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Negative Feedback

Discussion in 'Tips and Feedback' started by vtac, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. wax

    wax Active Member

    Trade between me and @VapeVoice
    My arizer air for his haze 2.5
    I sent my air out and he never sent the haze. Like stated above his wife messaged me statin bluntly that she couldn't do anything about the situation. Even after I told her that all she had to do was drop off a package that vape voice said was packed up and ready to go. I don't get how it endangers someone's job to drop off a package st the post office ?I was being nice and she said I was rude and inconsiderate.
    This sounds mean but I hope this guy was I'm a crash(and obviously gets better).otherwise me and the poster above are screwed....
    Thanks so much for the loan @KidFated.
  2. VapeVoice

    VapeVoice Well-Known Member

    Just to the left of normal.
    Yes he was incredibly rude by implying I do nothing but sit online all day. When I have been trying to shuffle taking care of my children and taking care of my husband who is STILL in the ICU. He was in a MAJOR car accident, not some fender bender here. Nobody is running "interference" for anyone. I have told these 2 people more than once that he will handle it when he is able to. I am a pediatric nurse practitioner and I will not in any way shape or form put my license and job on the line to handle any of these matters that deal with shipping or receiving marijuana paraphernalia. I have no idea what you people are talking about when you say I shipped something for him already. I can assure you I did not, or if I did, I was unaware of the packages contents. I have asked these people to be patient as we are dealing with a major life event here. I understand that they are upset, but that is the situation thus far. I have told him all about this and he has told me to relay that he will handle this when he is able to. I am not going to go into detail with all of you, but my husband is fighting for his life and if he does recover will most likely never be the man he was. I hope none of you ever have to go through this. And if you do I hope you never know the pain of people questioning your or your spouses integrity.
  3. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    I just removed three posts that were discussion about the negative feedback for VapeVoice. Even though one of the posts contained potentially pertinent information, we have a zero tolerance policy against discussion in this thread. The subject of a complaint is allowed one response, therefore the comment attributed to VapeVoice is permitted.
  4. propjoe

    propjoe Well-Known Member

    On Oct. 2nd I sent money via paypal to Reflexion to buy the flowermate mini that he advertised in the classified section. He told me he would ship it that weekend. A week goes by and the FM mini does not arrive. I email Reflexion Friday Oct. 9th and it took him two days to respond. He just said it was shipped. He didn't provide any proof like a tracking number. Nothing arrived this week and other than the email he sent me last Sunday he hasn't responded to my repeated emails.
    He has another item for sale. And I don't have the ability to start a thread in the classfied section.
  5. propjoe

    propjoe Well-Known Member

    the seller refunded me my money today.
  6. EVlL 55

    EVlL 55 Well-Known Member

    CAELAR900 offered a koa nano on here not too long ago for a mighty/crafty and cash on top to make up the difference.
    I sent the mighty,..to the address I was provided...it arrived 2 days later usps priority...zero issues.
    ....the reason I shipped out was because I was given tracking for the nano on the 27th of march.
    ...that is all I got...to this day that tracking goes nowhere...it was never scanned.
    In between I was told the pkg. was held..due to smell,...according to his friend,...who works at said post office.
    After about a week I was told he picked up the pkg,..cleaned it,..re-packed it...and shipped it back out to me..and said the tracking remains the same..because he printed,..and paid for it..and since it was never scanned..its still valid.
    ..another week of horseshit excuses,..and I still have a tracking number that goes nowhere...never scanned.
    ...before I forget,.in his defense..he did send my wife's paypal $50.00 for all the shit I endured,..and for all the trouble he caused...thanks.
    There's no contact anymore in about the last 5 attempts on my part....
    ...and never,,EVER once did they just offer to return my mighty and be done with it.
    In my contact attempts I warned of this day..the day that turns my fuking stomach to have to post negative feedback here...it puts a dark vibe on things for me,..and now makes me second guess things and people..and that's what really sucks.

