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Nausea: The Monster

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by Vitolo, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. Reflections

    Reflections Well-Known Member

    wine country , california
    Well i just found this forum today and read all 10 pages, and my support and love is here for you all. Vitolo you are an amazing man, suffering but here to help all. Quetzalcoatl I'm glad you are back home and have loved ones to help you through rough times. T-dub, Vicki, and Tweek im sorry to hear that you also have stomach problems <nausea>. I realize that alot of you are on medications for other problems and that in it self can be what is causing the un-balance of the complex digestive system.

    I too suffer from stomach issues they have labeled as IBS. I have tried many medications tossed at me from Drs...that perhaps masked the problem for awhile. I stopped smoking cigarettes <i just vape ecigs now,,shhh dont tell lol> drinking..all the bad habits they tell you to stop, but that didnt help. Ive had all those tests..down the throat and up the ass ones. They did find i had Helicobacter pylori. Alot carry it and never have a problem, others do. I was treated for it with antibiotics and that made the problem worse. I was still on meds for a few years after that and got tired of taking the pills . My health dwindled and i lost alot of weight. I couldnt eat 1 bite of food without having severe pain. I got tired of the pills and searched for other ways of healing. I tried alot of methods including hyrdrogen peroxide ingestion <food grade>.The best thing that helped me was to stop all dairy..sugars...less glutens... take a good probiotic daily..balance my soluable fiber and unsoluable fiber foods <for proper ph balances>. Stop drinking coffee cause it has to much acids in it..sighs i love coffee, a green drink shake in mornings and manuka honey,along with vaping I'm beginning to feel alot better... I hope this stays on course...I realize what works for one doesnt mean helps all..My mother died from chrons disease at age 39..they told her she had a vitamin B deficiency. So i freaked out when i started having tummy issues. Diet does play an important role on how you feel,also less stress. Hugs to all!!
  2. t-dub

    t-dub Vapor Sloth

    I like the sound of where you are going, welcome @Reflections, and thanks :)
  3. Quetzalcoatl

    Quetzalcoatl 200% THC

    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    Last night, I was sitting on the throne doing my business, got up to get in the shower, and fucking passed out. Watched myself fall over in slow motion, right into the ground. I don't really remember how long I was on the floor, but I got up and sat down for a while just listening to the water splashing. Bloody nose, I'm glad I didn't chip my teeth or break my neck. That was terrifying. I got a really delayed headrush from sitting down, I couldn't see for 5 minutes. :cry:
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  4. Reflections

    Reflections Well-Known Member

    wine country , california
    Big hugs Quetzalcoatl...I'm glad you are ok..thank goodness you werent in the shower when this happened.. I wonder what made you pass out? Tired? Low blood sugar? Nose bleeds could come from high BP..also a male friend of mine had been passing out too and turns out his thyroid was all out of whack..just a few ideas that can cause a person to pass out...another thing to mention to your Dr...sending you wellness vibes!
  5. momofthegoons

    momofthegoons vapor accessory addict Staff Member

    We had a friend have a similar incident last winter. We actually had to call 911. In his situation, it was a combination of exhaustion and dehydration. Since he was a heart patient, we were freaked.

    I would suggest you go in and get checked out. Episodes like this can be caused by many things. Best to be safe.

    All the best.
  6. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Glad your still here, Quetzal...
    Stay well.
    Do talk to MD about this, please.
  7. Vicki

    Vicki Herbal Alchemist

    Milky Way Galaxy
    Damn man! I hope you are ok! Please go see a doctor!

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    Quetzalman really hope all is well with you today and this was "just a thing".
  9. VaporsVaporizer

    VaporsVaporizer Well-Known Member

    Hope you're feeling better Q :tup:
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  10. Quetzalcoatl

    Quetzalcoatl 200% THC

    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    Thanks all. I'm taking Cymbalta for the chronic pain, it does seem to be working for me. One of the side effects is getting dizzy if you get up too fast from a sitting position. I've had it before but usually just a head rush, never that bad before. I just need to be more careful with myself.
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  11. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    REVERSE REDINTEGRATION (Island of Safety Therapy)
    Redintegration can be very simply described as the process wherein a stimulus upon a sense.. visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory triggers a series of memories from your past.

