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looking for a 2nd Portable Vape

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Jhonny, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Jhonny

    Jhonny Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a 2nd portable Vape.
    I own a solo since last year that I use daily and I'm very satisfied with it.
    Just the battery is getting from day to day weaker.... and lasts only for 5-6 runs.

    As there are no replacement battery packs available for the Solo, I'm thinking to buy a new portable vape.

    What do you think? Should I buy a 2nd Solo, to use one on the go and the other at home with AC adapter or should I buy one of the new portable vapes that have been released since last year, like the da vinci, pax, inhalater etc?

    What do you suggest? What would you do if you where me? And Why?
  2. momatik

    momatik Well-Known Member

  3. ShipDit

    ShipDit 1%

    The great Mid West Wasteland
    You may want to go with another Solo. You already know how to use it,plus you can use the old one for spare parts if needed. You can get one for $160 from a couple places. (I recommend PUFFITUP).
    But it were me I'd wait for the new Cera from TET. It won't be out for a month,but the design seems like a great all-around Vape. It is kinda spendy at $300,but TET has a great reputation for engineering,quality and customer service.
    Can't wait that long? Try the MFLB! It's cheap,reliable and works great with small loads. Add the AC wall adapter and you've got a great little Vape that is also versatile as hell! When/if you do get a bigger unit you'll always have a good back up.
  4. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    Another Solo. I also second the mflb suggestion, but only if you don't mind weaker hits than you get from your Solo. I think Arizer can replace the batteries for a fee...not sure. Also, a member here has a thread for a longer lasting battery for the Solo he's working on. But I like the idea of a Solo for walking around and another one for at home with the wall adapter. Are you using your Solo more than the E at home?
  5. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    I would get another battery. If you want to expand your collection, i would get a smaller portable while you're at it. The Cera looks interesting, and the INH XP is also coming out.

    BLAZING OG Vaping is a way of life!

    Sherman Oaks, CA
    dela9vapes is a a good option, persei can combust herbs , vaporize herbs, and vaporize oils, plus it has interchangeable batteries if they start getting weaker!!!They have a bunch of cool add on attachments that can be added later like the herb iron type attachment!! Hercules cartridge is finally out!!!

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