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Music Festival Season!

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by Doug, May 10, 2014.

  1. Doug

    Doug Just passing time

    It's upon us and one of my favorite times of the year. Music festival season and outdoor concerts are abound. I'm a couple of weeks I'll be spending a long weekend under the stars with a ton of friends and great music. It'll be another great year at Summercamp Music Festival with three days of Umphrey's McGee and moe., two sets of Trey Band, Yonder Mountain String Band (without Jeff!), Primus, and a ton more I am forgetting.

    There's no place I'd rather be over Memorial day weekend. This year marks a decade of them; I'm getting old. ;)

    So, I've gotta ask, who is coming with me!? What's your summer plans?

    I know there are some Midwesterns out there. If you happen to be heading down to Chillicothe over Memorial day weekend, we need to plan a FC meetup.
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  2. djonkoman

    djonkoman Well-Known Member

    I already had my first outdoorfestival this year, paaspop(translated: easterpop, since it's on easter).
    I also have a ticket for fortarock(iron maiden, slayer and sabaton will perform there), and I will go to a small one-day festival in my old hometown,into the grave, last years that small festival was great and I will likely meet up with a lot of old friends there. this year they even have a relatively big headline, megadeth.
    I will also go to the zwarte cross, wich is partly a racing-event, and part musicfestival.
    and likely more that I don't know yet/haven't planned yet.

    btw, besides easterpop I had another kind-of-festival outdoors, 5th of may is liberation day here in the netherlands, wich is celebrated in cities across the country by turning the citycenter into a musicfestival for one day.
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  3. Newcastle

    Newcastle Stoned!

    In The Closet
    Well I am on old Greatful Dead fan/Deadhead. I have seen more than a few shows. After Jerry died I think I have seen 5 concerts. One of them was The Dead at Redrocks Colorado. Well I do miss the experience, but the concerts I go to just don't have what we had at Dead shows. It was Three and sometimes four day concerts. We would meet up with people we saw the year before or at another show in the area. So.....ya its the season. I just hope that you guys get as much fun out of your festivals as I did and STAY SAFE!

    I still miss Jerry and the good times I had at shows! :rip:
  4. Roth

    Roth Well-Known Member

    Huge festival fan here.

    Got back from Austin Psych Fest last week, AMAZING fest! Working on a review for it, will post it here when done.

    Other festivals on my radar this year are Bonnaroo (5th time going), and then Fun Fun Fun Fest in the fall.

    Enjoy Summer Camp, love me some Umph! They got the main stage this year at Bonnaroo, excited for their set. Their 4 hour late night-til-the-sun-came-up set in 2012 was awesome.
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  5. SD_haze

    SD_haze MMJ Vaporist

    San Diego, CA
    Wish I was going to Lightning in a Bottle :argh:
    Although I feel the Lucidity Festival I went to last month was probably enough, for a while.

    Anyone ever been to Camp Bisco? :ninja:

    Wow, that Summercamp lineup is one of the best I've ever seen - super jealous!!
  6. FlyingLow

    FlyingLow Team NO SLEEP!

    Video speaks for itself... 2013 was awesome, going again 2014.

    Click to play YouTube Video
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  7. KidFated.

    KidFated. We Don't Even Live Here..

    The Cold Shoulder
    Soundset 2014, what up?
  8. horst

    horst horsed


    Click to play YouTube Video


    5 Days left :rockon:

    Any Vapeheads around?
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