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Pay It Forward Contest

Discussion in 'Level 1 Contests' started by KidFated., Jul 11, 2019.

  1. KidFated.

    KidFated. We Don't Even Live Here..

    The Cold Shoulder
    Greetings FC’ers! I’m beyond honored to be able to offer up this contest/drawing, I couldn’t have done it without the help of some awesome people I can call friends.

    The purpose of this INTERNATIONAL contest is to simply get people thinking of others. We’ve all had rough times, and asking for help is never fun. Helping others is always a good feeling, so let’s brighten up someone’s summer!

    Many of you know about @Vitolo's Pay It Forward Program, and if you haven’t heard about it, I highly suggest checking it out, he’s a really awesome dude doing awesome things.

    The entry process will be pretty simple. You can enter two different ways. Send @Vitolo used (or new) but clean and functional vaporizer(sent to me until Vito can receive packages) or send him a donation ($10 USD minimum) via PayPal. All funds and resources will be used solely for the benefit of his program. Vitolo will keep track of all the donations, so INCLUDE YOUR FC HANDLE. We will close mail in donations one week before the end of the contest. (Sept 9th to be exact). On Sept 16th at 9PM, I will do a drawing live on IG, kidfated is my ig. Winner takes all. Cut off time for PayPal donations will be Sept 15th at midnight.

    Now, the part you’ve been waiting for.
    First up we have a beautiful Woodscents donated by @Ed's TnT
    Secondly, we have a custom Induction Heater collab, donated by@Pipes and @phattpiggie.
    Third, we have 3 stems made by me. (I will likely add a few)

    You can PayPal Vitolo here: https://paypal.me/pools/c/82apTAfZZR
    Or PM me for my info.

    I thank everyone for helping support an awesome cause and help spread some positivity. And thank you to the awesome people who helped make this come to life under such short notice. :peace::leaf:
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  2. Monk Debate

    Monk Debate Well-Known Member

    What a great idea for a contest!
  3. Ed's TnT

    Ed's TnT Woodsman Manufacturer

    Heck yeah so happy to be part of this and thank you @KidFated. For reaching out to me. I cant take all the credit for the donation on my behalf and must tell you all that was a donation from a great man and solid friend of mine and customer going back long long time. He told me his mom said if ya ever have 2 of something and can only use one give it to another who could use and enjoy it. He wants to remain anonymous but want to give him a big big thanks for his generosity and the whole purpose of this great contest. @Vitolo has been on the forefront here at FC for years doing all he can to help and support those who are needing and deserving, cant say thank you enough to him and his efforts to do for so many others. Appreciate you and our guys here @KidFated. @phattpiggie @Pipes for all yall do also.

    Good luck to all those that contribute and take part.
  4. Papi

    Papi Hanlon's razor/Occam's razor

    Would Dynavaps be an acceptable donation, not sure what kind of vapes are needed?
  5. KidFated.

    KidFated. We Don't Even Live Here..

    The Cold Shoulder
    @Vitolo would be a better person to answer that! I’m sure there’s different people with different physical limitations.. but I would ask the man himself to be safe!
  6. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    The answer is I can find a home for almost any vape. (the hammer has been with me fora few years with no appropriate placement).
    I will be putting some of my collections in the classified ads before long.... units that patients do not use very often, because I am in the middle of a move from an 11 room house, into a room and a half. (from 1800 sq feet into 480 sq feet.) leaving me tight on space. The vape museum is no longer a displayable option, with myself and a 95 pound German Shepherd Dog filling that area!
    Dynavaps are small, and people with normal dexterity can use them easily.
    Thanks for asking!
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  7. TheThriftDrifter

    TheThriftDrifter Well-Known Member

  8. Whisper

    Whisper Well-Known Member

    Good luck to everyone!!

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