    Smell is the strongest aid in this process.
    I have developed one strategy (I have many) to aid me in arriving at a mental "Island of Safety".
    A place where the Monster might can not find me for a time.
    I reverse the process, my goal being going to a place in time when I distinctly know I was not sick.
    By carefully remembering what you can about a smell you smelled in your past when you were happy and well...
    and using the skills you have learned in mixing essential oils to achieve various effects..
    ...try to create that essence. One must be delicate to not take themselves in another direction.. "get off track", in a manner of speaking.scents are added in tiny increments.

    As you approach the scent you want, you realize you feel better.

    You have engaged portions of the brain that disallow other parts of your brain from letting the Nausea climb.

    I remember sitting in a place and eating a kumquat. I felt great.. I was young, and healthy...

    1-A drop of essential oil pine
    2-a drop of ginger essential oil..
    4-tangerine (4 drops)

    ........"I am almost there", my inner voice hears itself speak.

    It is.. it is like a kumquat, and I feel as I did then.
    The Monster has passed by without noticing me.
    I breath deeply of the scent that took me to this zone of immunity.
    My eyes fill with tears.. so full, they flow down my cheeks...
    But, I am smiling through these tears.

    Fuckin' Monster is gone, and he never even saw me!

    I am blessed~
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2013
  12. t-dub

    t-dub Vapor Sloth

    As are those of us who know you . . . :)
  13. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Thanks buddy, I feel the same about you.
    I would like to add one more thought about smells that can help fight Nausea:

    Mixing Oils in a Pleasing Manner
    On occasion, we mix oils, and we create nightmares.
    Nightmares make Nausea worse
    I do not for the life of me know what prompted me to put pennyroyal oil into the lavender oil.
    What is worse... I do not know who the heck I thought I was when I thought I could repair the damage with something sweet, like YlangYlang petal oil.:disgust:

    If you simply resist temptation to mix oils by logic, and let your nose guide you you would do well.
    Point in case was this mornings small trouble with Nausea.
    I was far gone, and needed a smell that would let me breath and fast.

    I thought of wooded area and a breeze........

    I dropped three drops of Clary Sage on the dish, and let my mind flow into the scent.

    I allowed the smell to become real to me, and let my mind wander, and my eyes (minds eye) looked around...
    Wild spearmint was at the base of a fallen log.

    I added 1 light drop of spearmint.

    My mind took delight in this treat... BUT... what was that log?
    I looked up to see a wild lemon tree..

    I added 2 drops of Essential Oil of lemon.

    My wife (she is a Ninja.. and appears at will) walks in and I do not see her.. my eyes are closed as I study the scent in the air.
    In my vision I am in the wooded area, and I see my wife walk toward me as in a slow motion romantic film...
    It is as though I can smell her, and then in real time, in real life, her kiss lands upon my cheek, and my eyes open.
    I look into Patty's eyes, and I inhale deeply.. her scent is part of the therapy now.
    What you find pleasing in your mind... things that you find that go together as you breath easily and do not force it.. will please you if you approach the scents with a light hand.

    At this moment I smile, and thank the Universe, and all of it's concomitant Co-workers and Founders for yet another blessed moment out of the reach of Nausea: The Monster
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  14. ataxian

    ataxian California

    I wake up with NAUSEA almost every day!
    It sucks and the only thing that helps is a FROSTY FLOWER of CANNABIS.
    Calms me right down?
    My wife who has never tried cannabis is amazed how TUMS and ROLAIDS are a Joke compared to the effectiveness of CANNABIS.

