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Negative Feedback

Discussion in 'Tips and Feedback' started by vtac, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. vtac

    vtac vapor junkie Staff Member

    FC R&D
    Hopefully this thread won't see much activity. Please remember that all forum rules are in effect. Flaming will not be tolerated.

    The old feeback thread can be found here.

    Edit: Thread Rules.
  2. stinac

    stinac Well-Known Member


    Two weeks ago here was post from VapeXhaleCloudIsLEGENDARY about selling Mobius Stereo Matrix (cant find that thread).
    I sent him PM and we make deal later via email. I paid with PayPal 520$ tor glass, case and shipping.
    Look what I got today


    Box that I received was light as feather, can that be proof that he didn't sent right one, and there wasn't case in it too.
    He sent me pictures of matrix and case in inbox.
    It was my last money, and I borrowed some for that peace, please what can I do now?
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  3. vtac

    vtac vapor junkie Staff Member

    FC R&D
  4. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    I do hope he does the right thing, and fix this. I recognize that bong he sent you, as the one on the right here.
    Both bongs sold at a local head shop for $34.
  5. 559stonerr

    559stonerr Well-Known Member

    Ten days ago i made a deal with Vapevoice. A straight up trade for my pax for his Glassblowers FC bubbler. I sent my pax Dec 15th and due to complications he sent his december 20th. He told me nothing was wrong at all with the bubbler. I received the bubbler broken on christmas eve. it was broken specificallyy where the mouthpiece connects to. It seemed to be shipped well with lots of peanuts and bubble wrap. Only a small dent on side of shipping box.Also he neglected to even send me the mouthpiece. My last classified transaction was with Vapevoice and it was an extremely easy and fast process, i dont know what happened this time...Now im paxless and with a broken bub w/ no mouthpiece

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  6. VapeVoice

    VapeVoice Well-Known Member

    Just to the left of normal.
    Whoa! There was nothing wrong with that bubbler when it was sent. The mouthpiece was missed by my wife when she packed the box. Simple to fix but, I moved and my things just arrived via the movers today. Your negative post is unwarranted and unappreciated. I have done multiple trades here and never had an issue. The box had insurance on it and you can put in a claim with USPS. The mouthpiece will be mailed the moment it is unpacked. I am sorry for your misfortune, but the bubbler was spotless when it left here and she packed it bomb proof.
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  7. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v3.17 (ticking) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    I just deleted 25 posts from this thread. The purpose of this thread is to make other FC members aware of a bad experience in the Classifieds. It is not for problem resolution or general discussion. Unfortunately, the link in the opening post to the old thread where this was spelled out got broken. (It's fixed now.)

    From this point on, the rules are:
    • This thread is for transaction feedback posts only! It is not a discussion thread. If you don't have a bad transaction to report, don't post!
    • The only exception is that the reported party can make one post to respond. All other interactions must be taken elsewhere.
    Edit: Wait time reduced to 14 days. 2014/11/28
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2014
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  8. Sonics420

    Sonics420 Well-Known Member

    Buyer: Curiousone
    Item: eds blkwood stem for solo
    Cost: 25 shipped
    Payment: 2 weeks
    Shipped: 3 29 13
    Rating: 1/5
    Comments: I sent him the item and he claims to never received it. I think he did, I shipped it via UPS postage and never had a problem before. Seller may be taking advantage cause I didnt provide tracking.
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  9. Curiousone

    Curiousone Well-Known Member

    Just this statement alone shows he is not being truthful. He did not use UPS according to his own words. He used USPS supposedly, in a regular envelope with 3 stamps. Quite negligent considering the contents. Two weeks later I have not received the item and he still has my money. Yet I'm the scammer? Please be careful when dealing with him.
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  10. Dr. Plutonious

    Dr. Plutonious Well-Known Member

    Ugh, I hate to do this but I feel I have no choice at this point:

    Trade with: @exit

    Item: Her Jet Water Pipe for my SSV

    Payment: Straight trade

    Shipping: I shipped to her on December 18, 2013.

