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New ROOR vaporizer "Treating yourself" 2010 TORONTO

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by medicalweed, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. charliedontsurf

    charliedontsurf Medical

    West Coast
    Edit: misinterpreted post. It buys you absolutely nothing, really. That's certainly not the glass piece I'd be hunting for if I were looking to blow 4 or 5 hundred dollars.
  2. medicalweed

    medicalweed Well-Known Member Manufacturer

  3. Smokey

    Smokey Cloud Master

    Hahaha this guy cranks me up xD
    That's the Herborizer tube though, not the custom RooR one.
  4. Bluntcrush

    Bluntcrush Director of Vapor Research Labs™

    In Rainbows and Clouds
  5. max

    max Out to lunch Staff Member

    Well, the Herbo is likely to differ a bit, in the vaping experience, depending on what glass piece you're using, but not a lot if the glass is decent and of a similar size. The same could be said of the Cloud, or any vape that can be used with various glass pieces. In the end you're reviewing the glass, not the vape.
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  6. DonMarteng

    DonMarteng RooR Vapor Basic & Arizer Solo

    Northern Germany
    Since there isnt a lot of information out there on this I thought Id share some knowledge and experience with you Stoners. I am the proud owner of the basic Version of the RooR Vapor with the original bubbler. Im using the upper part of the vaporizer on my 18,8 RooR Bong (42cm RooR Icemaster 15 year anniversary) from time to time to get a more smoke - like experience. I can post some pictures or videos if anyone is interested into that stuff. If you got any questions about it just shoot them at me and Ill try to help :)
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  7. Kosmic22

    Kosmic22 Goku

    Pics would be good lol. This sounds interesting!
  8. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    The THC Nebula

    Just picked up a second hand unloved Roor Vapor XL unit.
    I have the heater section and controller and the main tube section.
    On order is the mouthpiece and the herb holder as these were broken by the original owner. They seem to have snapped off the herb holder in the joint and it was stuck like crazy in there!! I ended up taking a diamond grinding bit to it and ground it into two pieces and finally got it out!

    The heater has been disassembled and to glass is soaking in ISO as it is stained brown. Heater was removed first!

    Main tube is almost clean... Thick brown layer of oil all over the place...

    Sucks that Roor only accepts wired transfers... Now I have to go into my bank to send them money to get my parts...

    Review and video when I receive all the parts!

    EDIT: using the now clean main tube with my Supreme 3!
    HOLY COW!!!
    It is over a foot high from the water level to the mouthpiece!!
    Totally different effect with having to take such huge hits!
    And watching the can fill with pure white vapor is a sight to behold!
    Last edited: May 15, 2016
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