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Occasional combustion counteracts efficacy of vapor absorption?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by TheVaporCyclist, May 3, 2014.

  1. TheVaporCyclist

    TheVaporCyclist New Member

    Hey all! Vape newb and new member of FC here as well. I really appreciate the helpful community and wealth of knowledge here on this site and have been lurking for some time and finally decided to sign up, because I had a couple questions.

    First off , just quick profile of me and my consumption history; I have been a consumer of cannabis for approx. 3 years now, was a 1-5x a day daily smoker but more recently have cut down my usage to maintain a low tolerance and to enjoy and appreciate my sober experience more (got to the point where I was just smoking too much and getting too used to being high and excessively wanting to get high when I wasn't) , now I kind of just do rotations of consuming 1-2x a day for a few days, then not consuming for a few days, and just generally repeating this cycle and this has done wonders.

    Even though i've used them here and there with friends who have them, and generally enjoyed vaporizing, my interest in vaporizers was really kicked off during this transition to consuming less, as a way to conserve even more herb and be healthier when I do consume (which is also a big factor because my main hobby and mode of transportation is cycling and I intend to get into track racing at the local velodrome as well); also just to have different options/different ways of experiencing cannabis. Therefore, I recently picked up a Da Buddha vaporizer and I absolutely LOVE it, it's everything I wanted it to be and more, and I think it has made me a vapor convert. I love the qualitatively different experience and the smoothness in comparison to combustion. I plan on also getting a portable like the Arizer Solo soon so I can more easily do the whole "exclusively vaping" thing (the DBV doesn't exactly lend itself to transportation by bicycle).

    However, I have noticed that the high doesn't seem to last quite as long for me when compared to combustion; I have been told that as you continue to vaporize and not combust, that the experience/length can improve over time (something I feel I have observed myself a bit since i've gotten the DBV), and have been given a couple reasons for this:

    A.) It's mostly a matter of just getting used to the vaporizer high and learning to recognize and appreciate all the subtle differences in the high when compared to combustion.

    B.) Tar and other crap left from smoking gets broken up once you stop combusting and start vaping and that, as your body breaks up and removes this gunk, your lungs become more efficient at absorbing vapor (still haven't coughed up any dark phlegm or anything like that yet).

    C.) A combination of A and B.

    Now finally, on to the question when that is the namesake for this post, what are your experiences with the above phenomenon after you stopped smoking and started vaping? and If I still occasionally combust, will this be "setting me back" in relation to the "progress" made from strictly vaporizing? I ask mostly because I have learned to roll pretty clean and consistent cone joints (with crutches and all) and still love the artistry and craft that goes into rolling and smoking a perfect cone on special occasions. I also love stuffing a joint and lighter in my jersey pocket on long rides so I can smoke something mid-ride while still being able to wear nothing but a full spandex kit.

    TL;DR: If i've started almost exclusively vaping, will the occasional joint "set me back" or otherwise mess with my lung's ability to absorb vapor from a vaporizer?
  2. TheVaporCyclist

    TheVaporCyclist New Member

    Anyone? I know bumping is discouraged but it took a long time for this post to show up publicly so I thought i'd bump the post just once.
  3. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    You wont get set back. It did the opposite for me and helps keep my tolerance guessing.

    Turn the temp up on your vape for a more intense and longer lasting high.
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