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Officially Fucked Combustion.. For Good!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by euph0ric1, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. euph0ric1

    euph0ric1 Floating on.

    I used to be a long-time combuster of cannabis, up until about 7-8 months ago when I got my first vaporizer and haven't looked back. Since then I've collected a couple more vapes, and have been very happy with them. BUT.. there has always been this lingering feeling: "Am I settling for this vapor stuff? Is the experience truly not as good as the smoking I've been used to all those years?" Well... yesterday I decided to put that notion to the test.

    I've been away for the past 11 days on vacation. 11 days without any inhalation of any kind. On the trip I decided to pick up a cheap little wooden pipe. It has a dragon head on it, lol. So.. I get home yesterday, and decided to experiment. I broke up some fresh tasty chronic.. packed the tiny wooden bowl, and lit it up. I took one big hit... and it was awful. The taste... That old familiar burnt, sharp, ashy blackness instantly made me cough. I immediately felt a super-stony, uncomfortable head buzz. Even after 15-20 minutes, the buzz calmed but it just felt unpleasant. Dirty. And the TASTE... even after dinner, the burning taste was still there.

    So.. long story short.. I'm so happy I did that. I had to see first hand just how great vaping is comparted to smoking, especially after not smoking for a good while. It further confirms my choice in switching to vaporizing, and I can officially say, once and for all:



    A noob here guys, but I'm really happy to tell of my success & delight w/my SOLO - I have extreme COPD & vape to get started every AM and I vape a little all day to maintain a light buzz & I ingest one(1) good maintenance dose of RSO & daily edibles as well!

    I just wanted to back up the fubar on the screen cleaning - it wurks v/well!

    My MO is the same - but I don't put the screen in the bowl for regular use, but in the STEM so I get a FULL 0.10 gram load in the bowl and the screen wurks equally well in the stem! The dirty screen gets vaped @ 5 or 6 and then, when done, I simply hold the screen (w/tweezers) in a flame & burn off the last grungy residue - the screen is cleaned by a light brush and a "blow out the candle" puff of air! ... too simple!

    I WANT TO ADD - I just bought a new unit 'cause my old has been dropped, dented and chipped, the electronix were failing and I know it could quit enny time after almost two years of heavy use!
    I'm delighted I did so - the new one is faster to heat and the new charger is a BONUS!

    I love my SOLO by Arizer and it gives the bestest tastes I ever could wish for!

    Also, is there anyone else who has beaten COPD with vaping? Please contact me!

    "Outgrow the Capitalist Basterds" & their phuqued up pricing! I just saw where Meldrum is offering trim for $6.60/gram & $8.60/gram - howzat?

    When one learns the historical fact that the FIRST ban (law) against hemp was in Swaziland, in 1922, as an act of protectionism to support the cotton plantations of Egypt, one can see the true, evil purposes of colonialism/capitalism. The ban on hemp was introduced to Kanada in 1923, more than a decade sooner than in the USA!

    Repeal of all restrictions against hemp agriculture OF ALL TYPES must be initiated.

    The truth of the matter is simple: allowing production of medicinal, industrial, commercial and recreational hemp products will destroy large swaths of most of capitalism's favoured phony industries, starting with: big Oil, big Pharma, the AMA/CMA, big Agri, Monsanto, etc. Forestry, Construction, Clothing and many other industries would be affected as well -
    that is the true reason that the lies were started about hemp after WW I and the real reason that perpetuating these controls, or legislating "regulations to control ... for ... protection...
    ...society ... child ... taxes .." is simply another set of LIES that will crumble in the floodlights of Truth that will, one day, catch all of "Society" in it's glare!

    I doubt that ANY politician of any stripe (the only ones I've seen are yellow) will endorse this Truth! No politician would be permitted to discuss such a "ludicrous" concept - also, each and every politician who might be paying attention to reality knows we must keep our prisons full, train new criminals, keep the courts busy, generate more misery and continue to do the good work of the Big Banks!

    Rasta dood, am I missing something? R U speaking of the SOLO? - What's M107, a model # - I just bought a new one! My new silver top fits on my old black one & makes a nice, racy-looking unit! LOL :rofl::rofl:
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  2. Ansel

    Ansel Well-Known Member

    an island in the sea.
    ok so i'm over 36 hours away from my last combust... the mood swings... the addiction... it was screwing me over in ways that vaping doesn't... and i just got put on a new medication so i've had to fck combustion completely instead of using both delivery methods.
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  3. FUnhouse

    FUnhouse Well-Known Member

    Great to hear @euph0ric1
    I agree completely I have not combusted since the day I got my Solo .
    I used a pen for a while first and when it broke went back to smoking for a few days and just the taste made me sick.
    I cant imagine going back again !
    On that note anyone need a bag of used lighters!
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  4. euph0ric1

    euph0ric1 Floating on.

    @Ansel , I hope the new meds work out. Stay strong!

    @FUnhouse , thanks! I feel ya completely.

    * I have no idea what's going on with my first post? It's like it randomly got merged with 9 other posts by a moderator. Weird stuff.
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  5. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu stay true to yourselves

    I think that a few new threads with similar content got merged into yours as the master-thread :)
  6. euph0ric1

    euph0ric1 Floating on.

    @Deja Vu , possibly.. Seems like a mistake tho. The posts talk about the SOLO, screen cleaning, and a rant about hemp :hmm:

    Oh well, lol
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  7. Chilled

    Chilled Well-Known Member

    You wont look back, use way less and still get high rather than just stoned. I recently smoked a bong and was horrible, cant believe I did that for so many years....
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  8. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu stay true to yourselves

    Me too. Can not fathom abusing my lungs and throat for so long in such a bad way, but we did it! Atleast it's over now and revisiting it is just a harsh reminder ;)
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  9. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    Even a "green" hit off of a pipe leaves such a horrible taste in my mouth these days :zombie:
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  10. DieHard

    DieHard Vertical transportation specialist.

    My vaping journey started as a novelty years ago. Tried the Volcano. Loved it but was not willing to part with the $$$. I bought a box/whip vape and I have to say that I pretty much hated that thing. Then I got a shitty pen vape and prefilled (with meh) carts. That led me to W9 Tech. Mrs. DieHard gets migraines from the smell of burning MJ. I was looking for a way to enjoy the other woman (MaryJane) in my life without pissing off Mrs. DieHard. I had to find a way to enjoy MJ without the smell. That was just over a year ago. BHO was the answer. I had already been making it since about '03, I just had no good way to consume it. I have not smoked regularly in several months. I used to love my joints. Most who know me thought I would never stop smoking them. At any given time, I would have 2-7 joints with me at all times.
    Now, I would rather hit my Solo any day than smoke in any form.
    So, on that note...

    Fuck Combustion!!

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