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Paying it Forward - A New Direction

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by vtac, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    The local Doctors that refer low income, chronically/terminally ill patients to us to learn and get vapes are delighted.
    They have written letters of excitement that we can get their patients help again.
    We are being more selective about who comes over and who we meet elsewhere, because a neighbor has made us issue already, and we do not want to poke the bear, so soon after they were shamed by us getting our freedom, possessions, and reputation back. (and their reputations being scarred and in question.)
    Anonymous Donor gave us a MiniVap, which is being supplemented by accessories from @stickstones
    The donor is humble and does not want me to divulge.
    Before deciding on a proper placement, I am using this unit for the sheer joy of the variety, and it is a really worthy vape at that!
    @mephisto ..... you have done it again, and gone over and beyond.
    2 Dabbers and a Grinder... a new Daisy w/torch, an Omicron and 2 Haze V3 Units.
    A piece of glass... (Not just a piece, but a 2 level swagger bubbler)
    There is a stash jar in there too.
    These will all get placed into homes over the weeks to come.
    We will see less people .. reserving just a day or two a week to take care of patients, as the past year has caused us to relish our privacy and the safety of our home.
    Watch for news right here as I share the placements of appropriate tools into the hands of some very deserving and ill individuals that could use more than anything right now....
    ... a good vapor session.
    Talk to you all soon.
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  2. mephisto

    mephisto Well-Known Member

    @Vitolo thanks for the kind words, and the tenacity to come back to active duty on FC since your life has been turned upside down. Again, all the best wishes for you and Patty in your adjustment. We love you guys so much for the work you do, the compassion you so unselfishly share, and finally for putting a handsome face on the actual work that goes on educating and providing for others that need the support.
  3. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    First pieces done and gone, as well as a philanthropic stranger met and taken into the fold.
    I have met a man that liked what Patty and I do.
    He works with a dispensary.
    They have had me help them buy 50 Yocan Evolve Plus Units, using my contact with Yocan.
    These units have been sold at no profit, and also donated to patients that shop at dispensaries, at no cost to them, after ascertainment has been established that they are chronically/terminally ill, and that they are without income, above sustenance level.
    The first round worked so well, and the reward of seeing patient's gratitude was so powerfully moving, that the gentleman has ordered more Evolve Plus units to share.
    We had 2 Haze V3 units donated to us. These came with brand new parts and accessories.
    I was cautious with the placement of these, as Haze units are now a rarity for us.
    Haze and the Original Paying it Forward Program are no longer working together.
    In spite of my signing documents for them, and sending them back to them, they have decided not to help our local patients any further.
    Haze has determined that they will no longer donate out of date units to my Paying It Forward program, due to liabilities that they believe are present if they work with me. They are continuing their Upgrade Program, nonetheless!
    You can learn more about this by messaging me privately and asking!
    The 2 Haze units (V3!!) were given to two chemo patients that were flower and Wax educated, and both in need of a portable. The Swagger glass was given to one of the Haze recipients along with a silicone piece donated to me by @Ratchett from his 3D studio... a piece that allows the Haze to be used with a bubbler.
    I have a couple more units waiting for placement, but we are determined to be even more conscientious when it comes to correct placement.
    Pretty soon we will get back a large number of confiscated vaporizers, which will free us up to make ourselves and our services available to a much wider range of terminally ill patients with no income.
    That is the news to date.
    The Haze recipients did not give permission to divulge anything beyond their involvement in ongoing Chemo, and that they are happy with their new found source of relief.
    Thanks for reading... we will talk more soon.
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  4. StormyPinkness

    StormyPinkness Rhymenocerous ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    I can't believe I never knew about this thread, this is great. I've been looking through and don't see directions for sending stuff in (I'm at work and skimmed it though so sorry if I missed it). How does it work? I have at least 2 herb vapes and 2-3 wax pens with atty's I can send, probably more once I look through my big drawer of crap. Seeing @mephisto give away so much free stuff made me want to do it, but I'd never gotten around to it. This would be perfect.

