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Lupus, cannabis, and vaping

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by 1361, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. 1361

    1361 New Member

    Hello, this is my first post here so please forgive me if I ask something silly or sound funny using my old terminology. I'm returning to pot after almost three decades. I have Lupus and I'm looking for anything that may help get me off some of my meds, prednisone in particular. I had a friend give me some stuff she called "Lemon". As a former everyday stoner, I though no problem, I can do this. I picked up this little one hit tube and have been smoking at night. Three or four hits seem to be good for me. My main problem is my coughing. I have been coughing all day every day since I've started. I can't take this. Well, that and the morning brain fog seems much worse. Even more so than with the percocets.

    I just ordered an entry level glass Vapcap tonight. I like the firefly2 and the grasshopper, but I want to see if vaping will keep the coughing at bay before I invest that kind of money. Will vaping help with the coughing? I think another contributing factor is the fact that I'm taking large hits and holding them in like I use to. From reading, it seems holding those long deep hits in isn't the best thing to do. So, I'm looking to rethink my methods of drawing it in.

    The high isn't my reason for returning to pot, but it is kind of nice. I need to find a better way of living with this disease. I've heard there is a strain called Harlequin or something like that. It's supposed to be lower in thc and higher in cbd's. My hope is that I'll be able to consume more of it, more often and not be stoned all the time. Its fine at night, but I need to function still and I like my mind clear during the day.

    Am I on the right track here? Is there anything I'm missing that may help?

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  2. looney2nz

    looney2nz Research Geek, Mad Scientist

    So Cal

    you should do much better with a decent vaporizer, and if you need you can attach some glass water tools to it.

    I would suggest looking into AC/DC, which is a high CBD very very low THC strain. (typically around 16-20% CBD and 0.74% THC) Very non-psychoactive. I also use Cannatonic frequently, very good strain around 16-18% CBD and 4-6% THC. AC/DC is a good daytime use. Cannatonic can be as well.

    You may find that a different ratio works better for you, I've played around with anything from 21:1 to 1:1 (CBD to THC)... I find myself most often using a 1:1 or 4:1 ratio, but I'm treating both spine injuries and cancer. A high CBD strain should work well on the the inflammation.

    I gravitate to purples (purple urkle, grape ape, grandaddy purple) for body pain at night. Lots of new strains out there for body pain.
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  3. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    @looney2nz certainly has the info there!!

    generally with that condition you will want to find some cbd rich strains of cannabis that act on the cb-2 receptor that slows down over firing ( receptor antagonist) ... thc can agitate receptor functioning as it's an receptor agonist.. so using more cbd with less thc to boost your endocannabinoid system will work for your situation best....

    using a vaporizer with a bubbler ( d020) ( d020-D) etc... can help condition the vapor better on the inhale... you can eat cannabis too in small amounts ( single servings) if you decarboxylate it first before making the edible... you can actually use a vaporizer to decarb the cannabis by vaping it for just a little while before making your edible... edibles are hard to predict dosage though and not as easy to self dose as with a vaporizer and edible effects can be uncertain too while you can adjust on the spot with vaporizing by vaping more or less.... good luck and please ask anymore questions you may have- peace
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  4. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

    The Vapcap can deliver the smoothest, coolest vapor with no irritation or coughing. The ti tipped models easily compete with vaporizers many times more expensive.

    I used to suffer from coughing and lung irritation when I smoked joints. Switching to a vaporizer was a huge improvement. But still there was some irritation.

    I have found that three things came together to provide the smoothest coolest non-irritating vapor you can imagine.

    First I discovered the Vapcap after trying several other vapes. It really is a fantastic vape. Very efficient. Smooth vapor. Easy to use. My search for the perfect vape stopped there.

    Then I discovered the mouthpull technique. Rather than inhale vapor directly into the lungs while toking, I began by first pulling vapor into my mouth, similar to sucking on a thick milkshake, while holding my finger over the Vapcap intake hole. Then I open my mouth and inhale the vapor along with some fresh air. I don't hold it in for more than a second or so before exhaling. Like smoking a cigarette.

    The final technique is using a degummed hemp fiber filter sandwiched between two CCD screens. This filters out any fine particulates that would otherwise enter the airpath and therefore your lungs. The vapor is unbelievably smooth, cool and non irritating. A side benefit is that the Vapcap remains clean for a very very long time.

    The OG Vapcap is fragile since it is an all glass model and the bowl may not withstand shoving two screens and a filter in there. For the glass model, I would place the filter over the screen and leave it there. Place your flower on top.

    Here is some info on making a filter.


    Harlequin is one of my favourite strains. I use it for pain, nausea and inflammation. It offers a nice light sativa dominant high. Great for daytime use. It has a 5/2 CBD/THC ratio so much of the THC effects are neutralized by the higher CBD. Very nice. For bedtime, I use a heavier indica.


    Try different high CBD strains. You will find one that suits your needs. I've tried a few high CBD strains: Harlequin, CBD Mango Haze, Hawaiian Dream, CBD Remedy, OG Tonic, VCDC, Sweet and Sour Widow, Skunky Haze and Critical Kush.

    Besides Harlequin(Sativa), CBD Remedy(Indica) is another of my favorites. Remedy has the ability to completely melt pancreatic pain and ease nausea in minutes while leaving me functional and happy. It is a much better alternative to toxic debilitating morphine. It is an Indica dominant hybrid. I've never seen it for sale but seeds are often available. Recommended!

    Good luck and welcome to Fuck Combustion. We are a bunch of happy stoners and will help you with your questions.
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