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MiniVAP Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by stinkmeaner, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. AK47

    AK47 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the Tip, but it does not work, the LED is still blinking all the Time, I never get the solid red LED or green LED, even when the Battery is on the Base or not.

    When I put the Plug in the Socket the LED is blinking immediately Red/Green
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  2. Roger D

    Roger D Vapor Wizard

    Did you tried to push on the battery while it's on the dock ?

    If it's not the contact problem you may have a faulty charger
  3. AK47

    AK47 Well-Known Member

    I tried, no changes on the Charger :(

    Unfortunately this will be the problem. Lets see how long it takes to get a new charger...
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  4. Roger D

    Roger D Vapor Wizard

    They should send you a new charger straight up if it's confirmed to be a defective one. I hope they will be fast to answer your issue ! That's frustrating, but in theses cases, they have been pretty reactive so far.

    I'm also waiting, for them to send me back my backup unit since forever, they promised me a update with a beta firmware and that kind of cool stuff I don't even remember how many months ago, and even for Christmas lol. One day it will come. They take their time, maybe too much but it's better than pushing shit out to me.

    So you only have been able to use it with what was remaining on the brand new battery ?

    When you have very good bud the minivap is outstanding, hang on :) BTW, thanks for the sub !
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  5. Ethnobotanist

    Ethnobotanist ........始解........


    I think my mate got one from the same batch! I'm almost 90% decided on the MV and am hoping his reports and hopefully a chance to try it first hand will plug the gap.

    He had a similar issue where the battery didn't even charge first time. It seems like with his one, the problem was the power-adapter's plug which goes into the socket of the charging base. He has to push it in hard and twist it a bit sometimes before the light stays red. A slight movement makes it go green again. Not sure if this is what's wrong with yours.

    A/C Adapter Module issue:
    Also, he got the full kit and found that that the A/C adapter module for the MV doesn't seem to work. It could again be due to the power-adapter's plug. However, he said that the finish on the adapter module also looked somewhat off. The finish on his on the inside round the contacts was really shiny and almost looked like it had melted or something. Also, when he tried putting onto the MV, unlike the battery which makes a noticible click when it's locked into place, the power adapter part doesn't. Please can anyone with a full kit or with the A/C only kit comment?

    Electric Smell:
    Lastly, in the event that this is an inane question, please take into account it's his first vaporizer and I've only used the Volcano till now. When the unit is powered on, there is a noticeable electric smell coming from the top of the loading chamber below which is the pathway going to the heating element.

    It's not a strong electric smell like I've smelled from certain electric devices and he's only used it twice so far. However having done research online prior to purchase, a lot of info alluded that the device is odourless. A quick search on this thread only brought up info that unlike the Solo (faulty batches?) the MV doesn't give off an electric ("robot fart" lol) smell.

    Can someone with a relatively clean device (or a good memory for when they first got their MV) comment on whether this is normal? It doesn't smell away from the device, only when you actually stick your nose close to the loading chamber.

    Thank you
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  6. AK47

    AK47 Well-Known Member

    lol I found your Channel on my research for the MV ;) You doing good work :tup:

    I think they will answer my Email tomorrow.

    Hope for you get your backup unit soon, it sounds very interesting :)

    No the Brandnew Battery was empty, I don´t know why but the first Hour the Battery was on the Base it worked and the Battery was charging, a little Bit enough for one bowl...

    Yes yes thanks man this is my f****** Problem, if I push it very hard in the Base the LED is solid Red plus I must give pressure on the Charger to stop the switching between Red and Green.

    I have built me a temporary solution for it and the battery once fully charged :D I think until I get a new Charger I can use it this Way...

    What did your Friend to solve the Problem? New Base or Charger?

    So I´m testing the MV all Day and
    I´m very happy with it :love:

    Can you more experienced MV Users give me some Tips how I can use it the best way?
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  7. Ethnobotanist

    Ethnobotanist ........始解........


    ^Really glad you're enjoying the MV and found a workable solution - makes me feel more sure about placing an order soon.

    I think he'll just request a new charger. Since he has the A/C adapter module for the MV which allows it to work directly off A/C a prior test is needed, Pending feedback from others about issues from my previous post, if he can get the A/C adapter module working, testing the charger with it will help to narrow down if it's the base or charger which is faulty.

    Today he was saying that the charger sometimes makes crackling noises too, although this is only when fiddling around to try and get it working properly. Anyway, to me it sounded like an issue with the charger rather than base.

    Please update with what MV Staff say since it will save him asking the same question if/when he emails them.