    Rating: 1/5

    Comments: I'll explain the entire story since there were faults originally on my side. The communications for this trade started in late November. I was in finals and my friend was in possession of my vape. I didn't get the vape shipped off until December 18th, but I did get it shipped off then and provided a tracking number for exit to follow. I confirmed with her personally that it had arrived.

    When this item was supposedly first shipped, there was an error on my part. I was having the item shipped to my friend in the US since I'm in Canada. I provided the wrong zip code and apparently the itme was returned for re-sending. Exit said I would be provided with a tracking number this time so I could follow it.

    It has been a month since the zip code correction has happened. There have been no signs of the Jet. I was never provided with a tracking number, so there is very little I can do to even monitor it. As of now, the JET is still MIA and I have next to no ability to do anything about this. Furthermore, Exit has not responded to the numerous PMs I've been sending over the last 3 weeks. Absolute silent treatment despite other posts around this site.

    Update (8/16/14): The Jet finally showed up. Have yet to try it out but it has shown up.
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  11. Jambi619

    Jambi619 New Guy

    Before I start, I'd like to say that I was ultimately able to resolve the issue with this seller, but it did take over a month of headaches.

    Seller: Mrmrmrmr

    I had purchased a SSV from this seller and the next day he said he had a family emergency and couldn't ship. Throughout the rest of the week, he made repeated promises to ship, but never did. The fourth time, I didn't hear back from him the day he said he was supposed to send it, and when I messaged him about it the next day, I didn't get a response within 24 hours.

    A week had gone by since I sent him the payment, so I went to PayPal with a dispute. He immediately contacted me on my personal email and told me he'd ship as soon as I dropped the dispute. Once dropped, a dispute can't be reopened, so he could've just not sent the package and I'd have no mode of recourse, so I didn't.

    He continued asking me to drop the claim and essentially tried hustling me. He waited till the last minute to respond to the dispute, which had been escalated to a claim, generating a shipping label for PayPal, but still didn't ship anything for weeks. I'd already gotten another SSV by this point and just wanted my money back.

    After some more waiting and bickering, we finally reached a compromise. Again, he tried to get me to cancel the claim before he shipped, and I essentially had to lie and say I'd drop it once I saw activity on the tracking number. I instead opted to wait until I received the package and verified it's contents, which were as described.

    I'm satisfied with the item I received, but completely dissatisfied with what I had to go through to get it.
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  12. Mrmrmrmr

    Mrmrmrmr Well-Known Member

    Just saw this post above so I would like to respond.
    Shortly after Jambi sent me the money for the ssv my father had some life threatening medical issues that I won't get into to but as I said this was life and death. I am the sole caretaker of him and that took up much of my time. I do admit I could of have handled this better however I was extremely stressed out and dealing with many different obstacles thrown at me including financial problems. I was away from all Internet for several days and was unable to contact the buyer. I got no notice of a claim being filed and had I gotten one would have tried my hardest to resolve all problems. We worked out a deal and I shipped out the trade we decided on. I was in no way trying to "hustle" anyone as that is in no way who I am. The buyer has taken several things out of context and made me out to be the bad guy. I'd like to say that my dad is much more important to me then making a sale. Again I regret handling it the way I did , simply put family always comes first and I put everything else in my life at that time on hold to care for him.
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  13. bellas

    bellas Well-Known Member

    This is my last and final hope to get some fair and honest help.
    Member 420democrat
    He sold me an Indica that he stated he bought at the Denver Show. He sold it to me stating that the warranty would be honored by the company. When I received the unit it would not heat up. I contacted him I wanted to return it or exchange it for a working unit. He told me
    "You have the unit and a warranty paper nothing shady about contacting, the warranty is in your vaporization guide and a model number under the usb."
    I explained to 420democrat that it did not sound honest and I wasn't sure they would honor the warranty.
    I asked him to send me his original receipt then I will contact the company. I stated that if you do not have that than you are not being honest about any of this. You said you had 3 of these units so switch this out with a working one. I don't want my money. I just want a working vape."
    I have had to file a complaint with Paypal. I recieved this from 420democrat today:
    " I certainly did contact paypal and provided our conversations, insured mailing reciepts and a reciept of my unit to ensure the claim will end in my favor. Your who took it upon yourself to escalate the situation when from the beginning I insisted if your unit was not functioning to use what you had at hand for a replacement and if that route didn't work I would assist you. I've been nothing but fair the whole time. There was a very simple solution from the beginning that you didn't want to do and now find yourself doing it anyways."
    Well I have emailed Indica and asked them to make a statement on F.C to help clear up what the company standard is.
    Hopefully this will convince 420democrat to do the right thing.
  14. KidFated.

