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nonsmoker needs help buying for a friend. sneak a toke, low cost?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by weeral1, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Edward Hyde

    Edward Hyde Well-Known Member

    the mflb is a really nice vape,stealthy,effective,and cheap to use as it runs on battery and the load is pretty small...but cant cover the need to smoke a joint completely if your friend was an x smoker or is still a smoker...+ it takes some time to get to know the proper techniques...the vg is really easy to learn cheaper than the mflb,pretty much smaller elarning curve but it comsumes A LOT of butane + without a torch lighter u cant use in outside and some times if u use a normal lighter u get some butane taste...
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  2. FrogBoy138

    FrogBoy138 Well-Known Member

    Funny you said this stuff cost a lot because it's way cheaper and better then years back. Get the Solo It's not that bad of a price and who could not love it. After a unit has been out for awhile the price drops big time.
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  3. that herb guy

    that herb guy Well-Known Member

    You could always look for a plug in model with a car adapter :2c:, will open the door to some more options - and would be a little more discreet. Out of what's listed, and my experience with older family/folks at large, the Pax seems like the ideal option but probably a bit pricier. It's one of the most ready to go, simplistic I've seen around. Can't speak to quality as I haven't personally tried one, but that's my first instinct. Downfall to that one is, it's only a little bigger than a lighter so could be easily lost I suppose.
  4. thesoloman

    thesoloman Well-Known Member

    Any word on what vape he ended up getting?
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  5. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    funny, i posted in another thread about the people who come here and imediately ask a question without reading anything else are usually the ones who don't come back.

    Perhaps it is time to limit first posters to create threads according to some kind of set of rules, like in the Classifieds?

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