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Marijuana the new currency?

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by Jeremy Driscoll, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Jeremy Driscoll

    Jeremy Driscoll Well-Known Member

    So I was watching a documentary about how bad the american currency is about how there is not enough money in physical existence, and how the american dollar used to be backed up by something like gold or something, and I think you all get the point. So anyways I was thinking what if a new currency had to be invented like something made out of gold and then I thought to myself that there might not be enough gold or silver or whatever is needed to make up the new currency in the world so that the currency itself is worth something alone.

    And then it hit me.

    What is the one thing that will always have value? But not also value but can be grown to such amounts with cloning to the point of never running out like gold or silver? And something that you can grow if your willing to put in the hard work of farming and not consuming your entire bank account.

    Yep Marijuana as the new currency. Like in the old days how they would bite the gold coins to see if they were real or not before accepting the money at the registers, they can use a magnifying glass or a computer scanner of some sort to scan the plant to validate the trichome count and strain type and therefore street value as currency.

    Not only could Marijuana and Hemp be the best value to our environmental concerns as the best fuel, the best fabric, the best cement for housing, the best paper, and the best medicine but why not have it be more then that, why not encourage it as a currency based on it's weight and estimated value under the scanning technology to let it act as value too, and as people produce more the value can go up or down.

    Best part is, that in the end if the system fails and your weed is no longer legal currency to use in cash registers for stores it still has street value in return for currency to patients, and recreational stoners, and even if they all ready have their own supplier and don't want yours, at least you get to consume your former currency for yourself. It's a win win. You could keep the old currency too and just add this.

    And since the pharmaceutical big businesses don't want marijuana legal because they couldn't make any money off it because it is already a medicine right after harvest and cure. But now they could make some money by investing the money they already have in hiring farmers to grow feeds of currency to make them money or to increase their wealth since they will lose a lot of money from people stop using prescription for replacement of marijuana.

    As for the DEA well they can retrain before the new currency law would go in to effect all the agents to become farmers instead of cops. And this way they can still make money and have their jobs paid for by the government still.

    This way everyone wins.

    We would fix the national debt too because this way every dollar we have that is in print can be paid to paying off the debt and the rest of the money can be reimbursed for free the first harvest just to get the ball rolling to get it in peoples hands and used as a currency. Then instead of printing money we can just grow it.

    It can be used as a fuel too, combine that with the hybrid electric technology that the volt uses, and that alone does a world of good. I believe someone once said that the amount of oxygen produced by hemp growing before it is used as a fuel is equal to the amount of pollution it causes when burned so it balances out as pollution less.

    All the car companies could also invest in farming.

    And making the hybrid cars also.

    Eventually someday when we get old and want to retire, we won't decide how much the take instead our homes can do it for us. For nature has a connection to the human soul it can relate to our needs and us it's.

    For example, let's say you lived in a tree house your entire life, and I mean this is an upgraded, 3 bedroom big ass tree house like the ones in magazines that people have turned into real houses. And let's say for example you connect naturally even more with nature by surrounding your everyday life with even more nature like marijuana plants, and you grow these plants ass a part of the design of the house where the house looks like this

    And you just perpetual harvest and sing to the plants and ask mother nature to decide how much marijuana you should get. And you just water and care for the plants and the more you harvest the more you get to consume and give away to your kids and grand kids.

    And if mother nature thinks you've had enough then the amount that get's grown goes down.

    Oh heck that's all I really want to do for a living, is grow grow grow for the government legally and live out in the woods in the middle of no where in somewhere secluded and quiet and just grow grow grow with no communication with the outside world except through internet and family. And that's it. Well that and star trek episodes, and that's the perfect life in my opinion.
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  2. Quetzalcoatl


    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    The problem is that we give things worth, and the more of that thing we have, the less it's worth. Inflation and deflation.
  3. Jeremy Driscoll

    Jeremy Driscoll Well-Known Member

    But with marijuana it is the one type of currency that one way or another you always need more of. Because even if you have a fortune of it well that is just more of a temptation to get really fucked up and stoned more. I mean you can save and save until your well off, but eventually all that tempting sticky stuff and a vaporizer is going to make it so that not much more than that stays in circulation because you know deep down you just can't wait to get really stoned and party the night away.

    I mean the more in circulation the more that gets smoked away, because somehow deep down I know you can NEVER HAVE A WORLD WITH too much of this plant of perfection and not have more good then bad come out of it.
  4. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    Want doesn't mean need. Even if medical, a certain ammount covers the need. You only want more. Just like with any other currency.

