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Need a better grinder for vaping..

Discussion in 'ABV' started by spincut, Jul 13, 2014.

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  1. spincut

    spincut Active Member

    Currently I have a 4 piece (black titanium) space case. I figured I was getting the best of the best, but due to how it works, and all the holes on top, it just can't do a fine grind the way I like it. Holding it upside down was a makeshift solution at best, and replacing it with a two piece would have made the 4 piece kind of a waste of money (plus the idea that it would still be nice to collect kief).

    My initial solution was to buy the Magic Flight finishing grinder. Despite not owning a launch box, the finishing grinder seemed like a neat unique grinder to further grind what dropped through my 4 piece. So far, it certainly "works", but the thing is so tiny that it just turns into a hassle and half, leading to many trips from my 4 piece to this dinky cheese grater thing to get amount I need.

    So I'm back to the drawing board. Aside from just straight up rocking a two piece again, is there any other way to get the grind I want? Seems like there aren't really any 4 piecers out there that really can?

    Also though about a two piece + a kief box, but I don't really know anything about kief boxes..
  2. rayski

    rayski Well-Known Member

    An electric grinder might work for you. They can give you a finer grind with a lot less work.
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  3. biohacker

    biohacker fully melted

    I've tried practically every grinder out there including Space Case, Santa Cruz, 2 piece, 4 piece, you name it, and I always keep going back to my black&decker SmartGrind. The only time I can see myself using my 2 piece is when I can't make any noise. lol
  4. max

    max Out to lunch

    Pretty much any 2 pc. that's 2" or larger is easy to use and will grind fine as long as the teeth have at least a diamond shape. You just keep grinding. I never use a 4 pc. unless the bud is dry and the kief is going to separate in quantity.

    Grinder questions should be posted in the herb grinder thread.
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