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Pax Vaporizer by Ploom

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by frayded, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Marwood

    Marwood New Member

    Awesome. Had it on medium all day yesterday, going to try low for a while. I guess experimenting's the only way! Thanks for the tip.
  2. Trickfire

    Trickfire Member

    Hello everyone! I have been using Fc for awhile now. This is one of my first posts, mainly because I find pretty much about everything that I need to know, already discussed here. I have been using a MFLB for almost a year and loved it. My home unit is a ssv and i bought my pax just this week. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to myself for deciding to purchase the pax mainly for the exact reasons most people do. Although; I will say that my 2 wisprs (fmy first vape purchse) has made me weary of anything except my ssv and mf, but pax has taken the ball into the end zone with this one, not to mention the great aesthetics :)
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  3. Purrito Purrpants

    Purrito Purrpants Vapurrist

    Kitty Consciousness
    I think amethyst is the best color choice :cool:

    For me, an oven lasts for about 20 hits on medium before the vapor gets thin and I get the burnt popcorn taste. I have played around with the temp button and have found that medium works best for me - but I have a high tolerance and sometimes vape two or more ovens in one sitting. I've found that on high, you get plenty of clouds but the taste diminishes after only a few hits. Also, I'm worried that the material combusts on high, as my abv from Paxing on high is often black.

    As far as how long you can keep stuff in the oven - I've kept it in overnight with no problems. I couldn't tell you if you can keep it in there any longer, because I'm a daily Paxer :ko:
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  4. Trickfire

    Trickfire Member

    Yes, Purrpants right on the money. I still sometimes feel that urge to keep opening up the oven lid.

    Unless there is already a thread about this: I would like to see how pax owners empty out used material while driving , and how they fill it as well? what kind of travel setups do you guys have? With my MFLB I used a digital camera case and I pre grind my mateial, use one of those travel sized advil pill containers to store the grinded material, I still use the advil containers and probably always will because they can hole over 2 g and ais completley smell proof . This works and it works fantaastic for my mf but with the pax I bought a vatra capsule but it is not as ideal as I would like it to be. What do you guys use?
  5. kushcloud

    kushcloud Well-Known Member

    You shouldnt be driving a vehicle while being distracted.
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  6. TheDudeNextDoor

    TheDudeNextDoor Abiding

    I just posted a full description of my "Pax Pac" a few pages ago. I don't refill while driving, but I do often Pax while driving. If I need to refill, I just pull over, tamp into my hand and release out the window and refill from my Pax Pac and off I go.

    Here's my setup:

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  7. YFZ

    YFZ Active Member

    Based on measuring my vapman bowl.... At 400 its starts vaping real fast and will get real dark when its done but never burn. it just wont put out any more vapor. At that point the popcorn taste hit is usually the last one or two. Same with my vg. Once i get that taste its almost cashed. Any vape that can actually heat the herb to 390 should leave it dark brown. Seems i
    ve read alot of people on here ask if they burned it and if the popcorn taste is safe. Imo its fine.
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  8. Dillon Lee

    Dillon Lee New Member

    Hey guys,

    I read somewhere that if I sign up for the Ploom newsletter I would get a 5% off coupon code on Ploom.com ..... I signed up and never got a code. Anyone else get or not get their code???
    I want to order my PAX tonight but 5% is 5%.
  9. PAZ

    PAZ Well-Known Member

    I believe Planetvape and Puffitup has codes for FC members that's more than 5%.

    Planetvape - http://www.planetvape.ca/fc.html
    Puffitup - http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/www-puffitup-com-your-friendly-vaporizer-store.4113/
  10. terryx1st

    terryx1st Member

    THANK YOU, its been a long first night for me and the pac:tup:
  11. TheDudeNextDoor

    TheDudeNextDoor Abiding

  12. MrNorml

    MrNorml Well-Known Member

    Extreme Q without hesitation. It taught me that you don't have to see vapor to get ripped. To the point where I would stand up and walk sideways, wondering why since I didn't feel 'high'... Although some would say and I would agree that the Solo is pretty stingy for the results you get and I personally now would chose the Solo to compliment the Pax as then you will have 2 of the best portables and simply 2 of the good vaporizers out there.
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  13. Live-N-Learn

    Live-N-Learn Higher, Higher, Baby...

    From what I learned, I believe those are the ranges of temps that release different compounds. Those are not the exact temps. The Pax runs Low 370F, Medium 390F, & High 410F. So you can imagine you'd lose certain compounds percentage wise at High, but get more thick intense vapor with diminshed taste. (Taste is lost at a lower temp) Low is ideal for taste but even so it is gone after a while.

