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Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by vtac, Mar 31, 2015.

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  1. vtac

    vtac vapor junkie Staff Member

    FC R&D
    Let's talk about something controversial. Controversial Lounge topics! Politics, religion, you know the ones. In my experience this is one of the friendliest, most accommodating, and civil communities with the word "fuck" in the domain name. For the most part we all get along remarkably well and that's wonderful.

    The main exception is when it comes to some of the heavily politicized issues du jour where opinions run strong and discussions can turn ugly. It's nothing new, but this site is a happy place to many people and to be blunt it's a pain in the ass to moderate.

    Not moderating is not an option. If certain sections were a free-for-all it would carry over into the rest of the forum and create a toxic environment. Banning controversial topics isn't going to happen either; we're all mature adults here (read the rules if you don't believe me) and once in a while someone says something interesting in said discussions.

    You have the power! If you want controversial topics to remain open you'll have to refrain from getting personal with those you disagree with. If you find yourself getting angry, do yourself a favor and take a break from the thread. Get some fresh air. If you decide to revisit the thread after enjoying your newfound tranquility, consider a different approach before posting again. And remember that disagreeing with someone doesn't mean losing respect for them, you cantankerous curmudgeon.

    If things get heated and you absolutely must convince someone just how wrong they are and why your position is infallible, please take it to a private conversation. Even better, take it to debate.org and feel free to share the link. If a thread starts to go down hill it will likely be closed. If it's only one or two members screwing it up for everyone else they will likey be thread-banned. If a staff member does decide to moderate please cooperate. Please don't backseat moderate - use the report button.

    I know you didn't read all that.
    • DBAA
    • Be NICE
    • Relax
    • Controversial topics may be closed if they become uncivil
    • Lone troublemakers may be thread-banned
    • Use the report button (but please don't abuse it)
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