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MJ and Headaches

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by Fremen, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Fremen

    Fremen Member

    UMass Amherst
    I was wondering what everyone else's experiences have been with marijuana and headaches. For me, I get frequent tension headaches, and very infrequent migraine headaches. For my tension headaches marijuana has almost negligible effects. For my migraine headaches though, it completely disappeared instantly.

    I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences. I have a very small sample size, so I'm not sure if it was a fluke or not, but if it is the case, I am so grateful that there is something I can do about my migraines.
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  2. Deadshort480

    Deadshort480 We're here to fuck shit up.

    The East Coast
    I suffer from some very extreme migraines at times. I've been prescribed some pretty serious narcotic pain relievers from my doctor, but they have never worked and I never enjoyed the feeling I got from the pain pills. The only thing that has ever helped subside the pain has been MJ, especially edibles. If I don't have any edibles at the time I get one, then a quick Vaping session in a dark room and a bit of time has me feeling so much better. I really wish NY would allow medical MJ and dispensaries.
  3. Quetzalcoatl


    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    I used to suffer from chronic daily headaches and migraines once a week/couple times a month. No one is really sure why, I just did. Probably stress/anxiety/depression migraines... the sumatriptan made me feel shitty, and one day I was puking from one and decided to take a snap real quick and see what happens... sure enough I stopped throwing up, and then was able to keep water and some Tylenol down, and 30 minutes later it was gone! I haven't had a migraine in a solid year now with one exception (rebound migraine from Dilaudid in the hospital... oops...), haven't had more than two or three headaches since. It's entirely possible that the anxiolytic/sedative effects of cannabis are calming down some sort of stress trigger you have, subconsciously or otherwise. Possibly even a deficiency in your endocannabinoid production, but that's just a (very) uneducated guess and such a painful and complex problem...
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  4. SoCalShore

    SoCalShore Well-Known Member

    I get migraines and stress headaches. I too also was treating them with prescription pain meds and I never liked how they felt after I would wake up with a residual or a rebound headache from the meds. I then tried as a last resort some indica after work, lay down and 30 mins woke up with no headache at all and feeling great. When I get a headache during the day and I stii need to function I will get a sativa dominate hybrid strain and that will relax me enough to calm the headache and function enough to still get things done. I have not had any severe headaches since I have started vaping.

    Good Luck!
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  5. Ethnobotanist

    Ethnobotanist ........始解........

    Adding to the useful compendium of information above and hopefully supplementing the larger and more recent headaches thread:

    I sometimes get headaches due to a neck injury and other times due to ocular related issues. Indica dominant strains have definitely helped with both and with the last, it alleviated both the eye pain and the resultant headache. Occasionally I also use 400mg of White Willow Bark (certified organic/wildcrafted).

    Similar to what ^^ Deadshort480 and SoCalShore ^^ found works, even 5 minutes of resting with eyes closed in the dark after a vape can help to noticeably potentiate the effects for me.

    In terms of the WWB, do your research before trying. If you're allergic to aspirin, you might also be allergic to White Willow Bark. Other restrictions may apply. There should be lots of info around since it's been referenced in-use as early as 1763 in England.
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  6. Dreamerr

    Dreamerr Always in a state of confusion and silliness♀

    I get worse headaches it seems from edibles. It is no surprise to me that some are having success with mj and I am half assed backwards. My body always acts differently then others ugh. I take prescription pills every morning for my headaches as I have them 24/7 but I try to keep them in check. I have various types with sinuses not helping the matter. If I get a migraine I just go to sleep as nothing helps me.

    I am still testing the edibles but it really is shaking up to making stuff worse. I hope tincture doesn't do the same thing. I have never taken enough to fully medicate to tell.
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  7. Ethnobotanist

    Ethnobotanist ........始解........

    In terms of your sinuses, have you tried a warm compress on the eyes? When I get 'eye-graines' I find that a hot compress over the eyes helps. I can usually feel my sinuses clearing during it too so thought I'd suggest it. For the hot compress, I usually buy these (silk one side, cotton on other) eyebags which are filled with seed and can be heated in the microwave. Since I sometimes use it when I've got an eyelid infection, the bonus here is that the hot compress is sanitised to a certain degree before each use.

    Be interested to see if you get edibles working since I've avoided testing it so far for similar reasons.
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  8. Enchantre

    Enchantre Oil Painter

    WA USA
    I'm using topical MJ (cannaoil) on neck & shoulders frequently to reduce the tension, and thus the headaches. Works somewhat... and, yes, an Indica at higher temps does seem to back off my headaches, too.
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  9. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    For my headaches, I've noticed a heavy Indica takes care of things far better than Sativa or Hybrid.

    I make edibles from ABV (previously vaped at most to 200C, so some I ensure goodies are left). At that temp, believe the majority of THC has been extracted, leaving the more pain killing compounds available.

    So for me, either a heavy indica or edible made from ABV works quite well...
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