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Las Vegas dispensary ??

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by MinnBobber, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. MinnBobber

    MinnBobber Well-Known Member

    I might be going to Las Vegas so did a bunch of searching/viewing their dispensaries.
    The "trend" I saw was prices were way higher than CO (my only other disp experience)
    AND they seemed to have pathetically small number of strains, plus I never even saw
    some strains I'd be aiming to find, Durban Poison, GG #4, Green Crack, don't think
    I even saw Blue Dream.

    Are their prices high and choices low?
    Likely staying at The Plaza, so any dispensary recs for near there?
    Or anywhere for top shelf product at a fair price??

    Is it doable to stay 4 days there and not have a car, just shuttle from/to airport?
    I have no concept of the "lay of the land" there?

    Is Plaza in old/original section? Where/how far to new casinos??
    I rarely rarely gamble but my wife likes the slots.

    Any LV travel tips??
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  2. Stu

    Stu Maconheiro Staff Member

    southeast of disorder
    The Plaza is in Downtown (original strip). It's only a few minutes from the "new" strip via cab or Uber. You don't need a car IMO. Even when I'm in town with a car, I tend to use Uber or a cab as it's much more convenient. There are plenty of casinos everywhere so your wife won't have to look far to play some slots.

    I've never gone to dispensaries (I've never needed to) so I can't comment on the prices. @stickstones visited one recently so maybe he can comment. You shouldn't have a problem finding them either.

    Have a good trip!

  3. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    Agreed with the Uber tip. That's all I use when travelling there.

    Dispensaries in LV are still pretty new, so I wouldn't expect much consistency right now, and your Uber driver will surely have a favorite. The only one I went to was around the corner from the Hard Rock. Flower prices were reasonable to me, coming from a different state.

    Concentrate prices were more than double, though, and you are surely to be disappointed with it coming from CO.

    VAPEHUNTER Well-Known Member

    Cool man, Enjoy your time here.
    The Plaza downtown is actually pretty close to the "NuWu Cannabis marketplace" supposedly the largest Recreational Marijuana Store on the Planet!! I've never been there but I heard of them because they were in the news for having a drive thru :brow:. Here is the Link to their website → https://www.nuwucannabis.com/

    I believe some dispensaries offer delivery service so you may be able to have it delivered to you

    Here is also a list of recreational dispensaries in town. Maybe check their websites before you get here.
  5. His_Highness

    His_Highness In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

    I was in Vegas a few months back visiting with family. We stayed at the Hard Rock Casino. After dropping off our luggage at the hotel the first place we went was Reef Dispensaries - 3400 Western Ave. We had an excellent experience there. We Uber'd everywhere. If you've never used Uber you'll probably get a few automatic coupons when you first download the app that will save you a good bit of $.

    First thing you need to know is that there are very few places where it is legal to use cannabis in Vegas except in a private residences. The second thing you need to know is that you'll find plenty of folk using vape pens all over the place anyway. The key here is "vape pens" and not herbal anything. Those vape pens with distillate allow you to hide in plain site because they don't smell herb like and it's really hard for anyone to know whether it's nicotine, pure CBD or not.

    I came back from Vegas with chocolate candy bar edibles, on-demand vape pen ($10) and distillate cartridges.....(as you can see not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas). Tried a distillate cartridge for the first time while in Vegas. It was a Gorilla Glue #4 cartridge with terps added. Tasted lemony when using the e-cig/battery that was made by the same manufacturer as the cartridge and tasted harsh as hell in the cheapie CE4 e-cig/battery I brought with me. That's why I went back and bought the e-cig/battery that matched up with the cartridge manufacturer for a whopping $10. The cartridges they sell range from $35 and up and they said I'd get 50 to 100 hits per cartridge. I think 50 was a low number.

    I've tried practically every form of cannabis but I'm easily flowers based 90% of the time so my experience with concentrates is limited. That Gorilla Glue #4 cartridge .... 3 hits rocked my world more than anything else ever has with the exception of that first taste of thai stick back 40 years ago.

    Until I could get used to the high that Gorilla Glue #4 cartridge was a little more intense than I like though...made me a tad jittery/paranoid when I first hit it and took 3 big draws. Moderated to two smaller draws instead of 3 massive draws and it was great! I still prefer flower's full spectrum naturalness to anything else. I could tell that cartridge was going to cause a serious tolerance problem for me where flowers are concerned if I were to use it long term.

    I also found that the inventory displayed on the dispensary web sites were not kept up so you may find that the dispensary has more inventory than you thought. I was like a kid in a candy store. Loved sitting next to the wife vaping and getting free drinks while she played the slots :brow:

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