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Like new Arizer Air ll

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by cgod, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. cgod

    cgod Well-Known Member





    Hi there guys, up for trade is my Arizer Air II, I got it on the 10th of May of this year, I used it twice before I had to go on a 30 day T break, I have now finished my T break and used it a third time yesterday along with my Crafty, after getting my face melted I realised the Crafty offers a quicker extraction for use at home than the Arizer and on the go my Davinci will be more discreet so I have decided out of the three I will let go of the Arizer

    I have used it around three times, the first two for ten minutes each

    It still has it's plastic seal on the led screen

    It comes with: unused plastic tip/wpa stem
    Stir pick
    Unused glass aroma dish with lavender still in the packet
    Belt clip carry case
    4x stainless steel filter screens
    USB charger
    1 battery

    It has no marks and basicly is still in almost brand new condition!

    What vape I am after: £120+pp or anything by Storz & Bickel, Dynavap or similar

    I am from the UK, but I am willing to trade with anybody as I have done many times internationally on FC and other vaping websites, thank you!
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