    KidFated. Watch your pawking metaws.

    @420democrat Has gone missing after agreeing to a trade, my dbv for his mflb+pa.
    He agreed to send the same day I did or the day after and never did, kept making excuse afte excuse. He received the dbv no problem and he confirmed that. He's been missing since.

    I've done plenty of transactions in the classifieds here, all flawless until this kid. Beware who you're dealing with if planning a trade
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  15. Mrmrmrmr

    Mrmrmrmr Well-Known Member

    I don't like coming to this section of FC but this post must be written.
    Member: @bigmarv999
    He originally messaged me informing me that he had a brand new vapexnail for sale. We agreed on $25 and I sent him the money via PayPal. Unfortunately I assumed he was of good faith like so many people here are and sent him the money under friends and family instead of goods and services. He replied saying it would be shipped the next day. The next evening I messaged him asking for the tracking number.
    No reply..
    Waited several days before messaging him again.
    No reply..
    Waited a week and messaged him again.
    No reply..
    Several more attempts were made on my part to get in contact with him. I finally called paypal and started the process to reverse my payment. Less than a week later I received my refund.didn't appreciate the lack of contact for this member and I warn others before dealing with him.
  16. exit

    exit Spectral Analysis results below.

    I did not post earlier because I felt it would be more appropriate to keep the matter private between @Dr. Plutonious and I, but it is clear that my lack of public response is not appreciated so I would like to address this.

    I admit I did not go about this trade very well. I dropped communication with him for a while, however most of this was spent on a long period of time where I was dealing with family issues and probably did not log onto the site once for 4+ months. Not that this is an excuse for how I did this at all, and it is nobody here's business why or what happened, but i am being open about the reality of the situation.

    The problem is after the initial shipment came back, I did not deal with it quickly as I should have, however I remade another shipping label on 2/14/14 I believe and that is when I shipped it again.

    From then I dropped off the package at the drop off center so I did not have a receipt for proof and assumed it would show up at Dr Plut's friends house, he would have the item and we would be settled.

    For whatever reason usps lost the package, had it keep going back in a loop in the wrong state for delivery, finally the package was delivered to Dr Plut's friend's house in the middle of July.

    Since Dr Plut said he had not received the package I was skeptical however the tracking showed no progress at all until sometime July when it suddenly started updating in the wrong state. The tracking said it had been delivered but until the update on 8/16 where Dr Plut finally got the package, there was a couple weeks where I was worried about speaking about it since the package had been marked delivered but it was apparently not there.

    If I had not messed up shipping the first time, and not taken too long to ship it the 2nd time, and USPS had not lost it, and it was being sent to Dr Plut instead of his friend's apartment building, I think the transaction would have gone smoother, but I am regretful it came to this.

    I hope this post brings some satisfaction to everyone who has been hurt by this ordeal as well as those criticizing my lack of response.

    I have had trades, sales and purchases go well since this happened on the forum and I hope the bad one between Dr Plut and I can serve more for a learning experience on "how to avoid a trade going bad" instead of one that leaves a negative mark on the trading community here.

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  17. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    It does not sound like @bellas or @KidFated. have encountered the ideal party to do business with.

    I obtained the mailing address from the DBV that was sent to @420democrat and sent a return receipt letter, explaining how things work.
    It was signed by another party, but it was received.
    I have edited my last portion of this entry.
    Hopefully @bellas will find resolution.
    I got response, and @KidFated. situation seems to be resolved.
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  18. biohacker

    biohacker Upgrade Yourself.

    It literally makes me nauseous having to write this, but it must be stated, especially since the member presently has another classified ad up for glass. I am still in disbelief especially from a veteran member.

