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Mods a cheap bulb vapes to make a e-nail...

Discussion in 'DIY' started by PPN, May 23, 2014.

  1. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    Hi Guys i already posted about my last try, I own a cheap bulb vaporizer (àla BC vape), I dismantled the stainless steel cup and put at the same place the threading of my DYD Ti-nail with the nail itself (without counterweight).

    Without any other mod I powered on and waited 5mn, I tried first a tiny dab of reclaim.....it works! after that I tried with my shatter, taste was amazing, really better than with a torch, it's definitly a low-temp dab but taste is really amazing, I take at least 3 nice hits (all tasty) from a tiny dab (where I got 1 fat and tasty rip and 2 or 3 wispy residue hits).

    My only concern is the heater itself (it is in the airpath) and the airpath (there is painted metal parts...), is it safe?

    I'm thinking to dismantled it and put it in a double bowl adaptater, i'll use it inverted, my nail sit on the male joint and is connected to the heater placed in the glass tube and closed at the female connector (perhaps I just need to screw the nail support to keep heater+nail in place in the tube) all wires and the switch will be in a little box just under the heater, I'll use the third female connector to connect to my waterpipe...

    I love my little e-nail, dabbing is completly different you have time to feel the taste, it's very smooth for my lungs and it's stressless to use, all the dabs are goods, I use a glass top petrol lamp which fit the vape as a dome, put my dab and put a hat (cause there is another air inlet) to keep the vapor betwenn hits (as a carb cap), I think if i use a big dab I can take many and many tasty hits....!

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