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Nuggetry - bad idea?

Discussion in 'Glass' started by pigfoot, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. pigfoot

    pigfoot Dabs are vapor too!

    I've been looking at the Beer glass pendant rigs, seen them for quite a bit less on nuggetry.com
    Have any of you purchased off that site? Seems like a lot of kids (no offense), with a lot of "hit me up" type language. Any tips on successful purchase techniques?
  2. breathe

    breathe Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Nuggetry sketches me out for sure too. Maybe see if they have a Boro acct and ask them to do it on there assuming you have one too or do it through Paypal then you can have some recourse if things go south.
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  3. hishighness

    hishighness Well-Known Member

    I've bought a couple pieces off there, the easiest way to prevent getting scammed is to just check their profile page. If they have a bunch of other glass posted up and make comments on other glass you're probably good to go - especially if they've already sold another piece in their collection (ideal).

    If instead the guy has only a single picture up and hasn't made a single comment across the rest of the site, you might want to look for another one just to be safe.

    People also usually start personal vendettas against people who fuck them over (I saw one on nuggetry where the guy sent a pelican router instead of a pelican case with the bong lol) and post their info all over the internet so you could try google any/all information given to you about the seller (nuggetry name, paypal info, email, address, anything you can get) to see if someone's been hustled already.

    Worst comes to worst I think you can cancel your paypal payment just so long as you call it glass art not a bong or anything like that.
  4. pigfoot

    pigfoot Dabs are vapor too!

    Excellent info. That actually makes it something I would consider. BM is probably great, but the $50 just to use it seem like too much. Thanks!
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  5. JoeKickass

    JoeKickass Well-Known Member

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  6. aesthyrian

    aesthyrian Blaaaaah

    Colorado Springs
    I bought my Hitman brilliance perc sidecar bubbler off of nuggetry and can't be more pleased. Came in great condition, packed super well, and shipped quickly. The seller was Hustle_lifted FWIW, he seems to mostly sell Hitman pieces.

    Obviously experience will vary from seller to seller. Just use paypal, and don't send the money as a gift.
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  7. Mynameismud

    Mynameismud But call me Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie.

    Yeah, you should be fine. And you'd actually be surprised I see a lot of FC usernames over there...

    stick with paypal though. Don't send the money as a gift and you should be fine. You don't even have to put glass art, I would just put art if you have to say anything.

    If they don't have a picture with their name, like our classifieds, I would ask for a picture with name (theirs or yours and date) just to be safe...

    But you should be fine, I wouldn't trade anyone though unless they ship first...that's where a lot of issues happen...
  8. pigfoot

    pigfoot Dabs are vapor too!

    Good advice - thanks everyone!
  9. alex h

    alex h Well-Known Member

    I've made several purchases off of nuggetry and every transaction has gone smoothly. Like others said, I would only make purchases from those with some type of history.
  10. clouded vision

    clouded vision Well-Known Member

    I've also had a lot of luck on nuggetry but be smart. Most paypal transactions are pretty safe as long as you don't gift it. Trades are where you are more likely to be scammed. I had a few trades here so I could use that for feedback, make sure you check out their references, if they don't have any ask them to ship first, of course if you don't then that's tough to demand. Last but not least, if it feels to good to be true or sketchy at all, walk away.
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