  5. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    @Amoreena Thanks so much. I received the Ascent, and you seemed so concerned that it would not be in good condition.
    Far from fact... the Unit was in perfect condition, and in spite of the years of dormancy, it accepted a full charge, and provided me with a delightful session.
    The 1st glass mouthpiece insert was glued in place and broke, but thanks to your thinking ahead and generosity there were spares!
    The unit now sits in perfect condition and awaits a patient that will make a perfect fit for this.
    Tomorrow we see the Doctor again to give her more cards so that she can continue referring low income patients for instruction, and "Vape Fittings".
    We get a few names for the upcoming week, and will let you all know how it goes.
  6. Amoreena

    Amoreena Grown up Flower Child

    So. California
    Excellent! :peace: Better than I'd dared to hope. Thank you, @Vitolo.
  7. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    We left cards for the main Doctor that we have worked with, and given permission to her to begin referring again, and it begins this week.
    There is much work to do here over the next couple of days.
    Many Batteries to get charged up, and tests to be run.
    Quite a few patients will benefit from a surprise sent by @StormyPinkness
    I am in the process of reviewing and dividing up the package sent.
    Wax pens from many makers (an impressive collection of atomizers as well!)
    Portable Herbal units also, some known of and a couple surprises for the Old Vito who thought he had seen it all.
    These items, and the units received from many of you over the past 60 days, will be joined according to our attorney with the units taken by the police in about a week.
    I already see parts in the box received today that will compliment items that are about to be returned.
    I am ready to make some dreams come true, and perhaps my conscience will be able to rest.
    I have been lucky, and still owe a debt to the Universe.
    Student loan for tuition of the school of humility and self evaluation...... loan must be paid, and now that the law will leave us alone we can move forward with a mission that has been delayed for far too long.
    I will keep everyone here posted about the progress of the patients we touch.
    I have a respectable collection here to start with.
    It's go time!
  8. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    An update.
    We have still been waiting for the return of our tools to start our program running full blast.
    We are starting without the stuff because it is taking so long.
    While the court order for them to return our goods is growing old, I have had ample time to gather photographs and videos taken in the "vape room" and have managed to also isolate each part of the room and get cropped detailed photos of every item taken from the room.
    There are monetary values assigned to every item.
    The attorney says they are just incompetent and move slowly.
    Patty and I are beginning to suspect that they can not find our items.
    Time will surely tell, I just get anxious!

    The Next 2 patients that we saw were here for the same exact thing!
    It speaks to the predictability of the Arizer Solo for patients.
    My solo started to decline in power at year 3.
    A battery fixed this issue.
    This was year three for both of the next patients:
    *Patient one is a fellow that is hard to reach due to distance and his inability to drive.
    FC members provided him with a Solo 3 years ago, and his battery has weakened.
    He was vaping from a half stem that he had sanded down some to prevent cutting himself.
    He has Multiple Sclerosis, and is often in discomfort.
    I was fortunate that one of you in your packages sent me 3 Solo stems.
    While here he was able to get his battery swapped out for a new one (also sent by one of you!)
    I torched his cracked stem to soften the edges further, and provided him with a new bent stem (his preferred type). Only one of you sent a bent stem... and you know who you are... so thanks!
    I had two batteries here.
    One was bought from Randy at Puffitup before the raid, and the SWAT team missed it.
    The other was donated by Randy. (Thanks @PuffItUp )

    *The next patient was a Chemo patient that LOVED his Solo.
    He told me the battery was messing up.
    I was self confident as I installed his new Battery, but...... the Solo performed the same .....
    It kept beeping and flashing. then it would sgut off.
    I traded my battery with his.. but same result.
    Iy made me sad to have to tell him his Solo was Now not usable, and would take some real repair of a nature I could not provide.
    I was able to move him to an Arizer Air! (Thanks @StormyPinkness )
    He was as pleased as punch, and I got to have his old solo stems to pass on to the next guy.... and his solo battery was still good, so I have one more.

