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Magic Flight Orion

Discussion in 'Upcoming and Unreleased Plug-in Vaporizers' started by Farid, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Farid

    Farid Well-Known Member


    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    Never mind the insane price. The lack of information on how it works along with the poor quality pictures makes me wonder if this is even a real product, as far as I've seen they only offered one for sale and haven't sold it in a couple days.

    in the last week they came out with some very very odd new alpha products at ridiculous prices.

    [But I would love to see a Video of the 'Orion' as I've been waiting on a magicflight desk top for years now.]
  3. TheVaporist

    TheVaporist Man is a universe within himself

    Pale Blue Dot
    Is this true? At this price tag, they must rock all the existent vape in the market....
    However it's good to see the magic team is back in the game!
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  4. ZC

    ZC Well-Known Member

    Really curious to see this thing in action.

    As for the price, yeah. But I'm actually really interested in custom made, wooden "art" vapes that are too labor intensive for our normal price ranges for appliance-type vapes. This doesn't seem to be exactly what I'm talking about but it's in the right direction. Curious to see more.
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  5. VapourHaze

    VapourHaze Rexcornish on IG, Vaping since '02

    What is it? How does it work? Where was the price tag? @Farid
  6. HD Springer

    HD Springer Well-Known Member

    They've totally lost their identity. They either are in total panic mode or they have all been enjoying their own product way way too much.
  7. MagicFlight Press

    MagicFlight Press Member Company Rep

    Hey everyone,

    We wanted to drop by again and briefly explain the reason we posted several new products all at once last week. Although we do not make, support or endorse the use of tobacco products (like e-cigs) whatsoever, new federal regulations essentially forced all companies (with any possible relation to tobacco) to proclaim their existing products on their websites by August 8th, 2016. Failure to prove these products existed prior to this date would have potential to prevent us from ever selling these products in the future — without paying up to a million dollars to register them first!

    These are alpha level products. Some of them are not even in production yet, and others represent development efforts of past years (though they could be made, if there is enough interest).

    In some cases, the high prices represent our non-recurring costs associated with research and development. For example, we’re not really expecting or wanting the Orion Project device to be purchased at this time, as we do not feel that it is yet fully "ready.”

    Prices will be adjusted (in some cases, rather significantly) once we have them past alpha and into the beta state. At the moment, they are merely set to give us room to adjust downward once we have more info as to our actual costs. Items offered on the Connoisseur’s Club website, as opposed to the main sales website, are intended to facilitate dialogue and interaction with enthusiasts.

    Since we had to put up a lot of different products all at the same time, each has considerably less detail and information than would be our preference. More info on each coming soon. We’ve always endeavored to be transparent, and to engage the community with our product development efforts. We would have obviously preferred to release these products on our own schedule, but are still excited to share with you some of the many things to come.

    Until next time, be excellent to one another.

    With Love, Magic-Flight
  8. NoochieVape

    NoochieVape www.imminentdawning.com Manufacturer

    I love the look of their products. I just want one of each not even necessarily to use often but just to have sitting around.
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