    (full post)

    Just wanted to add that I did use a LSV on and off early last year and I did note the distinct odour given off by the ceramic heating element so in retrospect, maybe the 'electric smell' he mentioned is just the aluminum heating element heating up? My only other experience with an aluminum heating element is the volcano and by the time the air passing over the element is in the bag, it's mixed with aromatic vapour of the herb...so for all I know that's how all aluminum heating elements should smell?

    Edit MV tip in case a new user doesn't do this. Saw a video where the basket pull of herb is attached to the silicon cone which is in turn attached to the top of the mv and the mouth piece. Then this is attached to the MV main unit AFTER the herb has been nicely sealed away. This prevents leakage etc and I assume increases time between cleanings...as well as optimising the vapour path(?)

    I'm fairly certain that the manuals which I saw online just showed the user inserting the basket into the MV and then screwing the top with the cone and mouthpiece onto it.

    Edit2 found some great tips at this post:
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2014
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  8. AK47

    AK47 Well-Known Member


    Hermes will send me a new Charger asap :D

    After 3 Days of using, I´m still very happy with it :smug:

    Now I´m looking for a cheap Water Cooler, Bubbler or something :brow:

    Does anyone have Tips for me?
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  9. Hi-Cappa

    Hi-Cappa New Member

    Hi ak47

    Glad your getting your MV sorted.

    Iam looking in to a water set up as well.

    I is going to try the MFLB whip and some thing from weedstar , not sure which one yet ?

    Let me know what route you take to cloud watching.

    Happy vaping my friend
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  10. AK47

    AK47 Well-Known Member



    that Whip looks cool, but I´m looking for something to connect directly to the MV...

    tepictoton told me there is a cheap high quality Thread, first of all I´m going to read this...

    yea I will tell you if I made a Decision :)

    Happy vaping too :)
  11. b0

    b0 Cloudy...

    Another spaniard in UK
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  12. Ethnobotanist

    Ethnobotanist ........始解........


    Just an update. He got an informative reply from MV and as I understand it:
    1. The Adapter module is a prototype which will be exchanged when the molded version is produced during the next month or so.
    2. 'Electric' smell is mostly likely due to a mix of the heating element warming up and passive heating of the ultem/medical grade plastics etc. Also, the aluminum heating element is a special alloy which is approved for contact with food at high temps.
    With the above, having skimmed this thread and now tried the MV first hand, I'm impressed and placing an order. Thanks

    I'm glad to see everything worked out with AK47, both with MV and the bubbler. b0, thanks for the link to that awesome thread. Skimming now in preparation for my 2nd water setup, this time optimised for the [​IMG]
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2014
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  13. Polyrhythm

    Polyrhythm Well-Known Member

    When I received my replacement unit it definitely had the electric smell. I called the reseller and they checked a couple other minis that they just received, they also had the smell.
    The smell goes away over time, but it takes awhile. I was disappointed at first because my first unit had zero smell. The updated unit's heater works so much better though, so I am wondering if it's just increased heat that is causing the initial electric smell.
    Other than that, my MV has worked flawlessly, battery or AC. I get huge clouds with little effort, especially after getting a little technique down.
    As far as the LED's, when in public I simply hold my hand over them. I also have cut a small piece of silicone that fits around the outside of the tube and it holds it in place, solid.
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  14. Hi-Cappa

    Hi-Cappa New Member

    Well the shit has hit the fan !!!!
    Credit card bill in and wifey has seen the cost of the miniVap .

    May have to sell it ? The need of a new washing machine is greater than vaporising.

    Fingers crossed I get to keep it.
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  15. Tweek

    Tweek Well-Known Member

    I feel for you bro. If the wife is not into vaporizing, it will always be a hard sell :D What's wrong with the washing machine? Maybe you can fix it for cheap? I thought my washer was done for, and all it took was a quick search on the google and a 60 dollar part and I had it fixed right up.

    You would get to keep the MV for being the hero of the day :D
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  16. Quetzalcoatl


    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    Have someone take a peek at it, like @Tweek said our dryer went bunk and it wasn't even a bill to have it repaired.
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  17. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    Since my vaping conversion in January 2013 (thanks to the HA!) I'm the proud owner of several vapes (look at my signature) and after lot of scientifics testing I can tell you that I could sold all my others vapes and be still happy only with my MV.

    If you need a quick cloudy session, it do it, a long whip session, it do it, every time with the better taste, easy to load, easy to clean, never harsh taste, little in the hand and portable(not mine, but I'm thinking about....)