    *I got to speak with a 3rd Patient.
    A young gal, that while immobile, and with a desktop, wanted a hand held vape.
    She did not care if it was plugged in, she just wanted to vape with one hand rather than use a whip once in a while. I had this great Ascent here, that had one slight issue. It did not charge consistently due to battery age.... but this unit has a gift to give! If you turn it on... and then plug it in it functions flawlessly.
    Really the perfect placement!
    She is confined to a small area (bed/chair) and using the Ascent this way gives her options for flower and wax, and the wire to the wall is no issue..... AND she never has to charge the unit up as a portable. (thanks @Amoreena )

    *I am going to skype a patient this weekend.
    He already has a vaporizer, but calls to ask about things he reads about in magazines.
    He heard rumor of the Elo.
    I have a new Elo here, in top working order.
    While the unit toasts a load very nicely, it is low on visible vapor.
    He is wheelchair bound, and loves to "tinker"
    The Elo (thanks again stormy) will be right up his alley.
    He lives with his family and grandkids, and prefers a low visible vapor scenario.
    He has moved from the Tucson Area, to another Arizona city, but I will take care of him by mail.
    We will skype with patient at his Brother's computer, while the unit is still here with me, so I can go through everything with him as he watches (opening "the chip" can be a challenge if you have not seen it done).

    I have no neat images or unusual stories to share about these patients, other than THIS patient (me).
    I once again feel the weight lifting off my shoulders as I start to again pay my debt to the Universe, for letting me continue living and giving me a wonderful wife and glorious life. As long as I can keep waking up daily I want to show my thanks, by teaching others what I know about feeling better in a healthier way.
    You guys made it possible, because as I said in the beginning, we are still waiting for all of our things to be returned.
    We have to help others.
    Time is short and you go in a flash.
    We lost one friend just a week ago, who has been living in hospice for a month or so. She fought hard but succumbed to lung Cancer. Patty and I thank God for letting us touch her life while she was alive.

    God Bless you all...
    Thanks for reading.

    EDIT Note:
    Skype session done, and we went through the entire contents of the Elo box, and loaded her up and did a session together.
    Sending him his Elo on Monday
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  9. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Air Finds a Home
    Will wonders never cease?
    There is a lady that was one of the first patients that I was able to help thanks to support from the community.
    She was recipient of a Solo that one of you made possible.
    In my experience a Solo will last for 3 years and then you may want to replace it's battery for peak performance. She made her Solo last for 5 years.
    I got a call from the patient that introduced the lady to me.
    " XXXX just dropped her Solo in a glass of water, what do we do?"
    They acted quickly and responsibly to my instructions.
    Unscrew bottom/slide apart/snap off cover/ unplug that battery/use a shop vac to suck off the batterypak and terminals and then carefully the unit....../heat entire pile with a hair dryer/ place in a jar of clean unopened rice overnight and bring it to me in the morning.
    They were careful, and indeed they got the solo to where it would indicate charging, but it would not turn on.
    One of you (mentioned earlier in the thread) Donated a very clean Arizer Air package... carrying case and all.
    I was going to wait until our things came back and give her another Solo, since I have one now.
    The patient that introduced us had 2 vapes, and selflessly handed her own Solo to the Lady to borrow.
    I let her try the air, and she fell in love with it.
    I gave it to her, and said she could give the Solo back to the friend.
    I told her she could trade the Air for a Solo when we got it back (it was in new condition), but she said "I think I like this one better"
    When we get our property back, I will give her a plug-in as a back up in case of emergency in future.