    Can't wait to put this in my medicine cabinet!
    4 more weeks!
    Heavy Situation!

    When I was still working I had the same experience one night in my hotel room.
    Only I split my forehead open for 8 snitches. No Scare luckily!

    Hope you recover OK!
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  15. ataxian

    ataxian California

    Last edited: Oct 7, 2013
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  16. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    This is a "Vaporizer Review Forum"
    A Vapor Forum...
    Heated essential Oils form Vapor.
    This is why aromatherapy fits so well in a discussion of both medical issues and vapor.
    Here we speak of Nausea.
    we sympathize with one another and we feel close enough to vent.... and share our dark journeys.
    In my last posts I concentrated on aromatherapy, because "that is where I was at".
    It was what saved me on those days.
    I have another reason for feeling good today, that involves our OTHER passion...
    the meds that we put into our vaporizers. :nod:

    In the mornings, I forget to vape.
    I wake up before Patty, and I linger near her for a time.. then I get up to begin the routine...
    dogs, birds etc.
    Patty is always smart enough the night before to remind me to get some meds ready, and I always acknowledge, but compliance occasionally falls through the cracks.
    For a couple of weeks now I have been down to 2 strains for my main medication and one wax.
    Sour D wax...
    and Sour D and Acapulco Gold for flowers.
    While we all love the smells of these strains, and the exotic flavors they produce, they are harsh essences.. all. None are flowery or perfume-like.
    Today I feel well.
    Monster forgot my address today!
    I complied with Patty's instruction to grind last night....
    and I did not dawdle this morning.
    How does a TBI victim remember to wake and vape 1st thing in the morning?
    Last night I became happy owner of small samples of
    the following strains
    U2 Kush, Purple Kush, BlackBerry Kush, and Purple Train Wreck
    Bad ass weed.
    Each a fruity or flowery bud.
    When Patty said it was time to grind.. I wasted no time, making a small "nug" of each strain into
    a neat pile of usable meds.
    It was the last thing I smelled before I slept.. those 4 peanut sized nugs
    being "Santa Cruzed" in the shredder.
    I dreamt of my choices.
    I opened my eyes and went to the vape room.
    I decided Purple Kush during the night.
    I was smiling by the time Patty was awake.
    Having new strains with positive essences waiting on deck was a good
    way to remember to vape without dawdling.

    Bud that you can find perfume in while it is still a bud in the jar... entices you, as do the essences from aromatherapy.
    It was early, and I felt good.
    Patty said, "You're smiling like you feel good. Did you slay a monster"
    I could feel that my smile was big. "Yes baby. I feel good. Monster never had a chance"
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  17. luckypucky

