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Negative Feedback

Discussion in 'Tips and Feedback' started by vtac, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. szai

    szai Well-Known Member

    I sent payment to 530rasta for a herbalizer. After receiving my payment I'm told sorry but I already sold it. This is after he said pay now or I'm selling it to someone else. I'd asked him if I could pay tomorrow due to an account issue he said no. I said ok I'll pay now. I send a$150 payment.

    After he receives the payment he says sorry but the other guy backed out then changed his mind and sent payment. He says at first I paid later then the other guy but then says we sent payment at the same time but because of "reasons" he is refunding me.

    Why was I told to make a payment which I did and then refused the sale. Why is the first guys indecision my loss?

    If you want to deal with an honest individual don't deal with 530rasta. He agrees to a deal received payment and then reneges on it. Instead of the pleasant evening I had going I'm angry at the way I was treated. I'm upset because I thought I was getting an amazing deal and instead I'm told tough luck. If he'd said at first I'm giving to whoever pays first I wouldn't have sent him money. Now my card has a $150 hold on it for a couple of days and all I get is I said sorry wtf more do you want. Not only is he at fault he decides to Indy me too. His response was asif I inconvenienced him by shiny him to keep to the shed terms of the deal.
  2. Kurtdigglur

    Kurtdigglur Long draws

    North Pole
    @stark1 has been real nice and kept me updated ,most likely was lost in mail. He purchased a Ti MP from me for $15. I sent it out and hasn’t been delivered to him. I trust that he’s telling the truth. I thought Id just put this here for future reference if it happens to another seller or buyer. I’m out $37.
  3. stark1

    stark1 Look, Ma. Lost some weight!


    I did not do a thing. Just waited for snail mail, still hope, to the end....

    —Popping the MP in a regular envelope might have challenged/ruined their automated
    sorter, and was tossed....:uhh:
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
  4. stark1

    stark1 Look, Ma. Lost some weight!


    Mail truck ZIP-ped by, today.

    In the mailbox, finally! was a flat letter envelope from ZIp 49855, two weeks late.

    One end was open. No contents. Nada. Empty. Sorry, Bud. :bang:

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