    I had fun thinking about it.
    The patient uses traditional water glasses.
    Not only could I not picture a Solo falling into a glass of water, I think one would have to have pretty good aim to get a solo into a glass of water.
    Anyway.......we are still plugging ahead and forward with the resources at hand while we still wait.
    Thank you all for the help you've given to the community.
    Thank you also for caring to read today's news.
    I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  10. StormyPinkness

    StormyPinkness Rhymenocerous ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Happy thanksgiving and merry christmas dude, keep doing good.
  11. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Holiday Season is upon us. We wanted to start helping patients again, and we have.
    Saturday we had our first day of many visitors all in one afternoon.
    4 patients visited... 3 came for our help and one just to visit, because his luck had turned.
    Patient 1 had improvements to his health, and successful Vegetable growing had him earning his 1st comfortable money in a year.
    He came to visit and share/trade vegetables with us for a big bag of our Figs.
    We talked and he shared gardening tips with Patty.
    He proudly told us he could afford his own tools now.
    I made calls and picked up where we left off in my discussions with people from some notes I had made.
    Nothing had changed.
    Nobody had resolved vape issues or problems.
    God watched over us I guess... all of these issues (3 separate patients) needed things that we had here.
    It was kind of a Wax day in that all 3 patients sought tools to repair or replace their non-functioning concentrate tools. In all cases we did both successfully.. Sending folks home with working original tools and additional backup. Being the Holidays Patty and I wanted to be generous, and for it to feel like bountiful times....
    ...we have not seen these 3 patients in over a year.
    • Patient 2.... got 2 new atomizers for his Dabbler, one new spare atomizer for his essence pen, and he got to leave with a 510 Ego type battery and 3 new KISS carts. We medicated together and caught up. Since he had a new Ego type battery, I introduced him to EJ mix (I still had a half bottle left) and we had a lesson on how to mix it, and he also got from us a syringe and 2 RBC Clearomizers to use for consumption of Wax made into Ejuice.
    • Patient 3 showed up with gifts, that I knew he could not afford. He brought A 25 pound Frozen Turkey, and a Canned Ham, as well as a box of chocloate for Patty. He like concentrates to help with the side effects from Chemo. He got a new Wand for his Vapor Brothers Vaporizer, and tubing. He uses cotton to vape wax in the VB unit.. He got and UpTech Globe, a new Omicron V4, an Omega Pen (similar to Omicron)and a mini-cron battery to use for emergency. He also was given a 5 pound bag of mixed chilis grown in our garden, and a Barnes and Noble gift card that we have had for years. We are fortunate and grateful that every year, on Thanksgiving and at Christmas the Salvation Army delivers Holiday meal to us at our home. We also are not ready to try to defrost such a large bird or cook it, and so we get to pay it forward further... as we are donating the 25 Lb Turkey and Ham to our local mission... Casa Maria Worker Community, for them to use during the Holidays to feed the Homeless.
    • Patient 4 was here last. We caught up and exchanged news of the year, and He walked out with an Omicron Lite, 3 extra KISS carts, and and Omicron Persei 8 to give as a gift to his wife (also a card holder).
    The day was rewarding.
    Night time came, and cars parked nearby as neighbor's had visitors that made us feel nervous. The giver of the anonymous tip was out there with his own unique brand of embarrassment for his complicity in the raid on our home. The complicity that had him fired from the Police department.
    Patty and I settled in, and both of us were restless and sleep came slower than usual.
    We talked about donating the Turkey and Ham, and we fell asleep.
    In the light of Sunday Morning we talked and we realized what was preventing sleep the night before.
    We for no reason at all, were made to feel guilty and scared for having had patients in our home.
    Slight tears were visible in her eyes as Patty asked:"they can't just come in and raid us again can they?... because we had people here?"
    The day left us shaken, but logic prevailed, when we realized that even if they did, we now stay well UNDER the amount of meds that would keep us in compliance with the laws.
    Today... Monday, we feel great about the patients we saw... and we laughed at how nervous we became. We had been programmed to feel that having people here was bad.
    It is not bad.
    Helping your fellow man is good.
    Fuck the neighbors and their visitor's... we are too busy to concern ourselves...
    We Be Payin' it Forward!:lol:
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  12. Buildozer

    Buildozer Baked & Fried

    This ^^ had me cracking up!! :lmao: :cheers:
    I think it's funny he got himself fired for that anonymous tip.. Unique brand of embarrassment :lol: I like that..
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  13. Melting Pot

    Melting Pot Sick & Twisted

    +1 Fuck the neighbor and his kid.
    @Vitolo you and patty are like Santa & Mrs Claus.
    Cheers to you guy's keep up the great work.

