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Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by Ojan_at_PAX, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. blackstone

    blackstone Well-Known Member

    Can anyone give a rough measurement of those vinyl or rubber end caps?
    I'm short PayPal balance for shipping a pair from Ratchett's place to mine and just wondering if it would be silly to try and pick something up closer to home?
  2. lovehemp

    lovehemp Well-Known Member

    Guys. Use the coupon POSITIVEMASH at to get a pax 3 for $233 plus free shipping. Don't forget to hit the thanks button. Enjoy!
  3. vbeazy

    vbeazy Well-Known Member

    Coupon code "POSITIVEMASH" is not valid.
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  4. lovehemp

    lovehemp Well-Known Member


    I missed an S. I'm using the phone right know and couldn't edit the post
  5. DeeCee5

    DeeCee5 Masshole and proud of it

    The cap has a 1 inch diameter and is about .75 inches deep.
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  6. blackstone

    blackstone Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that info, I'm having trouble finding listings over 20mm with reasonable shipping.
    I can find a good deal on 100x red ones though!
    Maybe it will be worth checking a few hardware places or I'll just wait till I have a larger order for Delta 3D to get some caps.

    I like the look of those plastic PAX holders from Skunkcase too.
  7. Hoodooguru23

    Hoodooguru23 Member

    I've gotta say, I think that does improve performance with a small amount. A little more intense taste and vapor. Not sure if it's a bit more of a pain in the neck to deal with it. Time will tell. But good thinkin' Lincoln!

    Got my Pax 3 about a week ago. I've previously had the 1 and the 2. In fact, they're the only vaporizers I've owned other than cartridge pens and my Firefly 2 which sits unused and unloved until I get my act together to put it on Craigslist.

    In a nutshell: The 3 has significant improvements that make it even better than its already IMHO status as the best portable vaporizer. The quick heat up time - about 23 secs to get to my 390 preferred setting as opposed to about 1:10 with the 2 - combined with the haptic tingle makes the timing, particularly when trying to be discreet, considerably more user-friendly. The app is half gimmick, half feature. I haven't exactly figured out which settings I'll ultimately settle on but it is kinda fun to watch realtime temp readings while connected which does make it easier to quantify the setting options and which work best for you.

    I have to say, I am somewhat flummoxed by the attention and love the FF2 gets on this site relative to the Pax 3. So, with all due respect to FF fans, let me make a case for the Pax 3 - or even Pax 2 - to those considering one of those two heavyweights. Let's start with their form factors. If you are looking for something portable, somehing you can throw in your pocket or bag and use on the go, to use it stealthily - there isn't even a comparison. The Pax is way smaller, lighter and more discreet. I also find the FF hard to hold comfortably while pressing the side button. It's a bit awkward which hurts the user experience.

    I also had great difficulty getting a decent amount of vapor out of the FF, and tried every tip on this site - although I will admit to overmedicating while trying. And for a lightweight like me who likes one or two hits at a time, it seems like it takes a longer session than that to get the FF really cooking. With the Pax I feel like I have a much better idea of what I'm getting, a better sense of control.

    Taste with the Pax is mainly plus with some minus. The first couple hits with a nice bowl is unbelievably delicious. Tiramisu delicious. In 'n Out Cheeseburger delicious. But, as the oven-full is used it goes through Not Badland to the outskirts of Nastyville. I'm still waiting for the accessory that will make it easy to serve up one or two beautiful hits then start fresh. But the good parts of the bowl are, to my buds, much tastier.

    FWIW, I upgraded to the 3 because the button on my 2 was starting to go. If your 2 is working well and you don't need the lastest and greatest, don't worry, you're not missing a game changer. But I am kinda happy my button started to stick so I can enjoy the new features.

    One last point. Definitely get Delta 3D studios endcaps. The Pax's smell between sessions was a drawback but is completely and conveniently solved for $2.50 a pair.
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  8. Mr. Me2

    Mr. Me2 Well-Known Member

    I use the Newvape pusher in my pax 2. Anyone use that accessory in the pax3?
  9. snorcan

    snorcan Stay charged, my friends

    cannada (T.O.)
    Does the Pax 3 require two presses to turn on and start heating? On first press, my unit vibrates, the LEDs glow white, and then it shuts down immediately. On second press the unit fires up as normal and starts heating. @Ojan_at_PAX is this normal behavior? Thank you!
  10. Ojan_at_PAX

    Ojan_at_PAX Community Manager @ PAX Company Rep

    San Francisco, CA
    Sorry friends! I was on vacation from the 4th and just got back in. I'll try to get back to each username mention but don't hesitate to privately message me as well. Shout out to @Mr. Me2 for sending peeps my way.

    @pohodar just replied to your PM. Thanks for sending!

    This is gonna sound silly, but you're likely pressing the button for too long. A quick press will turn PAX on, causing it to vibrate, and make the "X" spin white quickly before turning purple. If held longer, it'll turn itself off right after the white light spins once. While the device is on, a long press will put it into temperature selection mode, and another short press turns it off.
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  11. Southern Chef

    Southern Chef Well-Known Member

    Home of the Blues
    Yes. I prefer it to the half pack lid. I get a more consistent and uniform extraction with the pusher.
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  12. paco FF2

    paco FF2 New Member

    Hello dont know if i can ask this question here but
    lately im having some issues with my pax3
    on 214 degrees and boost mode
    whem im in a session and want to hit it starts to buzz
    normaly this should happen when temperatures drop like on flavour mode and when it senses lips it gets back to temp and buzzez to alert for ok
    but on boost mode and the vapor in hand it shouldnt buzz everytime when i put my lips on the lid or ima wrong?
    is there someone else with this problem or is it normal?
  13. Trulukkyphrank

    Trulukkyphrank Well-Known Member

    Is there a difference in using the concentrate lid with or without the screen inside the oven?

    are there some pros in using the concentrate lid that can give me some advice? ^^ I'm such a noob

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