587 days of terror, so this will be acceptable.
    We have been visiting patients at their homes, except for those that we have worked with before.

    There are many beliefs I hold dear about low income patients.
    Their carriage, the way they move and walk increases when they have reason to feel pride in themselves.
    Being given an upper tier vaporizer does a great deal to a patient's ego.
    They come not knowing what to expect, but they leave with more than they hoped for.
    When they leave with a working unit that in the marketplace is reserved for those with high income.....
    They feel rich!
    Imagine being poor, and being passed an old model car that is worn and smelly... but it gets you there.
    The poor man will love and use this car to get where they must.
    Give them a nicer car, and they will walk with a straighter gait as they go to their ride....
    ... and in their feeling of luxury they will surely pay it forward to others.

    So it is with vaporizers.
    All I used to be able to provide was old used EZ Vapes, and it was always appreciated.
    Now I see pride, and a feeling of self esteem.
    Talk soon all!
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2017 at 4:29 PM

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