    EDIT☆ I just got notice I had a pkg...when I opened the locker I saw the box I sent my mighty in..so my name was the sender & reciever!!...so..I figured it was my mighty....when I opened it..I saw a nano rolling around along w/ too heavily resonated stems....WTF?.
    I emailed this person and pretty much said keep it...I'll keep the nano.
    So..it's done.
    ..I never want to be in this thread again...its nowhere fast.
    Thank you.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2016
  7. Caelar900

    Caelar900 Well-Known Member

    3-21: EVIL 55 messaged me about my listing wanting to trade my E-Nano for a mighty or crafty.

    3-22: We worked out the details of how the trade was to go down. He asked if I could ship the next day (3-22). I said possibly but to wait until I contacted him to be sure I could.

    3-23: I informed EVIL 55 that I could not get the Nano out today but I would try to tomorrow.

    3-24: I explained that my Mid-terms were going on so I didn't really have time to get to the post office. I apologized for the delays, and told him I would keep him updated.

    3-25: EVIL 55 and I exchanged address'. I said I would get the Nano out that night if I could if not the next day. EVIL 55 then informed me do to an event he would not be able to ship until Monday (3-28).

    3-27: I created a shipping label for the Nano and sent EVIL 55 the corresponding tracking number. EVIL 55 informed me he would ship 9 A.M. the next day.

    3-28: (9:45 a.m.) I receive a message with tracking number! (Very prompt!)

    3-29: EVIL 55 informed me that there had been no movement on the tracking number I had provided. He asked me to contact the post office and ask what was up.

    3-30: EVIL 55 explained that he felt frustrated in the situation that he had waited a week and now that his Mighty was out, there was no proof that my Nano had left. EVIL 55 contacted me again later that day explaining that he viewed the situation as theft and he would treat it as such, he would contact the post master and police to attempt to resolve the problem.

    3-31: I message EVIL 55 and apologized for not responding, I explained I had not checked the site and seen his messages. I messaged again and said I would go to the post office and attempt to get some kind of proof that I had indeed shipped the Nano for him. Again I apologized profusely for the problems. I responded again after going to the post office and explained that I was told that there was no receipt since I had printed out the label online, but that she would look around in case the package was still there.

    4-1: I contacted EVIL 55 to let him know that I had heard back from the post office and that the package was held do to being damaged. I told EVIL 55 I had been surprised by this fact as I didn't remember the box being damaged in anyway but that the friend of mine who works for the post office I had been dealing with, and I had explained the situation to, said that maybe there was a smell... EVIL 55 responded promptly and told me that he would like nothing to do with this situation any further as he has gone through a bad experience with smell and the post office before. He asked me to pay for his Mighty over Paypal immediately. He replied again shortly after and it was obvious that at his point he was EXTREMELY upset with the situation. I responded and explained that I was more than happy to do anything I could to make this situation right I didn't have the funds to send him $400 right then. I said he could create a request for money on Paypal, as a way to have some accountability, that I would pay ASAP. I again apologized and stated I had no ill intention, but asked him to try to understand that I was being as transparent as possible and some of this was just out of my control. The next two messages I received, were very... agitated.... I explained to him that I had just gone to the post office and that there was no perceivable smell to me, but the box wasn't necessarily packaged in the best fashion... As well as that the women at the post office, my friend, had explained that her saying there was a smell, was purely speculation on her part. I asked what he would like me to do to make this all right as I was no thief. We messaged back a couple times about the situation and he said as long as there was absolutely no smell and it went out that day everything would be good. I told him I'd have it out ASAP and asked if he has a Paypal I could send some extra funds to ($50) for all the trouble. Money was sent. I received another message later that night saying that there was still nothing on the tracking.

    4-2: EVIL 55 asked me to call my post office as the package had still not moved. I told him I would. Evil 55 said he believed me to be stringing him along and that he would contact the post office and post his negative feedback. I responded that it was in the mail, that USPS tracking is notoriously bad, and at this point there wasn't really not much I could think to do... If there was to let me know.

    4-5: EVIL 55 asked me why I hadn't contacted him and again and asked for me to just mail his Mighty back. I said I hadn't emailed him because I had no new information to provide but if this continued he would get his Mighty back.

