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Mobius 60 Penta Disc 2011

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by Bluntcrush, Jun 23, 2014.

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  1. Bluntcrush

    Bluntcrush Director of Vapor Research Labs™

    In Rainbows and Clouds
    Hi Friends!
    Livin' la vida loca over here in case some of you have not heard! At any rate it's time to dig back into the glass vault and pull out some goodies for other vapor enthusiasts! In this post we have up for sale a Mobius Penta Disc (released on 4/20 2011) :science:[​IMG]
    This tube has only been used for vapor and has been impeccably maintained throughout it's lifetime. I was the original owner as well. ;) Here is a detailed picture of the perc: [​IMG]
    Note the pentacle cut into the diffusion design! This piece delivers a truly devilish hit! :evil:

    Now onto the biz part:brow:
    I am asking $330.00 either via Paypal, or other electronic means (quickpay™ etc) In addition, I am willing to split the cost of fully insured shipping via UPS once it is determined by your destination (Shipping within USA only, please)
    It is a great piece of glass and will make anyone who enjoys scientific glass a happy camper! Serious offers only.
    Not entertaining any trades for this item.
    Thanks for looking! :wave: :leaf:
Thread Status:
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