    Intensity Scale
    Low 3-4
    Medium 6-7
    High 8-Nasty
  14. Mel Samgour

    Mel Samgour Member

    I usually have pre grinded which i either just keep in my grinder or my vaccum sealed jar which I purchased at my local shop. I then pour what's grinded onto a folded index card, making it go in the PAX oven perfectly. I can do it within two minutes.
  15. Johnny Flameo

    Johnny Flameo Man i'm pretty... baked...

    the bong hits SO HARD for me
  16. JPB

    JPB Well-Known Member

    Full oven on low heat... Big blu cloud... Taste awesome ... I use small round jar... 2x one for abv. I stir at traffic lights. Dump abv straight into container. Dump from container new full load worth. Done at lights. I use dry tobacco or green. Crumbled up it pours like water. Never green and drive... Now how to fill an oven in flight on a Paramotor..... The tobacco habit has me landing earlier than I like... Shit cannot pax yet on bike or Paramotor, but removing plastic mp from tube(separation) and attach to whip... That should work. Seven hits into this oven on low and it still delivers taste.. I'll see if I can hit a cloud for 8. Yep it's blu. Nice head hit to boot. Will stir then up to high for final roast. Now fellas tell me if any one knows the answer to this... Pax was made for tobacco only; why then do I get no clouds unless I fill her with mj instead... Hit 10 still blu, taste good.. Just wait between draws, let her cook, vape don't escape it thickens inside. 30sec between hits minimum. Slow steady, blue results. Hit 11 still same, I'm loving her much much more as we get to know each other. The battery is still green and I'm happy. Buying spare mp, oven covers and screens now. Hit 15 it's thin now but still tasty. I'll go to medium now. Stir...purple now green...big cloud taste diminishing now... 5 hits later still some taste and visible vapor. Batt still green, oven time 25 mins straight no pause. 3 more later and no vape now, so stirring, dump in hand and crrush and reoven that...its cooking again..still medium, got another cloud and taste still just hanging on..6more hits vapor diminished with each, now going high, still green lights on batt, 36 mins total oven time. Thin cloud on high 3x hits tho, taste gone but not popcorn yet. Now ripping big clouds, let it cook, shake, it was re crumbled and replaced into oven earlier, there is space in oven for mflb shaking, put upside down, let it rip 7 hits later, shak between each, wait... Bit... Gone popcorn 4 hits later... Still clouds so not crashed out. I got cotton mouth...smile...50 mins oven time now orange batt, it can do near 2 hr continuous. 3more hits, less vapor. Now 3 more hits and it gone now, will crush again and see... Maybe..got one more hit, barely visible it's crashed out now. I go get water... Enjoy your pax may it pax all to tha happy spot.. Love y'all
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  17. Live-N-Learn

    Live-N-Learn Higher, Higher, Baby...

    Great review?

  18. ILoveCollege

    ILoveCollege Yeah.. F* Combustion..

    Meet the mini DTB Voss bong, this one is just not stickered up..



    Both of them milk ever so well. I have been really enjoying the little one with friends.. I am out of green, but I still have the Pax!
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  19. snarg

    snarg Member

    Minutes away from finally copping my pax. I have seriously been studying this forum because I've been so damn excited for like the past couple weeks. This will be my first vaporizer so I don't really know what to expect. I'll definitely stay in touch and let you all know what I think about it. I'll be having a few nice long seshs with pax as soon as I get my hands on it. Well, end rant for now.. Big ups to all who have been posting here regularly, at least I'm not walking into this with zero knowledge. Peace.
  20. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    Draw softly, little grasshopper. Draw very softly.
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  21. Spezialemic

    Spezialemic Member

    I just tried packing it down as tightly as I could, and had the same problem. Hits ok, but had to be stirred even more than usual cause the edges would get really dark and the middle/top would still be really green. Even with waiting a minute or so in between, it would only give a medium sized hit.

    Conversely, If i only pack a little bit in, say .1, but just toss it in the bowl, it always vapes evenly without needing stirring.
  22. Live-N-Learn

    Live-N-Learn Higher, Higher, Baby...

    I will take a wild guess and say your Pax hasnt been cleaned in a while. The vapor is released from the edges of the screen, so if you havent cleaned your Pax in over a week, then clean it.

    If it is not a cleaning issue, I would contact Ploom because even yellow gets me clouds. (Way too much visible clouds actually, I had to shut my Pax off in the movie theater once it got dark and the film rolled, because I started to hear people mumbling weed lol)
  23. BittenBagel

    BittenBagel Member

    So I haven't been on the thread latelyso I do not know if you Paxers have covered this but 4 days ago I finally got my Pax shipped out after alot of procrastination and it arrived at Ploom HQ yesterday(Which is pretty fast having that I'm on the east coast). I received a email from my Ploom chat support guy telling me that they have fixed my issue(which is when the mouthpiece is attached, some pressure on a certain side will make it think that the mouthpiece is not attached(off) and wont warm up aka yellow, orange, red light). He told me they fixed the issue by applying "on the mouthpiece stem we have used a small amount of food-grade lubricant to replicate original factory conditions. No need to do anything to clean this off, as it is ready for use (feel free to sanitize the black, plastic part as desired)."

    Then I asked, "Thank you! Hopefully that clears up the issue. But what happens when I clean my pax? Will it completely rub of all the lube and return me back to my original problem?" and replied, "Thanks for the follow up. We're currently working on a new cleaning kit that will contain specialized lubricant packets. If you would like, I can sign you up for the delivery list of said kit?"

    And of course I said I would like a shipment for free. So just a little heads up for something new Ploom will be offering for DIY fixes for this certain Pax issue *If it resolves my issue". Vape On :rockon:
  24. Live-N-Learn

    Live-N-Learn Higher, Higher, Baby...

    I asked them where can I get the lubricant and they ignored me =\
  25. jambandphan03

    jambandphan03 in flavor country

    I remember reading a post about somebody putting a drop of oil on the mp tube and it cleared up the problem but it got burried. I wonder if coconut oil would work.
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