    4-7: EVIL 55 again asked me to return his Mighty.

    4-8: EVIL 55 informed me he had contacted the Mod's and that he was posting negative feedback.

    4-9: I apologized for not responding sooner that I was without an internet connection. I told him that I would send his Mighty back. I also asked him to please contact me if my Nano did arrive and I would arrange to get him a label to return it to me.

    4-11: Mighty was ready to go out but I receive an email stating that he did indeed receive the Nano!

    Even still the tracking shows absolutely no update. I don't know what took so long for it to get there, nor why there was no update at all along the way, even when it was scanned in.

    This post is in no way trying to exonerate myself. I believe that EVIL 55 did a god job of explaining fairly and honestly what went down in his. I just wanted to post a more detailed view from my side.

    I take full responsibility for what went down here. I should have not listed the nano when I did, I was not in a place where I could do what what was necessary to get done all that was needed to be in a timely manner. I cant apologize enough to EVIL55 for this entire situation but am just glad that this is finally all worked out.

    - Caelar900
  8. c76man

    c76man In search of the best terps and smoothest vapor

    @rgrig and I agreed to a price on his Firefly. I sent payment via PayPal on April 5, and then never heard from him again. I tried email and PM. I had to open a dispute with PayPal, and I just received my money back today.
  9. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    This right here is why paypal fees are (almost) always worth it :tup:
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  10. Melting Pot

    Melting Pot Sick & Twisted

    A state of confusion
    After seeing a negative post 6 up i feel even more like an idiot...
    Seller @Reflexion
    Item daisy
    Cost 120$
    Sent payment 7/1
    Long weekend he said he'd ship on 8th no contact since email or pm

    Dont be dumd like me
    Never send friends & family

    I always do Im to trusting never again
    Leason learned just wish it was cheaper glad it wasn't more...
  11. j-bug

    j-bug Well-Known Member

    I wasn't going to post anything but seeing that there seems to be a particular pattern I figured I'd share my experience which for me was more neutral but in the context of feedback already here I think it is worth sharing.

    A little bit ago I offered to cover the cost of the goods and services fee as a buyer for Reflexion's Lily on top of our agreed price. Reflexion indicated that he could only accept a friends and family payment becuase of a problem with PayPal and I was unwilling to go through without buyer protection from PayPal, it seems wisely based on the Feedback posted above.

    Edit: to respond to Mestizo's comment. Total value of the transaction was $75. I was offering to pay more than that so that seller would recieve $75. Given that seller has a history of failing to deliver when paid via gift I thought it worth mentioning here that seller is requesting in general to be paid via gift and that frequently buyer has no recourse because they used the gift option. I guess my point is to be sure to use the goods and service option for payment and if someone won't even if someone else is willing to eat the cost is suspicious(especially with the context of other feedback). Anyway this is more of "neutral feedback that given the context of other negative feedback this is probably negative feedback"
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2016
  12. ShayWhiteGrow

    ShayWhiteGrow vAPEhOPPER

    Longmont, CO
    @Reflexion beat me for $42 for a vapman. I sent it as a paypal gift. A mistake I won't make again. May vas destroy all of your vapes in a timely karma manner!!:tup:
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2016
  13. Crohnie

    Crohnie Crohn's Warrior

    Northwest Colorado
    I recently placed a classified ad looking to buy an elevape 2.o. I got a response from EVIL55 saying that he had a used elevape 2.0 he could sell me.

    Evil55 "I have an Elevape 2.0 I received in a trade package..."

    I got the package today and when the app wouldn't synch up with my MacBook, I called the company and they informed me I had an elevape 1.0.

    When I contacted EVIL55, here's the response I got:

    "no, you were never deceived...you saw pictures man...I don't appreciate being pushed around by some loud mouth jackass who doesn't know what the fuck they're ordering!...idiot

    This is in spite of the fact that I specifically advertised for a 2.0 and he specifically told me it was a 2.0

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  14. EVlL 55

    EVlL 55 Well-Known Member

    "Man o man....I think your looking for the pen version....I'm so sorry,..I thought this was the only one....lol"

    ...is what I told this member initially...they replied with:

    "The one in your picture is the vape I'm lookingfor. They have a pen, too...I think. $100 soundsgood."

