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Is crumble decarbed during purge?

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by ThatSauce, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. ThatSauce

    ThatSauce Member

    I'm in a very non-medical state and just got a batch of "fire OG crumble" from very generous friends. I'm wondering if the purging process used to create this concentrate has decarbed it at all?

    We get dabs of the homemade variety regularly, but this stuff is a bit of a rare treat. I would love to make edibles (thinking canna coco oil and tincture) with a portion of it and obviously don't want to waste. Any advice is much appreciated!

    PS. Is soy leitchin a fairly common thing to find locally or do I need to order the stuff? I have coco oil here and can get Everclear right down the street.
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  2. Silver420Surfer

    Silver420Surfer Well-Known Member

    Without knowing their process, any answer is a waste of breath imo. Not that you asked a bad question, there is just no way for us to know how your concentrate was made. But since we know its crumble, I would just recommend double boiler method with some coco oil over low heat till all the bubbles are gone. Shouldn't be a problem to do what you want, just watch that heat doesnt get to high. I'd rather go low and slow that high and fast when I decarb.

    **No offense but dabs are not a noun. The correct term is concentrates/extracts/oils, sub-categories:shatter/sap, live resin/nectar/sauce, crumble/moonrock/butter/budder/batter/sugar, rosin, bubble hash,etc.
    You take an individual sized "dab" of concentrates, i.e., "I just overdid it with that last dab of Sour Diesel."
    "Jim and I just did a bunch of dabs of live resin." Sorry. It just makes me crazzy.
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  3. ThatSauce

    ThatSauce Member

    Excuse my French, round these parts most folks ain't yet even seen a "dab", much less been learnt on how to pronounce the dang thanggg!!

    For real tho, I totally get it, but its lost on my everyday language because here it does not yet make a difference. Incredible, this Country of ours.

    We see moatly shatter here, of varying levels of quality. Lots of very amateur-hour product. Anyways, this stuff is PALE golden yellow and swiss cheese throughout, super crumbly, very obviously been treated right. All these things had me wondering whether any of them were indications heat had been used during the purge.

    After reading lots last night I think I've decided on a rec. I've seen here by " Psychonaut" for somewhere around 270, 5-7 mins watching for bubbles. Maybe a chime in on this?
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  4. psychonaut

    psychonaut Company Rep

    I decarb my oils in a preheated oven at 275F for 5-7 mins in a small parchment folded "boat" so the oil stays within the parchment. If you don't see any bubbling at all during the process your oil is already decarbed. You should see bubbling within the first minute. Large more intense bubbling to start then smaller bubbles as it finishes to little or no bubbling. Now the oil is done and can be eaten straight as is or melted into an oil like MCT or add to a recipe.

    Enjoy your 11-hydroxy-THC =)
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