    The inflation and deflation would be extreme, making the currency unstable and not really trustworthy. Someone grows tons on a huge field, gets rich, everyone else gets poor because of inflation, then 420 comes, the rich guy and users get poor, others wealthy because of deflation. That's just crazy. Also it can be easily destroyed (moisture, dirtiness, molds, age...) and measuring the real value cold cost more than the value of measured weed itself. Storing and handling it also isn't very easy. Just by touching it it loses its value as trichs stick to your fingers etc. And I'm not counting people who would never accept this as a currency just because of propaganda.

    Gold is perfect, no danger of inflation/deflation, lasts, easy to evaluate just by weighing it and testing its really gold with some aqua regia. The main problem is there is too little gold to satisfy the current world market. Maybe something like bitcoins are going to be the currency of the future. Just wait until it gets stable. So far it seems physical currency (gold) is not adaptable enough to market size. Dept money (current) can easily lead (and probably are leading) to world crisis, because worth of this currency is based just on trust with our government. And I think its already got fucked up. So I think it need to go virtual and heavily secured, just like bitcoin.
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  5. Jeremy Driscoll

    Jeremy Driscoll Well-Known Member

    Well hey how about this, make the criminals in prison do gardening work, if they steal some herb then that is a good thing is it not? Because when they smoke it behind the guards backs they will become pacifists and as that they won't cause the guards or each other any more violent or as much as without it.

    And then the harvested plant could be sold to public for a fee to pay for the prison system and refund the tax payers the taxes used to pay for the prisons. And this way gardening and getting in touch good honest nature work is good for the soul and therefore good for the rehabilitation process. To do gardening can be therapeutic and a lot of these criminals need all the therapy they can get to calm down and reform back in to society as peaceful people, and with these gardening skills they can go back in to society and learn how to garden for at least themselves so that they stay stoned and pacifists and therefore not a violent bother to society for ever.......And forever stoned.
  6. syrupy

    syrupy Authorized Buyer

    Currency is just a made up concept. Paper. Easy to fold and put in a wallet or purse. It would be inconvenient to carry around mason jars of MJ to purchase things.
  7. Jeremy Driscoll

    Jeremy Driscoll Well-Known Member

    I know. I just want to live in the middle of nowhere with crops and crops of perfection all around my home. That and star trek. The vision of being stoned while going warp nine sounds like fun. Or risa while stoned.

    Well one way this could help the financial system is by people growing it themselves and therefore leaving it cheaper to grow your own supply then go to a dealer, so it can save you money and if you can buy a diesel car, and make a biodiesal out of the hemp if you grew that too, then that could save you even more, I always say the best way to make money is to save money that is spent when it doesn't need to be. I also believe that if you are stoned all day they you are less likely to go out to buy stuff (other than food)(but if you grow your own then your set on that too for free). And not leaving home to ever go do anything because your too stoned to drive is good on saving money every day too.

    Indica is a great couch lock is wonderful for replacing or helping with sleeping pills that could save some money right there. I think just to help the economy with it legal people will have a lot more money around and ways to earn it. Amazing a salvation or at least a huge help to the country when we need it the most and for some reason republican conservative people like my own flesh and blood family just don't get it. My god what a sick world we live in.
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  8. Caligula

    Caligula Maximus

    SB420 Land!
    TLDR. Just wanted to say there are very good reasons why we are no longer using the "gold standard" to backup currency. It was a flawed antiquated idea... Sort of like using trade and barter systems in a large modernized society.
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  9. syrupy

    syrupy Authorized Buyer

    Ha! I wondered why there wasn't a program in the holodeck that simulated the influence of certains substances.

    Amazon, eBay? Meet Jeremy. :haw:

    I don't see how it going legal would create money. It would divert people's income to buying it, but all that profit and money didn't just get dumped on the planet. Legalizing would likely lead to state-controlled production, not just sales. (I think that's what's happening in CO/WA?) Such a sticky situation.
  10. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    A little bit of trivia, didn't know where to put it, so I found this sub forum.

    This video highlights a 1914 series $10 bill of a hemp harvest that is printed ‘right on the money.’ This paper was also made of hemp. The first Federal Reserve Bank notes were issued in 1914. This $10 bill bears the signature of Andrew Mellon, the Secretary of the Treasury under multiple presidential administrations. Mellon was also the head of several oil companies and banks. Mellon was the uncle of Harry Anslinger, the first leader of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, 1931-1961. Anslinger was the main cheerleader of the Reefer Madness misinformation campaign and the primary person responsible for marijuana prohibition.


    “The back was designed by Clair Aubrey Huston; Farming, a scene in Manchester Township, York County, Pennsylvania, was engraved by Marcus W Baldwin; Industry, a mill in Joliet, Illinois, was engraved by HL Chorlton. The first day of issue was November 16, 1914.”


    Note that Pennsylvania produced hemp through the 1900’s, and the crop depicted on the currency is too tall to be wheat or flax, so it’s rather obvious that it’s hemp.
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