    I stated clearly it's not a v2...but was told,...by this members OWN EYES that it's the vape they were looking for.

    There's absolutely nothing I can do for this person's stupidity and bruised ego...the fact they agreed after seeing pics...then pull this with negative feedback speaks volumes in stupidity....the fact that I'm having to explain myself,...and that this member actually posted it is way beyond me...

    Mod note: While a response is within the rules, name calling is not. Warning point issued.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 19, 2016
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  15. momofthegoons

    momofthegoons vapor accessory addict

    I have just deleted 11 posts that were discussions of the feedback and response made by Crohnie and EVIL55. May I remind everyone that this is a classified feedback thread and not a discussion thread. A feedback and one response is allowed. Should there be a matter where a resolution may occur, the resolution may also be posted.

    May I also remind members that the contents of private emails and pm's are not to be posted without consent of both parties.

    And... when you see a problem on the forum, PLEASE do not respond. Hit the report button and let us do the dirty work.
  16. Crohnie

    Crohnie Crohn's Warrior

    Northwest Colorado
    I sent back the Elevape Vaporizer today that I purchased from EVIL55 . He refunded my PAYPAL Account promptly. I consider this matter resolved.
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  17. Whissmu

    Whissmu Well-Known Member

    Buy from: @subway13029
    Article: Vapman
    Cost: $ 60
    PayPal payment
    Date: 29/01/19 when the payment was received
    Link: http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/vapman.23342/

    My premiere in the FC Classifieds has been a horror :(

    After 14 days after sending my money the user @subway13029 continues giving me excuses and promises for the next day to be sent ... the days pass and the user @subway13029 still does not return my money, not send me the vapman nor give me a concrete answer, Insults me! :/ calling me crazy for wanting to recover my money or vapman without further delays or excuses and reached the 20 days the user @subway13029 ignores my messages.
    All messages made with this user were MP from here, administrators or sup from FC can check that I do not lie. User @subway13029 calling itself a respectable user but I would not advise here or outside FC to do any kind of business with @subway13029 in the future.

    Open dispute in paypal to see if I get to good term... :S
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  18. subway13029

    subway13029 Well-Known Member

    i honestly am not gonna reply to this more than once. this guy or whoever he is a flat liar..i have sold many things on here with no issue and i admittedly was taking a little extra time but as i was gonna send he said he didnt want anymore and i never stopped contacting him and he opened a paypal case against me?? are you kidding?? he was being very hotheaded and super impatient but oh well..i know where my heart is..and i know my word is gold..and also can understand being upset over taking time but it was to another country and was a little more difficult than i was used to with understanding what was a city and province and all that with his address and can check that in our messages..but as i said this is just back and forth..i never quit answering nessages until yesterday when i got my paypal froze??live and learn..and nobody on this site can say i ever took their money and didnt send a perfect item..maybe took a week or two but it got there with perfect working order.
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  19. momofthegoons

    momofthegoons vapor accessory addict

    @Whissmu and @subway13029 I have just deleted the last two posts. May I remind you that this is a classified feedback thread and not a discussion thread. A feedback and one response is allowed. Should there be a matter where a resolution may occur, the resolution may also be posted.
  20. Justpassedu

    Justpassedu Well-Known Member

    Longisland , NewYork
    @mmafighterthe25 just a heads up to the forum to be careful doing any business with this member. I was told via pm that I would receive a payment on a certain date for my cloud Evo , well I boxed it all up and had it ready to ship. I never received a payment , when I messaged the member back they would not respond but were currently active posting on the Evo thread . I see the member has got a new Evo now which is fine but please don't waste members time . At least have the decency to tell the seller you'd like to back out instead of not answering and having them waste there time cleaning and packaging up there item. I was only trying to help you as you made a Want add for a Evo , I learned my lesson .
  21. Vape Dr.

