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Iphenix wax atomizer

Discussion in 'E-cig Based Portables' started by Soflamatt, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. Soflamatt

    Soflamatt New Member


    A buddy showed me this Iphenix which is ridiculous. At first glance, it's heavy, bulky, and has a nail style atomizer like the Vhit Type-B/ Atmos RT. When I further examined, I realized the genius. This is truly a no clog, no leak, well engineered, and unique atomizer. I paid retail which I know is always high price, but I picked it up for $40 and it comes with 2 replacement nails. Every piece comes apart with easy and it makes cleaning a breeze. Let's call it what it is... The retractable mouthpiece is hokey, but it does serve a purpose.

    What makes this unique is the airflow comes through the bottom (there are holes right at the base). This allows the nail to not have any holes because it doesn't need airflow. You can literally fill this nail halfway, screw the cap on, and have a nice session. You can either leave the mouth piece down or lift it up to see the vapor fill the glass. Be careful because it hits hard.

    If you can get used to the size (I did in 2 days), this is a must have for any concentrate lover.

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