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Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by bibblybobbly, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Sometimes I feel alone in that I can't stand the strains of weed that are popular amongst many of my contemporaries.

    I don't know much about "strains" and I think here in the UK we're less interested in brand-names of weed, although it seems to be a trend that's catching on (just my experience).

    At least in the UK, the dominant type (I hasten to call it a "strain") is known as "skunk". It is usually a light shade of green, often with orangey/brown fluff, and has a very distinctive smell. Nowadays it goes for about 12.5GBP per gram, and many bags are under-weight (whatever happened to ounces?). Something like the below image, although often the trichomes are not nearly as visible/abundant. A lot of time time it's moist, sticky, and smells like unnatural additives (but this is just speculation).
    Me and my friends find this type of weed far too overpowering. We always used to consume what we called "Thai", which was darker in colour, covered in red string, and had its own distinctive smell (which was far less noticeable from a distance than the "skunk".)
    Over recent years we have found it harder and harder to come by. Furthermore, many seasoned "tokers" look down on this type of weed and say stuff like "I need to smoke loads of it to get a high." I always found that the high was simply different, and I waaaaaay preferred it. Nowadays I have one good link left for "weak-ish" weed. It's definitely not the same as Thai, and contains lots of seeds and stems. Although the smell is somewhat similar to how I remember Thai. You Yanks might call it "Swag"? Nonetheless, it's my preferred type since it's cheap, seems chemical-free, and doesn't send me psychotic after a few hits.

    I've encountered others who don't like smelly skunk, who say stuff like "I don't like skunk, so I only smoke hash," which I feel is a misnomer because hash can be produced from any kind of cannabis plant. I think this may be because the hash we get in the UK is imported from the Middle East or North Africa, where high-CBD strains are more abundant(?). So these guys' experiences of hash are more strongly correlated with the high-CBD types. But then again, I've read contradictory things about Indica/Sativa and its relation to CBD:THC ratios.

    Anybody feel the same way? What are your experiences?
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  2. Farid

    Farid Well-Known Member

    I used to be able to get loads of kb at a good price. I stopped buying it as much when I got cheaper connects for better bud. I was thinking about it the other day, and I really miss that stuff. It wasn't bad bud at all either, just lacked smell, and was dense. It was great for turning into pressed kief.
  3. ragnorak71

    ragnorak71 Well-Known Member

    I don't see a lot of skunk around anymore to be honest. last couple of bits for me were AK and silver haze. I still only buy in 1/2s and oz and wouldnt buy anything else.

    Just sounds like you need better connects mate - get out there networking that's the ticket
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  4. Where are you based? What kind of herb do you consume?

    Are you both saying you don't have trouble getting hold of low THC weed?

    This looks just like what I usually get now (except when I'm feeling hashy):
  5. subway13029

    subway13029 Well-Known Member

    That is brick Mexican weed..straight up..no way around it..outdoor grown with many many plants and not taken care of very well..but back in high school and such it was the dank..50 for ounce..20 for quarter..yeah
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  6. ragnorak71

    ragnorak71 Well-Known Member

    yeah none of my stuff is pressed, used to get thai stick which had the red string - frankly foul shit full of stem and seeds

    i am down in south east mate, we get a decent amount of import as well as grown local so not too bad
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  7. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    @bibblybobbly I liked your top picture better. The bottom picture looks like some of the stuff I was getting 15 years ago with a couple of black hairs intermingled inside of some of the bud.:shrug:
  8. subway13029

    subway13029 Well-Known Member

    What's funny is that is the better of the Mexican brick..lol..it was a mainstay in Florida forever..I think I had the exact bud on the bottom with the crushed seed shells and just breaks in layers..for the longest I couldn't understand what a bud was..we called it bud but for my hs years in could get a quarter that was literally the size of a quarter..but it was green and broke up into mad blunts...the good old days of cheap mids and brick Mexican.
  9. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    to the OP: Have you considered that your different preference may actually be a strain/terp profile based thing? Skunk/Cheese/Gringo (if you're around Essex this stuff is apparently very common, I've got it on reliable information that this strain is actually just THC Bomb by another name, which has sensi skunk #1 lineage and a wonderful lemon undertone - more noticeable in the extracts than the bud itself!) may all just be strains that don't gel with you for whatever reason. ;)

    Regardless, man that bud you're using is really, really not looking good. It looks like mexi brick weed but being in the UK, that makes me wonder - where did it come from/how far has it traveled? The way it is all dense and compacted and looks as if it was very tightly packaged, what are the chances of mold and other nasty funk in that material? Please be careful brother!

