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Need some help Da Buddha / vaporbong users

Discussion in 'ABV' started by xEsoteric92, Jun 1, 2014.

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  1. xEsoteric92

    xEsoteric92 Well-Known Member

    hey whats up, been reading the forum for quite some time, not too big on making accounts but decided to say screw it. Anyway last night I broke my beaker bong I had for quite some time, it was a perfect fit since it had a 14mm downstem which fit perfect with my Buddha, as far as enjoyment I prefer the temp a bit higher with the water simply to help it be smoother as I have a bad habit smoking cigs and a bad cough.
    Most of you are most likely scratching your head but yeah being from norcal I always feel the best enjoyment is off the vaporizer with good cannabis, especially being in an apartment and someone who appreciates great potent taste. Well I tend to ramble sometimes but I need to find an affordable bong that would be a great fit for my buddha, I read and skimmed briefly seeing some pieces around 30-40 bucks that looked more like oil rigs saying they were compatible? I am trying to spend around 100 and even then I dont really want to.. I just cant stand the hose after I discovered vapor+bong combo, something decent to carry in a backpack would be cool also. I dont wanna go too pricey but not too cheap either, better to get something I'd appreciate that has multi function, anyway appreciated whoever could put me in the right direction. I know there are people who blog online and have certain promo codes which isnt really the issue, its just finding the best deal, best glass for the price, with it being a great fit with my favorite vape.

    I also was curious if anyone had a vapexhale and also had a buddha with a bong the hose fit in perfectly ; any comparison? Havent seen anyone talk about the two
  2. max

    max Out to lunch

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