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Micro G Pen

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Jonmichaell, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Jonmichaell

    Jonmichaell New Member

    I recently have been thinking about order my first vape pen and was wondering if this is a good one or if anyone has tried one? Any feedback would be great.

  2. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast
    Welcome to the Forums, good question.

    I'd advise against it. If you poke around some you'll find LOTS of folks with problems with this and similar modified e-cigs and very few happy customers (and most of those seem to have problems later?).

    Rather I suggest you look into Omicron carts. There are two threads covering them, Omicron and Persei (which uses the same carts) totaling some 20,000 posts almost all glowing. This a purpose built system to deliver oil, not e-cig 'juice'. Not made from the cheapest e-cig stuff available.

    For under a hundred bucks you can get the Omicron Light which comes with a first cart, loading tool, charger and a nice case.......and first rate Customer Service, something often found very lacking in the 'also rans'.

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  3. Mynameismud

    Mynameismud But call me Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie.

    Ive got to disagree with OF on this one. Ive had the microG since december and I love it. If you know what your buying, and realize your going to have to replace cartrdiges then you wont be dissapointed. Also i think most ofthe complaints with this company are in regards to their other product the G pen. The cartridges ive found to be finicky, ive broken a microG and cloud cartridge trying to clean it (my fault). The rest ive found with everyday use last about 4 weeks. The new microG coils seem to be a better design, theyre recessed into the ceramic so its harder to break by cleaning. Im on week 3 with the new coil cart so well see if it lasts any longer. Also they dont have the screen anymore like in the pictures

    Thats about the only negative, some postives for ya:
    Easy to load
    Quick charging/long lasting battery
    Comes with 2 jars and a dabber
    Comes with two batteries and 2 cartridges
    Works great

    I havent tried any d9 products so i dont know how long the omicron cartridges last but youll eventually have to replace those as well. Probably less frequently then the microG though so thats a plus for omicron.

    Eitherway as a first pen i think youll be happy with either product and theyre both around the same price.
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  4. Jonmichaell

    Jonmichaell New Member


    Yeah I think I'm gonna end up buying the micro g since it comes with two basically. I know that some of the cartridges are interchangeable. Have you tried any and found them to better? Also how do you clean the micro g?
  5. Mynameismud

    Mynameismud But call me Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie.

    By cleaning i just meant scraping the left over stuff from around the edges. Also the coil gets coated sometimes after long term use so i would heat it till it turned to ashe and knock it off thats how i messed with the wire both times...ive tried the cloud pen cartridges which are inferior to the microG in my opinion, lasted anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks and some came DOA. The microG used to be exactly the same cartridge but they have made some upgrades. If your ordering online i would recommend added an extra coil or 2 just in case... The ne w coils dont have the screen like in the picture, and the coil is recessed in the ceramic so its harder to ruin.

    I havent used but heard the atmos waxy atomizer isnt as good as the microG either.

    Im sure youll love it especially since its your first pen, its basically idiot proof, no learning curve.

    I got a ultra and TV dart, which i love as well and is definately superior but thats become my personal one and rarely leaves my room. The MicroG goes everywhere with me
  6. Jonmichaell

    Jonmichaell New Member


    Thanks you're a big help! I just ordered the Action Bronson Micro G pack(minus the apparel) and bought 2 extra coils.
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