    That bud actually looks like rosin has been made out of it now that I think about it lol
  10. I realise it's cheap weed - but it just sits better with me. No psychosis, no paranoia. Just nice mild body high. I've consumed it regularly for a while. If it were spoilt, mouldy, adulterated, etc. what would be the signs? I've had no ill effects in all my time consuming it.

    I smoked a bit of the "top photo" weed today with a mate and it simply knocked me senseless. I'm just not in that business.

    EDIT: This dark green compressed-looking weed is known to come from Africa and the Caribbean as well as Mexico, so I don't worry too much about its travel time. I gather these "bush weed" strains are grown outdoors with little supervision or input. Suits me down to the ground - it hasn't been selectively bred to feel like LSD or pumped with chemicals.
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  11. I found some people expressing a similar sentiment to me in the comments underneath this youtube video: "Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow gets stoned on skunk weed"
    Click to play YouTube Video

    With the following responses:

    (Notice the "hash" misconception I highlighted earlier).
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  12. seaofgreens

    seaofgreens My Mind Is Free

    Why don't you just take that top picture, and man-handle it yourself until it is poor quality? You could semi-rosin press everything you get and only vaporize the "brick-pancake," that comes out. Much better than the god knows how many hands/processes the stuff you prefer has passed through before it ended up in your lungs.
  13. Silver420Surfer

    Silver420Surfer Well-Known Member

    @subway13029-- lol I have a few acquaintances who STILL prefer mids/regs to good quality flower down in Florida. And I agree, that one pic sure looks like cartel regs/schwag:puke:. When I 1st moved to FL in early 2000's, that's all I could get find for few months. That was worst few months for flowers I ever had.

    @bibblybobbly -- Keep to the "skunk" type flower. Who knows WHAT the hell pesticides and other nasties they use to produce that garbage. Maybe use smaller amounts of "skunk" to avoid being to "high".

    I think the way Europe is calling that type of flower "skunk", is the same way that everybody in US called all flowers "Dro", even when it wasn't hyDROponically grown.

    My dad used to refer to most fast-food "burgers" as a "Wendys", "But Dad, I like Burger Chef" lol
    (+1 for those who remember/had a Burger Chef in their town)
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  14. subway13029

    subway13029 Well-Known Member

    Florida still has the worst flower ever!!I'm so sick of it..I actually wish I could find some of those pics..even the brick at this point..no nothing. And all yall with your hash and wax and oil..I guess some people in my great state have it good but not in my area..
  15. If weed is light green and stinky is that an assurance that there are no "pesticides" or chemicals used in its production?

    The high is just different.

    Sorry but almost everything I've ever smoked that looked remotely like the top photo was bloody awful. There's a time and a place for being that kind of psychotic stoned, but I get high every day, and I'd never get any shit done.

    That said, when nothing else was available at university, I was smoking that "skunk" type stuff and built up a bit of a tolerance. It was still a high I didn't much care for though, and I bought various hashishes whenever I could.

    It's a byproduct of prohibition that you can't really trust anyone selling you anything. The guys in my uni town selling that light green shit had different stuff every few days - some had such a heavy saccharine chemical stink, I couldn't believe a plant could ever produce such a smell. Tasted terrible.

    Would you call that red-string "Thai Stick" I pictured "garbage"? Because that was absolute perfection for me, I miss it like hell.
  16. seaofgreens

    seaofgreens My Mind Is Free

    High's are different for every strain. (cultivar) It's really unfair to say you enjoy getting high, but don't like weed which hasn't been handled too much (mostly intact trichomes.) I have no idea why you would trust an imported bud that has obviously been handled by several pairs of hands, smashed by these hands and tied together with a red string, before going through who knows how many dealers hands to get to you. That doesn't mean the "skunk," available is good stuff though. Virtually everyone on this forum who buys their product, and doesn't produce it themselves is subjecting themselves to whatever systemic pesticides/herbicides/fungicides a grower deemed to use. This is actually quite likely for larger, even "organic," grows. That doesn't mean the thai stick didn't have anything used in its growth, but it's a trade off, it comes from out of your country and through several peoples hands (maybe in someones ass even.) to get to you.

    Have you tried anything besides "skunk?" There's an entire world out there, and even when I myself lived in prohibition times, it only took some networking to find this world of possible strains.

    If you truly are interested in unadulterated, "weak," stuff, just get a ton of seeds, throw them in a ditch and gather what comes up. Nobody can claim responsibility for it's existence, and if nobody discovers it, you have yourself a few pounds of the weak 5% thc weed you are craving. Grab it all up, and smash it in your hands of in a hydraulic press if you really want to get that "brick."

