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Oil Cartridge without PG/VG or PGE...

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by danald2000, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. danald2000

    danald2000 Well-Known Member

    Hey all, I live in the Bay Area and have been getting frustrated with how frequently I find myself reloading my yocan evolve plus. One of my buddies has a disposable oil cartridge that is very convenient and that I like to use. However I am aware that pg/vg or pge are used in tandem with cannabis concentrates. I am wary of putting those into my lungs and have read lots about them; I just don't feel comfortable with it.

    I was browsing Craigslist recently and found an ad for cartridges that are allegedly made without pg/vg or pge. I contacted the poster and he said that he only uses concentrated in his cartridges as well as terpenes to water them down so they can be wicked.

    I know this sounds Dubious and Craigslist is sketchy, but my question is if this is theoretically possible? Could you use a combination of terpenes and extracts to create a product that could be vaporized through an atomizer (that uses an absorbant wick like the disposable cartridges common in dispensaries)?

    Thanks for the help!
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  2. IrieHigh

    IrieHigh New Member

    Hey i was in Cali to make holiday , just came back !
    I ask me the exact same thing , and as far as i understand the whole thing it has 2 major different Cartidges.
    1. the ones with PG/VG mixed with concentrate in a solution
    2. CO² Oil pure Cartridges NO PG or VG at all

    at least thats the two that i saw .

    So my expierience

    I was said to the Budtender that i dont like those , as he was asking me about those Cartridges be cause of the PG / VG. ( And of course cause iam a lucky owner of an hercules so i dont look at these cartridges not close when they came up)
    But he showed me those disponsable vape pen with CO² and i got one for free as Firt time Patient
    So iam flavour lover , normally vapening lowtemp in my hercules, now what good taste is!
    i get Gorilla Glue ans the pen was from KYND
    LOVED it flavour was on point ! Really Nice ! Cant say if its espacially this Pen cause iam tried only this one , but man it tasted good !
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