    The world needs more like you too...
  14. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    It is strictly against the law for one cop to give another officer an "anonymous tip".
    It is the Insider Trading of law enforcement.
    The officer that headed the raid (receiver of anonymous tip) was held accountable for building such a heavy case and wasting so much Department money on us.. so he "gave up" his fellow officer rather than take the heat like a man. (That mentality includes a low level of loyalty to associates when the heat is on!).
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  15. Melting Pot

    Melting Pot Sick & Twisted

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  16. Buildozer

    Buildozer Baked & Fried

    There's a bunch of cutthroat people out there, in general.. I try to keep it in mind.. I try to keep a sharp eye for the potential around me, and which way the momentum's headed.. I'd at least like to be aware if bullshit may be headed my way.
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  17. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Back to the Joy of life.
    No more talk of darkness.
    please I mean it... I feel that the topic surrounding the raid does not belong in this thread,
    and I am very sorry for moving in that direction...

    So please allow me to correct that by telling of our day.
    Patty and I went to Casa Maria today.
    We delivered the Turkey and Ham to Bryan, who resides there and runs the place.
    If you check out the video on the home page, that is Bryan you see there.
    It brought happiness to our hearts to know that this would feed dozens of homeless,
    or struggling people and families.
    We will sleep well tonight.
    We wish you all a great week, and I will catch you up on more news when it comes!

    Oh... I forgot. Thanks to a special donation from one of you, EVERY person that has been here has left with a high quality metal Dab Tool. Thanks.. they love them!
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  18. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Yesterday was the day we went to Tucson Police Dept Property and evidence to collect our possessions.
    The pile looked so small compared to the things we saw them remove.
    All is good, we have an attorney who is in the midst of preparing a law suit, using the chain of custody to get us our other vapes, or Money (maybe preferable, just to teach the lying scum a lesson).
    Our proof?
    The Lead Officer that initiated this whole thing has listed 73 vaporizers.(even though I know they took 133 units).... about 50 were no name chinese dry herb pens of varying sizes.....
    Since I could not pinpoint a brand name (none had one) I can let those go.
    Right there at the evidence place, in spite of their objections and requests for us to leave, we took photographs of everything that was there.
    We have pictures of all and the bag each came from.
    I have also images of all missing stuff.
    Patty also has found the original typed report, in which The "Pride-Integrity-Guts" guy (lead cop)signs that there are 73 Vaporizers taken (while we said there were more, he said 73 and this is an important number).
    There are 35 vaporizers here, from yesterday's trip
    By coincidence the list of items has missing exactly 38 items.
    35 (what they released to us)

    Here is what they said they seized from the Vape room (there were other things taken from other rooms).

    Here is what they said we could pick up from them... signed by a judge:

    If you count up the vapes marked with an "X", you will find 38 units missing.
    Of course they were the most costly.....
    especially the VB2, Volcano, Herbalizer, and the Red Ltd edition DBV... and there were 13 log vapes.

    A comical part of the return is that the police report says they took a Kyocera cell phone, and one Samsung Cell phone.
    The idiots returned to us 3 Kyocera Cell phones (they multiplied in seclusion!).