    luckypucky Covered in Peepaws

    I've had a long 3yr Odyssey of trying to find out what is wrong with me.. I used to work in a highly stressful job at a corporation that had a very negative bullying atmosphere...so I know it prob was the shove that got the ball rolling. I've gone from GERD to Its all in your head.. To it is IBS, it's anxiety!..I've had gastric attacks that have sent me to the hospital a few times over the years (they send me home clueless to what's wrong with me). No one listens to me and I have said to my docs my general and GI doc look I know it's more then that.. I did an endoscopy and oh look mild chronic gastritis.. They gave me acid reducers (felt like they did more harm then good) liquid carafate that was supposed to help heal my gastritis(which made me even MORE nauseous taking so stopped that) and I've only gotten worse with time.. This year being the worst as I have nausea every morning and after I eat it goes away for 20mins then comes back.. Other times I have a gnawing acidic feeling I have to eat or else.. Nothing drug wise my doc has thrown at me works and even giving me anti anxiety meds I don't think is going to solve this...I've done every diet under the sun.. Fodmaps seems to be the only thing close enough to being helpful.... Well recently my GI doc says well nothing is working so we must be missing something (ya think?) as things I eat one day are fine the next day aren't fine makes it impossible to figure out what is safe.. So my doc ordered my gall bladder to be checked out.. No stones so then the functionality test was done and found my gall bladder operating at 6%.. I have to have it removed. I am going to talk to a surgeon but also get another GI opinion on the matter as maybe a fresh pair of eyes or more experience can figure out why the nausea is occurring and how to get my life back.. I was a VERY active person and the nausea beast just kills me..hard to get out of bed in the morning.. Mornings I can't eat as my stomach makes me feel ill and tells me I'm full when I am not and just is the worst in trying to function in the morning.. Vaping Herb is the only reason the last few months I have gotten some part of my life back.. It makes the nausea go away and makes me have an appetite/not afraid to eat.. I'm sorry this is long winded and prob a mess to reAd lol it's 1am where I am. It is uncertain whether the Nausea is linked to the Gallbladder issue.. Or the gallbladder not functioning is causing the gastritis (I've read it's known to) I'm hoping in removing it.. It resolves it but there's no guarantee and it's scary for no one to know what is going to help you.. Self medicating is the only way I've had my life back in a sense.. So I guess I'm sharing my story of the battling of the nausea monster.. He's pretty strong and feisty.. It's unrequited love on his part.. He loves me but I can't say I love him back.. He might be starting to get bitter about it :/ lol
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  18. Reflections

    Reflections Well-Known Member

    wine country , california
    I battled the IBS devil myself for many years. Same experiances as you @luckypucky. I do believe that elimintation of certain foods and learning how to eat soluble fiber and insoluble fiber foods is important.

    The most important thing that helped me was taking a high quality probiotic to balance the gut bacteria . Also i drink a green drink in the morning to alkalanize my stomach along with :leaf:.

    Eliminate stress, alcohol and coffee . Hope this helps.
  19. luckypucky

    luckypucky Covered in Peepaws

    Thanks Reflections, Coffee is the hardest to give up now for me.. Funny enough growing up tho I was very much a tea person..lol funny how things change as you get older. I find I can't even do that now :/ I was never really a drinker..I just had horrible stressful work environment for 5yrs which I am not in anymore but my life is still somewhat in limbo in switching to a new career and going back to college( my degree is useless where I am now no jobs) so eliminating the stress is a bit hard but hey I got a roof over my head and my family loves me. About the Fiber, my body being ok with everything is the problem.. Probiotics seem to be like popping candy in order to keep my body from going out of wack.. Florestor in morning and at night and one acidophilus middle of day. It doesn't seem to care what I put in my body.. It hates me lol I think I will shut up the monster for a bit tho with some vaping..

    Any type of herb you think works better then others in regards to GI issues?

    I'm not in a legal state and my options are limited but I figure it's good to ask these things? I've had success with Green Crack and Girl Scout Cookies.. Sour diesel makes me sleepy surprisingly and I can't have that if it's morning vaping I'm doing just to function daily.. So a good mix of Setiva/indica without sedation effects I find help me the most

    Another thing is my mother has IBS I am assuming as a result of her Gallbladder removed..it's a possible post op side effect of its removal... With the docs saying I have it I'm having trouble agreeing because I do not have the problems my mother has I don't have to run to the bathroom after eating things.. I don't match up with her tho docs say it's different for everyone.. Lol how about "I don't know" can they even say that? I'm assuming it's removed from docs vocab lol

    Sorry if I sound rant or a downer I'm just really tired of it all and want my life back without the monster glaring me in the face each morning as I know you all can understand
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2013
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  20. Reflections

    Reflections Well-Known Member

    wine country , california
    Coffee has a lot of acid in it, and I used to love coffee also. I had to switch to teas..

    My Mother had Chrons disease and I've seen the drs do to many things for her ..none which helped.
    I dont think the Drs really know how to deal with stomach issues. Everyone is different and have different symptoms.

