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Liger Air or D-Nail

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Hobbess, May 12, 2019.

  1. Hobbess

    Hobbess Relaxed


    I've got a rosin press coming in the next couple of weeks and I'm looking to upgrade my E-nail.

    Does anyone have an opinion on the Liger Air vs the D-Nail?

    Both look good, I like the Liger bowl and air flow system.

    Does the Liger system come with a carb?

    Does the Liger best bundle kit come with everything needed for dabbing?


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  2. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    Probably not what you want to hear, but I would suggest looking at the New Vape D-cup rather than either.

    I have a Liger 2.0 and a D-nail SiC Halo.

    Thinking about selling my D-nail and getting a DCup
  3. Silat

    Silat When the Facts Change, I Change My Mind.

    Like Baron I am thinking of selling my CCA710 beta,20mm and 30mm Liger. Why?
    Because I have the Newvape D-cup. It is all I could ask for. Easy to use and easy to clean.
    CCA710 has fallen off the map when it comes to customer service.
    I wish it were different but it is not. You can read all about it on this forum if you are interested.
    Newvape is in the pipe 5x5 and provides excellent customer relations and fabulous and well thought out products.
  4. buckhakeesah

    buckhakeesah Well-Known Member

    Between liger and dnail. Its truly a toss up. Pick one that appeals to you. They are indeed both great.

    If you require a near all glass/quartz setup look into 710coils for the best bang for buck setup. If you don't care about glass and are more interested in durability then Newvape dcup seems to be the best in class right now.
  5. sarkunit

    sarkunit Well-Known Member

    I have a liger 3.0 30mm obsidian with a weirdeer cap......and I never use it. I have long since switched to a 30mm opaque banger from 710coils, quartz pi cap, ruby and SiC pearls, etc. It creates a great flavor and dense hits at 540 and below compared to the 590-600 I stuck with on the liger ( I like hot, dense hits so I go in at a high temp compared to most users). 710coils customer service is just great, and Shane is a cool dude, well deserving of business. The liger is still a very fine unit, and was my go to before I got the 710coils setup. It brings out the flavor of the dabs and Obsidian is easy to care for. The two units you mentioned are going to give you results, any way you slice it.
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  6. FlyingLow

    FlyingLow Team NO SLEEP!

    I had browed past the Dcup thread several times, did not realize it was so revolutionary.

    What makes it stand so much above the Dnail [which I adore!]?
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  7. BabyFacedFinster

    BabyFacedFinster Capo di tutt'i capi

    Take my post with a grain of salt as I don't own either of the set ups you mention. However there was a time when I researched them heavily to make the same decision you're considering. I decided to not go either way because the options were not great at the time.

    Liger was not an option because the customer service was so poor it was legendary.

    Dnail was not an option because the website was abandoned with inventory unchanged for months. Customer service was unreachable.

    Newvape looks like nicely made stuff but, just like their rosin presses, really expensive.

    In the end, if I were to ever pick up a dab set up, it would be a Auber controller with a 710coil heater and quartz banger. Reasonable prices, highly praised products and the owner answers all your questions quickly. The only reason I haven't bought a set up is I ended up preferring to just wrap my rosin in cotton and sip my vapor through my log vape and Fury 2.
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
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  8. shredder

    shredder Well-Known Member

    Still Loving my dnail sic Halo. I've had it a while now and haven't really looked around much.

    But more and more I've been using my saionara with ceramic donuts vaping rosin.

    It's not my dnail but it fits in my pocket. I can take it with me and have great tasting vapor in 4 seconds after I hit the fire button.

    My guess to compare taste of my Halo to the sai would be about 9.5 for the halo and 8.8 for the sai. Actually a lot closer than any pen I've tried.

    Just something to think about if your shopping on the concentrate vape isle.
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  9. Ferrusbuelker

    Ferrusbuelker Well-Known Member

    Palm Springs
    I love my Dcup it’s everything I wanted the Air to be but wasn’t. Easy to clean, short air path, carb cap gives a perfect seal and the vapor is thick. That being said D-nail is coming out with a quartz carb cap that I’ve tested and that combined with sapphire halo the ruby/sapphire/sin pearls /comets I get a really nice tasty dense hit. Hadn’t used my d-nail in over a year but it’s a really potent setup with the above accessories.

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