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New York's Medical Marijuana Program Shows Some Signs of Life

Discussion in 'Cannabis News and Activism' started by Nesta, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. Nesta

    Nesta Well-Known Member

    "The New York State Health Department on Friday (7/31) named the five organizations that will be allowed to grow and sell the drug for medical use in the state."

    http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/01/n...ick&contentCollection=New York&pgtype=article

    If you remember, our esteemed governor Andrew Cuomo, gutted the New York MMJ bill at the last minute, so only patients having a “severe debilitating or life-threatening condition, including cancer, H.I.V. or AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy"... can qualify for access. As it stands NY's program is one of the most restrictive in the country.

    But wait, there's hope for more of us: ...and “any other condition added by the commissioner.” C'mon commish, a little help here.

    Stay tuned. But be patient.

    At least there is hope that some dispensaries may be open by the end of this year.
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  2. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur


    A New York State Republican assemblyman who opposed medical marijuana legislation at every turn was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of marijuana. The police found the marijuana after they pulled him over for speeding.

    A statement released shortly after the March 2013 incident, law enforcement officials reported that state police discovered Steve Katz had a “small bag” of marijuana on him.

    I see this is old news. Is this guy still in office? I hope he lost his job, not for cannabis but for being a hypocrite.
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  3. Roth

    Roth Well-Known Member

    Dude looks like Egon from Ghostbusters.

    The hypocrisy that exists is truly astounding.
  4. vapebuddy13

    vapebuddy13 Your resident Super Hero

    I believe I saw somewhere that the first one is supposed to open like right after New Years around Syracuse

    edit: thats NYC and its first in NYC, not sure if first in NY... http://www.nbcnews.com/business/bus...cal-marijuana-dispensary-open-january-n425681

    http://www.thesmokersclub.com/news/...nsary-will-open-this-january-in-union-square/ -says it is first NY planned, and for Jan 31st launch date... guess I should just look b4 I post initially lol
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  5. macbill

    macbill Gregarious Misanthrope

    The Evergreen State
    The Legacy of Stop-and-Frisk in New York’s Marijuana Arrests

    The New York Police Department has claimed that more black and Latino people are arrested for petty marijuana offenses because complaints are more voluminous in neighborhoods where black and Latino people predominantly live. That excuse was blown apart this weekend by a Times investigation showing that the complaints about marijuana use do not fully account for the racial arrest gap — and that, when complaints were held constant, “the police almost always made arrests at a higher rate in the area with more black citizens.”

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