    I got to a point where i stopped eating..everything I ate upset my stomach..not just upsets, Im talking pain. Theres different types of IBS so people have different symptoms

    Blue Dream works well with my tummy and also sour diesel

    Growing up we all ate to many processed foods...along with stress and eating meats treated with antibiotics , our systems could get out of whack!

    I got tired of going to drs and trying pills of all sorts that didnt help..getting poked n prodded on so i stopped taking their treatments..and just watched diet and took probiotics from Blue Holistic...google em..i truely believe thats what helped me the most..getting my system back in balance.. What works for some doesnt with all though...now that im back in balnce I can sip an occ coffee.
  21. ataxian

    ataxian California

    I was corporate for years. Because I was from CALIFORNIA and the stereo type look (Blue Eyed Blond Tan Surfer Boy) I was made fun of by my colleagues who were from outside of CALIFORNIA. I was a surfer since 1970. My health was incredible at one point. In my 40's I was keeping up with the young guns. However I don't exactly know when things became worse?
    My boss called me "surfer boy" and made fun of me all the time.
    I just took all the grief because I had a mortgage in CALIFORNIA near the beach so I needed the income stream. However my colleagues made fun of me because I was different. When we went to dinner I could not eat pasta or bread because it would make me sick. My colleagues said it was because: “He’s from CALIFORNIA and people are weird from there”!

    When traveling I would go to the Hospital at night with stomach cramps so bad.
    I went to doctors from the so called top hospitals. They gave me ZANTEC, PROZAC, AMBEIN C, VICODONE and even OXYCOTTON?

    When I was scheduled for my yearly trip to TAHITI with my family (everyone surfs) I wanted to make sure I could keep up with the kids so I went to a top Neurologist and in five minutes he knew what I had so he had me do a MRI of my head to conform his diagnoses.

    After he examined my MRI he told me:

    “The Bad News is you have Late on set ATAXIA (SCA) The Good News is you will not die from it however you will die with it”!

    It’s weird because my stomach would cramp up from certain foods and I would lose my ability to speak? I was a public speaker at times in my career.

    Many people with AUTO-IMMUNE diseases are benefiting from a “GLUTEN FREE DIET”.

    So I quit ingesting any food that contained GLUTEN,

    Just think GLUTEN is a water insoluble protein.

    Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner as well as Desert contains some form of GLUTEN in most diets.

    People with Big Bellies who don’t drink beer?


    I also quit all drugs the doctors prescribed me.
    Cannabis is way more natural.

    I loved ICE CREAM however it hated me!

    I quit all dairy from COWS.

    At least I can manage better now!
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  22. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    luckypucky... I am saddened over this!
    I am sorry that you suffer.
    Reflections .. cool of you to empathize.
    ataxian.. you sound like you know the sting too!
    I am going to agree with Reflections about Blue Dream... and then expound about Sour D and other strains.
    I addressed aromatherapy here, and the GRAVE importance that it has played in keeping my stomach under control... and keeping the monster at bay.
    Yes... Blue Dream has the gentle and pleasant characteristics that are uplifting enough to float you away from the beast.... It also and sometimes more valuably "smells" good. The floral essences of blue dream are pleasant.
    You feeling pleasantly about the tools you use, as well as the scent of your strain makes you enjoy the experience more... which also lifts you higher than the beast can reach.
    Bles... Purples.. (grandaddy Purp or purple pinecone to name a couple) have flowery beings that please us.
    We are exhilerated by the very fact that we have found a strain that is so beautiful when we inhale.
    Do not misunderstand. I am NOT minimizing the role of STRONG THC in controlling stomach ailments and Nausea... but a smell that we like works faster!
    Sour D has a great and FAST effect. That is for sure. It gets the monster on the run for me, but only after a hit. And with sour D it takes only a couple hits to make the beast move along. I feel like I shot the beast and made him go.
    Blue dream on the other hand has a smell that makes me start feeling better as I handle the strain...
    and the feeling I get is like I slipped on Frodo's ring.. as I am loading my vaporizer. I feel that the Beast can't see me.. I am invisible... and THEN as the Blue Dream (or other floral strain) takes effect... the beast just goes ahead, and moves on since I am not there (haha.. wearing Frodo's Ring).
    Yes... The Beast Tamer now speaks out.. bravely.
    I sound tough now....
    An hour ago, I too cowered on my knees at the toilet... hiding... crying.
    I forgot to vape.
    I woke up early and checked emails.
    Patty had me grind and leave a pile out too.
    Sorry for going on like this.
    I just had to share my feelings about the role that scent has in lifting you higher than the monster can see.....
    I also had to share about "loving your moment/being pleased with self" and how it helps.
    Owning an MMJ strain... whose scent is so traditionally true to form increases the impact of one's "moment". You feel pride, joy, amazement at self for locating such meds. This leads you to observe it, and take pride before the vape has begun.
    Once you are pleased with yourself, and your current situation... you are distracted from the nausea.
    This of course is transient, but the meds then are on their way to get you there all the way!
    Monster sucks. (Vito says from the safety of a "Purple Ledge")
    Love you guys!
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2013
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  23. luckypucky