    There is some cons too, actually it can't handle concentrates with cloudy results, it's not a real stealth vape and it's a expensive vape.

    I can't compare it to all the better vapes in the market, I own the cloud+ and it can give you better cloudy results, but the taste is harsher at the end, with MV at red level you get big clouds without any harsh taste, it's only vaporisation without any percent of combustion into the process except the basket itself (at red level you can put your finger where the bowl is without any burning issue...it's not possible with the cloud+ but I didn't try because my fingers are too big:lol:)
    The sub is famous to be smooth, the MV is really smooth too and easier to use (but it can't vape a bowl in one draw, not with my lungs...)
    The herbalizer seems to be one of the better cause the quality of components and high precision t° tool , the MV building quality is awesome but it can't adjust the t°(there is only 4 t° setting but spot choice is good)

    So the MV can be compared to the better plugin vapes in term of vapor and building quality , I don't tell you that is the better in the world but it's a good choice for anybody looking for a portable with the capacities of the better pluggin vapes...

    If I need to keep just one vape, i don't hesitate and take the MV!

    Any news about the new smaller battery.....?
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  18. Mrmrmrmr

    Mrmrmrmr Well-Known Member

    Who knows what the percentage of convection versus conduction is ?
  19. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    It is impossible to know but i think the conduction is negligible, i'd say it even less than in the Cloud.
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  20. Mrmrmrmr

    Mrmrmrmr Well-Known Member

    Oh I know I was looking for a rough estimate if anything , less than the cloud you say ? Wow.
  21. Vapemen

    Vapemen New Member


    Anyone who owns a miniVAP know if ALL the plastics, rubber cones and whips that come with it are "medical grade"?

    What do you think is the best way to load the miniVAP? i.e. consistency and amount

    Also, do you fill and fit the basket to the rubber cone? or are you meant to put the basket directly into the air pathway hole in the upper portion of the MV cylinder?

  22. Roger D

    Roger D Vapor Wizard

    Welcome !

    Of course

    Fine scissor grind, dry to the gland, 70 to 130mg.

    I'd say it's the second way

    I hope I answered everything :)
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  23. Vapemen

    Vapemen New Member

    Yes, thank you!

    Could you tell me what you think of how this guy does it on the video
    Click to play YouTube Video

    fast forward to the 6:10 mark; do you recon it's safe?

    The thing is, when I do just load then drop the basket into the air pathway and close the lid (the lid has the cone with a screen in it on one side and the bent plastic straw from the other) to vape, i'm not able to fully vape the organic material at lower (pink) temp setting. I'd have to really inhale deep and long at high (red) heat for a long time to really dehydrate the bowl...don't like that much. Any remedy?

    Thanks again!
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2014
  24. Ethnobotanist

    Ethnobotanist ........始解........

    In terms of attaching to the cone rather than putting it into the heating chamber directly, I personally think it's better to attach to the cone as per the video, Thoughts:
    It would keep the device cleaner since the bud is nicely sealed in the basket by the cone. Would also encourage people to not overfill the basket so it would attach easier/cleaner to the cone if there's some spare room in the top of the basket.
    Overall effect should be the same? The basket is still being lowered into the heating chamber area whether the basket is put in directly, or attached to the cone and then lowered when the lid is attached as per the video.

    Not sure about the MV itself, however with vapes in general, I found that if the bud was packed too tightly, it made it hard to draw and seemed less efficient. Could this be what's happening in your case? I found it better to use less and pack it loosely so the hot air could flow more effectively over and bud and there was also more surface area per fixed amount of bud exposed to the hot air for vaporisation.
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  25. Vapemen

    Vapemen New Member

    Thanks very much for that. Yeah I prefer attaching the basket to the cone too, I just hope no unhealthy/poisonous vapours come out of the silicone cone or for it to affect the flavour in any way.

    When I don't attach the basket to the cone and just drop it directly into the heating chamber, half full of material or a little more, I don't get enough juicy vapour density. Not to mention, it is much more difficult to cash out the basket. (Need to drag harder at high heat for longer time; which in turn heats up the mouth piece making for an uncomfortable draw in overall.) And when I remove the lid when done, I find the material out of the basket somewhat and around the outside of the basket; but still under the under the plastic cone with screen when the lid is on. That being said, i'm still trying to find that sweet spot in terms of method, consistency and amount.

    Yeah I do realize that it won't work well if you pack the basket, with the MV being a convection vaporizer and all.

    If anyone has any tips on getting the best vapeing performance out of their MV pleeeeease do let me know.

    Luvin the flavour and want more of it definitely.

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