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OG one pen

Discussion in 'Thread Candidates' started by Kanna_Kult, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. Kanna_Kult

    Kanna_Kult New Member

    New here, been lurking for a while but decided to make an account, this community is very helpful and well educated. I'm not sure if I posted this in the right place but has anyone heard anything about the OG No.1 pen?
    ( theogpen.com )
    It's a elipse/microg/cloud type pen, looks very promising but all the reviews on it are fishy, and there is very little info, I wasn't very impressed the the micro g or original cloud personally but they are ok, I just hated battery life, super hard/tight pull, and the horrible burnt chemical taste, this has a ceramic rod rather than a wick, seems to be the only vape if the flat/slim/micro style to have a good heater. Idk seems like a cool product if it lives up to it's claims. I was lookin at the OG pen, the O-phos with ti Kiss cart, or the cloud platinum, can't decide which to purchase, I suppose that would be a topic for a different thread though haha. Any and all opinions and advice are appreciated!
  2. °k

    °k Condensing fact from the vapor of nuance

    I know nothing about this one apart from the fact that I don't like their Chanel like design and name (n°1)...
    A wannabe posh vape? No thank you, but I guess I'm not the target and that if I had a Louis Vitton handbag it'd look stealth in it.

    Funny how I was expecting them to play the thug card when I first saw the brand name.

    Edit: oh! and welcome to FC @Kanna_Kult :)
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  3. Kanna_Kult

    Kanna_Kult New Member

    I don't care how it looks and yeah the whole chic marketing ploy is just a gimmick, I was just lookin at the atomizer, but I looked again and it 30 bucks, ouch. I guess it's just a fashion thing idk, I just really like the high heat and ceramic rod, as well as the shape, I like how small stealthy and flat it is, like the cloud v platinum but that has a gross wick atomizer. Bleh the vApe pen market is so over saturated with Chinese crap and cheapo gimmicks.
    mlo4sho likes this.
  4. Kanna_Kult

    Kanna_Kult New Member

    Anybody have any experience with this thing? Or the cloud platinum. Idk the slim form factor is kinda appealing, not a big fan if the stick shape of alotta other wax pens

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