    Vape Dr. Well-Known Member

    I sent @$unnyblaq a brand new Haze and accessories on March 9th 2016 (yes, over a year ago) and am still awaiting payment for it....

    He dropped all communications after he received it.

    Please be careful if you decide to deal with this individual.
  22. Zow237

    Zow237 Well-Known Member

    Hello all! I recently made a deal wth @Cnova203. Original deal was my evo for his fw4 and a 100 bux. He asked me if I were able to let him send cash on Wednesday shipping Monday. i said that was fine. Then Wednesday rolls around and he had received the evo. I didn't get any cash and now fw4, which the fw came a lil later due to the batteries. But of course on Wednesday No payment was sent. He said "my check needs to clear" a couple days go by, and nothing then he says he was set back by a car expense or something and couldn't pay. Then he says he can give me 50 and then the 50 in the next few days. By this point I wanted to just resend him his fw4 and get my evo back. So he sends 50 a couple days later and now I've been waiting for almost a month now for 50 bux. Please be careful when dealing with this person. Get what you ask for up front and don't mess around. Last time I give somebody the benefit of doubt. It's pretty easy to make this right. Just pay up. Just tells me when he gets paid. Haha ok
  23. pxl_jockey

    pxl_jockey Barely-Known Member

    Watch out when dealing w/ @enjiatt on classifieds here. He's the
    Sad day....selling all vape gear, e-Nano, arizer air, D020, dh gate FC-186
    He's getting out of vaping I guess, and still has 3 items for sale, which is why I'm writing this.

    Let me be clear: I had no problem with his communication, the transaction or shipping. Here are my problems:

    The stainless interior that houses the heater was filthy with ABV crumbs/dust. I warmed it and scrubbed with ISO and still had brown spots which indicates a lack of regular cleaning. He said he had gotten it from a well-respected member so I guess he never cleaned it.

    It came w/2 gongs, same story. Just coated with the brown stuff and the screens were clogged and black.

    AND HE SENT THIS TO TEXAS! What a dipshit...

    I know we all have different standards but the classified rules do say that seller should clean items thoroughly before shipping. I'm guessing as @enjiatt is leaving vaping/FC he doesn't care about any of us buying his stuff or his reputation here. Whatever... Deed is done, I cleaned the stuff & I'm happy.

    BUT if you're in an unfriendly state, just know there is risk involved dealing with this dude.
  24. Zow237

    Zow237 Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to update. It's October now and I still haven't received 50 bux that was agreed upon with a trade. @Cnova203 . save yourself some time and don't deal with this guy. He basically told me today he's not giving me the money
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2017
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  25. namasteIII

    namasteIII Well-Known Member

    Real sad to be posting here.

    User @carlosod has taken my money, but has not shipped my item.

    I Posted an ad for an Omnivap XL around two weeks ago. Carlos, the user mention above, sent me a message saying he had one to sell. We texted, and agreed on a price. I sent him the money, and I'll admit this is my bad. I did not use PayPal but Zelle a bank service. Meaning I just put money right in his bank. I was overly trusting because I really did not think a fellow forum member and vape nerd was working to scam me. Sad to say, I was dead wrong. Later in the day he sent me a tracking number. It said pre-shipment. And it has ever since. Basically he made a label but never even gave the package to the post office.

    Any phone contact has stoped. I believe he has blocked my phone number.

    Truly disheartening to see such dishonesty in our midst.

    As it stands I'm out some cash and without vapcap.

    I plan to contact my bank as well as his. Likewise If the banks fail, I can file police report and one here as well. https://www.ic3.gov/faq/default.aspx

    Two things to take away here, Firstly. I strongly recommend you never attempt business with this user, he can not be trusted. Second, Always, Always, Always use PayPal. If the 4 dollar fee meant I would be vapcaping right now instead of waiting on hold with banks and filing police reports, well I would pay 8.

    Lastly if anyone has advice for me, Please please I would love to hear it. PM welcome as well, if you prefer.

    I wish I did not have to be posting here. Good day all, apart from you Carlos, I am truly disappointed in your lack of respect and character.
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