    luckypucky Covered in Peepaws

    Awww I too know about being overwhelmed curling up in a ball and just breakin down and crying..last week I was with family in Boston suddenly over my grandmother on my moms side passing(I didn't know her well as I live in another state) the whole weekend there were HUGE gaps of no food... And when we did eat I had NO options.. I hurt, acid, nausea.. Tired... Sad feeling like I'm a burden with my issues despite they telling me I'm not.. I can't help it when it attacks! I had NO vape out of state..one night everyone was ordering food and the wait was so long without snacks I was nauseated badly and sad/frustrated by having no options or way of getting safe options with no car.. Then my uncle makes a comment that I may be carrying a little insert Boyfriends name..and I just lost it emotionally and broke down crying into the recliner with the blanket over my head.. It's all I hear and talking to people and being a woman it makes me mad people assume I am that dumb to get knocked up without a brain.. I can't help what's wrong with me... By day 3 my mom mentions to one of my uncles that what makes me feel better is herb.. He then says why didn't you say that days ago? Your aunt would have given you some.. I was like well.. I didn't know how not to feel embarrassed/worried talking about it..not legal state.. Even if I am in a legal state at that moment haha the feeling is still there! I'm a bad girl haha! I am 31 not that old but still childish feelings happen hehe in talkin about it I guess?

    I am usually smiling as I lift up my MFLB..as puff the magic dragon chases the beast away.. I'm south east US I don't know if we can get Blue Dream but sour diesel is here.. But makes me a tad sleepy.

    Thank you for your sharing with me your experience and thoughts..
  24. Enchantre

    Enchantre A short, pithy statement

    Even more green state
    luckypucky, welcome to FC! I am sorry that your gall bladder had to drag you here, but hopefully, you will, at the very least, discover that you are not alone.

    Strangely enough, I have a co-worker who just had her gb removed on Tuesday, for the same reason. Nearly the same lead up story, too, except her mother didn't have the surgery.

    Anyway, the surgery went really well, and she was able to go home that evening. I am positive yours will turn out just as well. :)
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  25. ataxian

    ataxian California

    Vitolo you are a wealth of information as well as inspirational!

    Blue Dream Smells so good and eases my stomach pains. (mornings are hard)
    Strawberry Cough is another one that works well for me. (can't find it anymore?)
    Sour D is another good one.
    GDP is the all time best before bed.

    Dutch Treat is tasty however makes me take a nap in the afternoon.
    Girl Scout Cookies is the best for me during the day. (projects)
    OG and ALIEN KUSH knocks me out! (that's all I have currently)

    Blue Dream is easy to get and I will stock up on this one!

    Thank you for the reminder!

    What a MONSTER!
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