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NewVape FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by natural farmer, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. thekayo

    thekayo Well-Known Member

    Yes!!! this is what i was saying the other day. That would be amazing to take the avb out without having to remove it all. might have to order one when i upgrade my showerhead to the vrod. One other thing that would be really nice is a titanium brush or some sort of a brush atleast. would love to pick up one of those.
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  2. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Well-Known Member

    Yep, I too really wanna NV brush! Bristle whatever material that Edwyn deems worthy of the NewVape brand. Since brush heads inevitably wear or get messed up, maybe that’s replaceable and the killer 5-inch brush handle is titanium and has the “made in the USA” at the end of the handle. So four inches of proper handle or whatever with a “coin” at the end. With the bad-ass intertwined USA.

    And then the other side could be two dragons, intertwined and frozen in eternal battle, and they’re fire & ice! Each beastie is precision anodised different colours, except for their eyes. Their eyes will be jet-black and if you look very closely, it’s like looking into your own soul! It’s not just a great tool, it’s also a mindfuck.

    One could argue for a more “clean & classy” option like the “NV” logo, perhaps.

    I mean. Whatever...:razz:
    StarDawg + VRod = :smug:
    Excessive civilisation!
    Maximum silliness!

    This one is definitely beneficial medicine for me, which is like finding the needle in a haystack in our illegal marketplace. I don’t put too much into whatever name I’m told, even though I completely trust my guy. I don’t know where/who/how he gets the names but I feel like they’re fairly spot on. I’d agree with the profile of characteristics of this SD that I’ve seen on interwebs, for the most part.

    I’m really happy to have something a bit more uplifting & less couchlock. Even the last “Lemon Something” came round was indica-dominant. Beautifully dense and well cured, which happens never in the black market. I pretty much count on paying for the privilege to finish the cure.

    But things are indeed changing, an exciting time to be alive and vaporizing in ‘19! Got the First Annual CannaCup UK in London this 4/20, a two-day event! Going to be awesome and it’s wonderful the people aren’t waiting for their progress. I’m hoping to have tons o’ fun but also learn from the people gathering there.

    This MASSIVE WALL of text is a standing testament to the POWER of a FlowePot!
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  3. Hogni

    Hogni Honi soit qui mal y pense

    Berlin, Germany
    1. The new tray looks great. But it should be modular regarding the ABV part and possible to buy it w/o the ABV section. I already have two different stands with the debowler section I don't use. Neither do I like the appeal of all the ABV mess in the tray nor the hassle to put away all the stored parts before being able to empty the ABV out of the tray. I already tried to get my 2nd tray w/o the debowler pike I don't need, unfortunately NV didn't want to replace it to another part. If you'd offer the new tray w/o the ABV section I'd buy it for sure (depends on the price ;)). Otherwise I would't want a 3rd tray with ABV section.

    Regarding the construction, what's the sense of the deepening around the heater posts? :hmm:
    Wouldn't it make sense to let it away and give the tray some more holes for tools instead?

    2. Wooden handles generally is a good idea. Depends on their look and stability.

    3. I'm still waiting for a titanium brush :wave:
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  4. Lozo

    Lozo Well-Known Member

    I really like what @Hogni said about modular ABV section. I don't like the ABV being collected in the tray and normally just dump it into a jar.
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  5. MrSaturn

    MrSaturn New Member

    It’s awesome to make a new product request and have the company say that they’re working on the idea a week later! One more reason NV is great!

    I’d also +1 the request for a detachable AVB bowl with debowler spike, it would make cleaning and emptying much easier. Would it be possible to make it tall enough so you can put a lid over it with the debowler spike in place? That would help prevent AVB spills, which would be a big plus for me!
  6. YaMon

    YaMon Vaping since 2010

    As I said here http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/newvape-flowerpot-twax-vaporizer.23162/page-539#post-1346339 and here http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/newvape-flowerpot-twax-vaporizer.23162/page-540#post-1346799 It would really help if the debowler did not require all components be removed to dump.

    What a great initial revision! Just need a removable debowler. It does seem reasonable ambidextrous, but as most people are right handed I would place the carb cap storage on the bottom so you do not have to reach between stored tools and hot heads for your carb cap. Frankly, while I own the NewVape fine grinder (Which is awesome) I would not store it in the tray and that one item makes the tray so much larger than it needs to be.

    ** If the debowler had two holes, one for an inverted titanium brush head with Omni directional brushes like a chimney brush that would be ideal. Also, the debowler spike and brush should be as short as possible to keep ABV from leaving the detachable ABV TRAY.

    Why do we need magnets, what about gravity and an indent? If it is indented into the main stand the ABV/debowler/cleaning tray would not slide off when the entire assembly is being moved.

    Bring on the brush! Chimney sweep style with a mounting hole on the tray would be ideal, but it would be important from my perspective to have the brush as low as possible to keep ABV contained and not all over my beautiful tray.

    Thanks @NewVape710 !!!
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  7. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    @NewVape710 - Based on the feedback above, separating out the grinder area and debowler may not be necessary. If it’d let you use cheaper metal blocks, removing the rectangular AVB section and having the round section work for the grinder or a concentrate pad or a removable debowler seems like a good option, and everyone should have a use for it. The indentation next to the heads could probably shrink too if that helped to get it down to a cheaper block size.
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  8. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    I never understood the debowler, a warm bowl empties out perfectly, guaranteed. Only if you leave the bowl sitting around will it solidify, and even then IMO it's easier to throw the heater on for a few seconds to loosen it up.