  17. The picture I chose was perhaps un-representative, in that its trichomes were large and plentiful.
    This better represents what might be called "skunk" or "dro" in the UK.
    I don't think the problem is how much its "handled". As you rightly point out, there are no guarantees with any black market product.
    Weed that's grown geographically closer has fewer chances to get adulterated, but there's no reason why its less likely to be grown with extra chemical enhancement. If anything, weed grown inside a house in a cold country demands more of that type of stuff? In any case, like I said: no guarantees.

    FYI: The weed that everybody vomited at the sight of isn't "Mexican". The photo came from this website about Caribbean and African bush weeds:
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  18. seaofgreens

    seaofgreens My Mind Is Free

    Nope, weed grown inside in any climate has the same controllable environment. It's all about what the grower decides to do/deems necessary. Get to know your grower or supply line if you care. Otherwise, accept your reality.
  19. ragnorak71

    ragnorak71 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I do have to say Bibs old chap, you speak as though you have no choice and yet all the rest of us are saying elsewhere in uk there is. Just went and saw my man this morning and picked up a half for 110

    i know where it was grown and by whom, no reason to suspect chemicals beyond the norm and it looks good, dry and cured. no idea of the high yet cos havent tried it but i reckon more heady than not since thats what this guy normally grows

    country is full of useful stoners man, go meet some
  20. PPN

    PPN Company Rep

    Some guys around me are fan of this ol'bud...they are claiming the actual medical strains don't get enough (or at all) THCV in their actives components cause the medical use.

    I'm not a scientist but if I understood well THCV give this particular exciting and psychedelic high (did you already feel this?). A lot of strains from Africa (and maybe elsewhere too) get this particular high and a high THCV level, although it'is possible to find some strains like that, MrNice offer some nice african strains (with some really strange taste, the best for concentrates imo) and friends who are indoor growers offer me to test some pineapple and amnesia which gaves me this sort of high.
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  21. What reality? Many drug dealers are not keen to reveal their entire supply chain. And it's hard to know whether they're telling you the truth.

    I speculate that the darker green I'm used to differs from your favourite highs for these reasons:
    • Geographical distance from source - since my weed is imported, it'll likely be much older than your weed, and will have lost some potency
    • Strain - the bush weeds I am into haven't been selectively bred to meet modern Western standards of THC content
    Check out these links on the developments of weed in the last 30-40 years:

    To think that your weed contains fewer adulterants because of its colour or smell is insane. Is your eyeball/nose a mass spectrometer?

    I repeat my earlier question: if my weed were contaminated, what would be the outward signs, if any, in lieu of actual laboratory tests?

    P.S. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy getting my head blown off by some stinky weed every now and then ;)
  22. fidget

    fidget Well-Known Member

    Bibbly mate I think you're generalising a lot.
    "Skunk" is what the media like to refer to weed as in scare articles.
    I don't know anyone personally who has even used the word since the 90's.
    Seems to me you'd be best with indica dominant strains.
    There are an awful lot of knowledgeable people out there and plenty of excellent bud- you need to get networking and make some new contacts.
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  23. blankexpression

    blankexpression Well-Known Member

    Commericially grown weed in this country tends to be chopped early so it can be brought to market quicker. Which, in turn, means you get a high thats racey as hell and will have you anxious after smoking it. I got fucked off with paying through the nose for this type of shit. You need to either grow your own or find a grower whos willing to part with some of his crop. I took the first option and have never looked back!
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2015
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  24. archangelz001

    archangelz001 FIRE!!

    Bay Area
    I'm guessing the high quality in the first photo has 2, 3, or maybe 4 times as much THC. Just take one or two hits instead of a whole joint. Learn to microdose. You can always do more, but once done you can't do less.
  25. You get what I'm talking about. Also, check my sig, I'd like to start that too but my living arrangements don't really permit it.

    I had a nice long chat with my main weed guy today. He's something of a weed connoisseur, in his 60s. He told me (paraphrasing) "the first thing my punters say to me is 'I don't want that punk.'" So I guess I form part of a clientele who actively avoid the paranoia-inducing high-potency strains.

    He also said: "The kids want punk, the slightly older generation like the middle grade [what I buy], and the Rastas [he's from St. Lucia, and not a Rasta] like sensi." In recent times, he as had outdoor grown weed from Africa, of varying standards, the highest being a seed-free version. He isn't far down the supply chain, and I'm inclined to believe him on this claim. They're all dark greenish, bit brown, quite compacted, although the sensi sells for about 2.5-3x the price of what I'm into.

    Believe me, it gets you high - just not paranoid and edgy (the sensimelia in particular!) And colour/smell/texture is no real indication of adulterants.

    Sigh - toeachizown I guess.
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