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Pair of mated Ligers in blue, with caps and inserts

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by ensabbahnur, Sep 9, 2017.

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  1. ensabbahnur

    ensabbahnur Hash Vacuum

    Kickin it live in the 775
    I have way to many Ligers, Up for sale or trade for interesting glass or vapor items.

    Everything is in excellent condition, no heat discolorations on any of the TI, no chips, scratches or discolorations on the inserts. Nothing below has been touched by flame.

    1x 20mm Blue Liger
    1x 30mm Blue Liger
    1x 20mm quartz insert
    1x 30mm SIC insert
    1x Blue Storm Cell 3.0
    1x Blue Hurricane Cap 3.0
    1x Blue Ball tip dabber
    1x Blue Stinger tip dabber
    1x Blue 14/18 F joint with direct injection (the best joint)
    1x Blue 14/18 M joint
    1x Blue set of dabber tips from master set, works with both dabbers and contains 5 additional tips

    Looking for $320 paypal and conus shipping included or show me something to trade, I like purple and yellow things.

    Not wanting to part it out as this is a color matched set built from several blue sets from CCA, all pieces for full airtight seals, both caps fit both buckets very tightly....you will still need to get the air adjust to correctly once you pick your dabber to your cap.

    This set saves you having to deal with any of CCA's potential issues regarding turn around time or full order commitments.....if you've wanted to try the Liger, both sizes, and 2 of the 3 inserts, you can have it all in about 72 hours.

    everything shown in picture MINUS 2nd 14/18F joint and INCLUDING 20mm quartz and 30mm SIC inserts

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