    Heck if you give the screen a brush right after, and shove a Q tip up its ass every few sessions you'll see the bowl very rarely ever needs a full cleaning.

    I agree with Hogni that the FP ecosystem is too pretty to want mulch in my Flower Bed :D:D personally mine goes in the trash can, or a mason jar if I wanted to keep it.
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  9. Vital

    Vital Well-Known Member

    It looks beautiful...what are your thoughts about making the debowler section capable of being lifted out for easy dumping without having to remove anything else from the stand?
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
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  10. Roth

    Roth Pining for the Mountains

    Interesting, I always use the spike and assumed most did as well.

    Agreed that the spike isn't necessary when dumping warm, but I like having it right there and not having to open another container to dump and store it in.

    I guess I don't mind some mulch in my flowerbed!

    A removable ABV container held on my just gravity seems like it might be a good idea.
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  11. digitalninja

    digitalninja Member

    I use the spike, but it's not screwed in. I use it to give the bowl an initial scrape to get majority of avb into a mason jar, then a little brush that came with a shave for the finer bits. I haven't tried "shoving a qtip up its ass" as suggested, but now that I know
  12. jamesvally

    jamesvally Member

    Colorado Springs, CO
    Just wanted to post a huge THANK YOU to NewVape. Just ordered their flat coil 28mm SiC dish nail, and VROD carb cap. An they just threw another 28mm SiC dish in for free. That's so freaking awesome, I've never had a company do something like that. This is the 2nd time I've purchased from NV, and I will continue too on everything that I can.

    James Vally
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  13. maxymods

    maxymods Well-Known Member

    Got another flowerpot VROD together on Saturday after not having one for a few months. Man I missed this thing! Got one of the debowler/stands and it already almost needs to Be emptied. Love newvapes products definitely not getting rid of it again! Only reason I did was because I went mainly concentrates. Just wanted to add my update since I haven’t been on this thread in awhile :)
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  14. YaMon

    YaMon Vaping since 2010

    FlowerPot Tool Shed is now in their shop, but it still needs to check a few more of my boxes.
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  15. Shrike

    Shrike Flower Potted, Maxed & Carta'rized

    Hey @NewVape710...

    Could we get the dimensions of the new Tool Shed?

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  16. newvape918

    newvape918 Company Rep


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  17. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Well-Known Member

    That’s just how they do! That’s how they get ya hooked; always going that extra bit and treating their customers like people. Welcome to FC & Flowerpot Land!
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  18. MAbud

    MAbud Well-Known Member

    I would pay the extra $50 as well. Or may use my current round debowler separately and use this one as a try for ground material. As i think having a space for ground material instead of a separate tray would be nice anyway...

    Will my NV fine grinder (non armband) also fit in the allotted space?
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  19. YaMon

    YaMon Vaping since 2010

    Have no idea on how reputable this firm is, but they make titanium and omnidirectional bore brushes. Check it out Edwyn @NewVape710 https://www.gordonbrush.com/brushes...d-brushes/titanium-specialty-end-brush-eb14ti. They are not inexpensive! What if we used stainless?
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  20. NewVape710

    NewVape710 Seeking Higher Ground Manufacturer

    cast your vote. the larger dabber caps will stand (barely)

    I think i prefer the shorter carb cap handle.

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  21. roofpizza

    roofpizza New Member

    Didn't feel like waiting anymore and bought my v-rod kit today. I'm extremely excited. Happy to join you guys in the flowerpot crew. Now just hoping it gets here by the weekend!
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  22. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    @NewVape710 I like 7 and 4 most for the dabber caps, and it looks like they should fit in the stand. If people are interested in having them (barely) stand on their own though, a narrow and a wide one might be good.

    ...or you could put a magnet in the end of the wide ones and put a magnetic strip on the stand.

    I’d probably prefer the longer carb cap handle out of those options, but somewhere in between might be a good compromise. I see the benefits of varying the diameter to make it easier to hold, but I think the longer one would look better to me with less of the indentations.

    Maybe something like B stretched out a bit with one indentation in the wide area at the end?

    Overall I think you’re on the right track!

    By the way, have you tried any heat testing to see if these handles will scorch if you leave the cap on the VRod for a while?

    You might want to talk to George at DynaVap and/or Ed from Ed’s TnT about the cracking issues they had with early thin wooden stems on VapCaps. Since the conditions of these wooden handles would be similar, you might want to put a metal ring around the base like they dis (before dropping those products in favor of thicker wooden stems) or just make sure the part that gets heated isn’t too thin-walled...I’m sure they could tell you more about the problems they ran into though.
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  23. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Well-Known Member

    @NewVape710 I’m with @VaporWare on trying the longer carb cap handle with one indentation.

    I love the dabber caps! My initial impression is for #4 & 6; but I also like #5 & 6 as well. Thanks so much for making these, it’s pretty amazing to suggest something and then see it actually produced! Cheers
  24. MrSaturn

    MrSaturn New Member

    @NewVape710 I like the longer carb cap handle length, that way your fingers are further from hot metal.
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  25. thevapist

    thevapist Well-Known Member

    I want a little baseball bat.
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