    Purchase from: @mvapes
    Item: Swagger LE HT
    Cost: $160 USD inc. shipping ($180 CDN)
    Payment: Paypal (instant)
    Courier: FedEx
    Date: Aug 31/14-Oct 1/14 (resolved)

    Was told it was going to be shipped bombproof...it arrived broken in half wrapped in a thin sheet of bubble wrap corner to corner in a rectangular box, with tiny chicken scratch writing "fragile" in 2 spots in black marker. There was no question it would not survive the trip from Florida to Canada. Member stated that FedEx packaged it for him and assured me that "I wouldn't get screwed" and especially since i'm a friend of @lazylathe he promised to refund my money or buy me a hydra tube and ship it to me as long as I waited a week. I thought this was odd because I didn't know why he couldn't just refund the payment I just sent (only took couple days shipping time), but since he sounded genuine I figured I could be patient. He did raise an eyebrow when he starting strongly bitching about shipping to Canada, and how it was fine at customs, and how again he never should have ever shipped to Canada.

    On the day he promised the refund I stayed patient but then emailed him the following day just to remind, no reply...further emails the following 2 days (getting heat from the wife at this point!), no response....ok whatever, shit happens, people get busy, life gets in the way and people just simply forget, especially if it means paying up. I sent him a PM on here and no response either.

    Okay, this is why I use PayPal! Started up the dispute....sent back the broken glass (lost $26 shipping) which wasn't even in as mint condition as described, and there was no response on his end and I was just awarded the dispute today and got all my money back minus return shipping. Now I just need to process a $15 refund on the taxes from the border/fedex BS. I just assumed he would use USPS, but whatever i'm getting the money back.

    This member has another glass piece up around the same time period of Aug 31st, and I would never even think about doing business with him again. Fine shit happens, glass breaks, but to make a promise and then just go silent like that for a few bucks? WTF is this world coming to?

    Anyways, I just want to reiterate that every single word here is the truth, and I have @lazylathe to back me up because I kept him posted on the entire process over the past month. I was so disappointed when it arrived busted, but more so just because it didn't have to happen! Whoever really did pack that Swagger should be taught an important lesson about precious non-fucking-replaceable glass items.

    Again, always use paypal! This could have been so much worse. Hope this helps prevent the same thing from happening again. Cheers folks.
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  19. mvapes

    mvapes Surrounded by the healthy!

    On Shakey Ground
    Purchase to: @biohacker
    Item: Swagger LE HT
    Cost: $160 USD inc. shipping ($180 CDN)
    Payment: Paypal (instant)

    I wasn't going to write this. I've never had anything but positive feedback and most of the members here know me for years.

    The truth is that I never wanted to sell the piece to @biohacker. The ad clearly stated conus only but after asking numerous times and using @lazylathe as a reference I decided to take a chance shipping to Canada.

    After taking 160 for a one off early bird swagger HT I asked for shipping fees and was told to ship it the least expensive way possible. I chose to bite the bullet and paid for Fedex.

    Next the item is received broken. I offered to replace it with a 65t, a jedeye recycler, and even the option of purchasing one from Swagger and having it shipped direct to the buyer. I was refused and told "nah, im not going to get any glass now, rather the cash" yet he had an ad in the classifieds looking to purchase an HT.

    I only stopped communication with him because at that point I was told by Paypal to only correspond through them. I contacted Fedex and they told me they would investigate but according to records it was fine when it got to customs.

    I do apologize for the packing as this one time I had it packed by Fedex but he got his money back. I chose not to fight it on PayPal as I just wanted this to end.

    I've sold dozens of items and ALWAYS get a positive review. In addition, contrary to biohacker's claim, the item was in mint condition prior to shipment. And, if the item was broken in the manner he said, how would he have been able to determine the condition at all?

    Please understand this was an isolated incident selling to a member that I never should have.
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  20. Raskin666

    Raskin666 Doom Walrus

    Update: RESOLVED
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2014
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  21. exit

    exit Spectral Analysis results below.

    An unfortunate situation with a lost trade package has been rectified. I had Raskin666 name a price to make up for my missing package, and I paid it plus paypal fees without hesitation and was more than happy to do so, although very embarrased.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2014

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