    On that list you will see "New Glass Pipes."
    That refers to a drawer full of 18 SSV wands and 8 DBV wands, all wrapped in bubble wrap
    This is the drawer, and a sample of ONE of the 26 peices taken:

    Here is the bag of "New Glass Pipes" they claim they took ( 2 vaporgenies, a couple of "globe" tops, a VB2 top, 2 dab tools, a old tree-arm perc bubbler, and some broken box vape aroma bulbs) :

    Finally here we are at Police dept with EVERYTHING returned to us...
    Does not look like 73 vapes are in there, does it!
    Lawyer looks on, while old Vito looks a bit baffled (and disappointed)

    I painstakingly counted each item out loud, as two witnesses looked on and all was preserved on camera!

    Not listed as "12 HazeTech Vaporizers" the dozen units were part of the 35 returned.

    I was especially elated to receive our essential oils.
    I have had stomach issues since then, and today while cleaning the oils and preparing to integrate them with the newer oils, my stomach felt easy, and for the 1st time in almost 2 years I did not feel morning intestinal illness, nausea, crippling constipation and all of the other complications that accompany chronic colon difficulties..
    Oils being diffused now make me feel well in the stomach.

    P.I.F. began yesterday in a bigger way.
    An old patient of ours with MS came, and left with an Vapor Brothers Box, and an EZ Vape as a backup. (EZ Vape = a generic box vape).
    She also left with two batteries and a Yocan Cerum.
    We have patients lined up for the future.
    The gal with 5 cysts on her liver, and a myriad of other pains and Fybromyalgia will get from us TWO flowermate V5 units.
    One functions well, and the other over the last two years lost battery power to recharge ....
    One great one, and one for her to use as spare parts.
    Life goes on for us.
    You will be hearing more from us now.
    Much hope, and a Golden day to all.
    As Christmas approaches.... Jew, Gentile, or "other"....
    please feel the world's unity over a season of love.
    Please feel Patty and my love also.
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  19. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Since the above post, we were contacted by our attorney, who has verified that our missing items are still there, they just were not released. The situation is to be remedied according to what we have been told... but it may take until after the holiday for it to be remedied, considering the date.
  20. KidFated.

    KidFated. We Don't Even Live Here..

    The Cold Shoulder
    Merry Christmas Uncle Vito, I'm glad to see things are starting to improve. Much love you to and Patty.
  21. mephisto

    mephisto Well-Known Member

    Thank you again for sharing with us Vito.The humility and gracious spirit so generously shared by you and Patty are welcome virtues that all of us can benefit from. May you and your wife enjoy a new level of peace and serenity each day forward. The sense of unity and compassion expressed here is priceless, and I am proud to have the opportunity to commune with all of the spirit that is FC.
  22. Vicki

    Vicki Herbal Alchemist

    Happy Holidays, @Vitolo !!! Glad you are getting things back now. :)
  23. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Happy Holiday to all of you!
    We got to give a home to the 2 Flowermate units (one working and one as spare parts), this afternoon
    We were blessed to give another of our patient friends with MS a VaporBlunt for Herb, and a Vapor Brothers Eleven Pen for wax.
    Both brand new, and it feels wonderful, and right to send a patient home with both options when it is available!:nod:
    We enter Christmas Weekend in an important manner...
    1. Together
    2. Injustices unraveling and the light shining on Lies
    3. Able to help others
    4. With our FC family... speaking as frankly as we want to speak
    And on number 4.... well, we just want you all to feel our joy and love , for having all of you as family!
  24. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    I wanted to send a shout out to @Baron23 ... The Zeus Vape you sent is just what patients love in a portable, and the spare doors and mouthpiece, make it a real plus.
    Very much like the flowermate... I will test it out this evening, and will find a home for it in short order.. I'll report back!
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  25. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Vito. I know it will be put to good use and that helps my head rest easy at night. Really, I am the beneficiary of this transaction, if you think about it right! :tup::love:

    By the by, the Zeus is just Toronto Vapes rebrand of the FM Pro. Exactly the same unit except for the pattern of the cooling holes in the case.

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