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Marijuana Breathalyzers

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by Shooby, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    I think they were trying to appeal to young people going to the University. They probably wanted to sound hip. It depends on the audience. It sounds ridiculous to us, I will admit.
  2. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    ECS and ECS Deficiency is really the key to it all. When we get into "preventative value" of cannabis thru supplementing deficient ECS folks (almost everyone) then we are there. Then we prevent instead of trying to cure AFTER the heavy damage has been done.

    Like you said, the priority goes to how can we arrest those that are over "D". :(
  3. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    utopia central! people helping people help other people who need help helping other people who keep helping others until everyone is sitting there with no one else to healp!... the outright goal of an enlightened society run by love and grace instead of greed and fear... measure a mans bio-active metabolites and help him adjust to healthy levels instead of shoot him! I mean why are people confused about this?I mean people are not willing to explore their inner alchemist..
    I'd like to be in a society with less fear from the fear of being caught with bio-actives in them = what a sick ass joke on society playing chemical bio identifying games with our anatomy and bio-chemical signalling capabilities... add signalling capability with that pant and go to jail LOFL! that signal is your health stupid authority figure... the authority figures have those signals too ( I guess??)
  4. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead trance-form

    You have to reach the tipping point, where the masses reverse roles and actualize the potential of the collective consciousness instead of relying on the media for reinforcement of bad habits which keep people stuck in their rut.

    Most folks don't even have the will power to do a 24 hour fast yet, so inner alchemy experiments are probably a ways away but it doesn't matter, we can never underestimate the power of planting a seed! Plant these seeds and thoughts will bloom.

    I actually believe a large portion needs mind expanding substances as step one so they can begin the reintroduction process with natural law. There is a mental comfort barrier I see that keeps people afraid to think outside their doctors box.
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  5. steama

    steama Well-Known Member

    Marijuana breathalyzers are simply money extraction tools. It doesn't matter if they work in a logical or accurate way. It only matters that they can provide 'so called evidence' as a reason to arrest cannabis users.

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  6. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

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  7. steama

    steama Well-Known Member

    There is also a huge business invested in promoting the idea that people are helpless. More than a few religions do their business this way too.
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  8. mccringleberry

    mccringleberry Well-Known Member

    Welp, my #1 spot for sessioning is in my car. It works for me for several reasons. Guess Ill just have to start stashing a bottle of Listerine next to the Clear Eyes.

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