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  1. InterplanetaryTanner

    InterplanetaryTanner Interplanetary Development Accessory Maker

    Hey friends,

    I’m Tanner with Interplanetary Development. (Also known as Interplanetary, Or ID)

    One of you wonderful people recommend I join up here. So here I am! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I'll likely get back to you in a reasonable amount of time. (Just make sure you ping me)

    We currently are a fairly small operation. But we make and design products that we actually want to use. Both in terms of quality AND usability.

    Anyways, we currently offer:

    Herb Grinders:
    • Super Weapon [SWI] (Recent price drops have made this insanely cheap @$20!)
    • Super Weapon II [SWII]

    • Small cylinder-shaped Press
    • T-Press

    Smell Proof Baggies:

    • 2.5x7.25 (Great for small portable vapes)
    • 3x4
    • 4x6 (Most popular!)
    • 8.5x10
    • 12x16 (This one is huge)

    As of right now, I have no idea what you can expect to see from us in 2017. Currently we are working on a new Press. We’re thinking about trying to crowdfund it, so that could be cool. Or a total failure. We’ll just have to wait and see. (But if crowdfunding works, you guys can expect all sorts of crazy thing will be headed your way)

    Other than that, we are always open to cool new product ideas/suggestions.

    If you want to keep in touch, you can sign up for our mailing list on our website or follow us on Instagram @InterplanetaryDevelopment. I promise you we don’t spam either of them.

    Lastly, I've made a 20% off coupon for you guys that works on our website. The code is "FuckCombustion".

    ID Tanner
  2. Silat

    Silat When the Facts Change, I Change My Mind.


    Welcome to FC, Tanner.
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  3. InterplanetaryTanner

    InterplanetaryTanner Interplanetary Development Accessory Maker

    Thanks friend!
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  4. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge Retailer

    Welcome to the forum! I'll check it out...
  5. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    Please let me also add my welcome to the forum.
  6. muunch

    muunch zzzzz

    Must have missed this yesterday. Welcome! Glad you decided to stop in
  7. InterplanetaryTanner

    InterplanetaryTanner Interplanetary Development Accessory Maker

    Hey friends,

    Were looking for feedback. Mainly from Pax owners. We've got a quick 7 question survey for you to fill out for us if you don't mind!

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  8. InterplanetaryTanner

    InterplanetaryTanner Interplanetary Development Accessory Maker

    Henry Day Sale!

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  9. InterplanetaryTanner

    InterplanetaryTanner Interplanetary Development Accessory Maker

    Another sale! For Mothers Day!

    Good now through Monday Night

    35% Off! MothersDay17
  10. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    Just received my SW2.

    It's a little larger than I was expecting which really gives it a sense of presence, being coloured gold helps that too.

    Not had a chance to actually use it yet but I can tell it's been very well machined. I'll offer up more feedback in the 'Herb Grinders' thread once I have more to say.

    Thanks for the free sample baggies and the spare screen as well, nice touch, great customer service! :tup:
  11. InterplanetaryTanner

    InterplanetaryTanner Interplanetary Development Accessory Maker

    Just saw this! I'm glad you like it! Don't hesitate with the feedback. We're looking for everything. Good, bad, and even the minuscule!


    Also, to everyone else, is there anything special you'd like to see from our instagram? @InterplanetaryDevelopment

    It's pretty bad right now. Both in terms of content and frequency of posting. And we figure there has to be something better than taking pictures of our products in nature, posting pictures of models that are practically naked, posting those meme things, or anything else you'd typically get from a product manufacturer's account.

    Right now we're thinking about adding a user created art aspect to it. - Something along the lines of if you send us an email with some PG13 or equivalent art you made, well throw it up on our account. Then we'll also tag you in it, and everything else that goes along with that.

    Does that sound like something that could be cool? Or do any of you have another and/or better idea?
  12. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    I'm on vacation but managed to run 1.75g of well cured blueberry through the SW2. Material was about 52% RH.

    Initial thoughts only, will update as I go along, reserve the right to change my mind :p:
    • Like the weight / size
    • Love the colour and finish (Gold/well machined)
    • Love the easy unscrew threading
    • Love the missing tooth section for easy loading
    • Easy to turn for grinding, no problem with the grip
    • The grind consistency seems to be working well with my omnivap
    Possible improvements/suggestions:
    • Would prefer a design without a plastic gasket but not if that reduces the smooth grinding significantly
    • Would like to be able to remove the lower grind plate and be able to use the upper grind plate as a lid for pop off/on access. This turns the Grinder into a nice stash box with sifter option, it's weight should stop it from being a tip hazard. This would be for home use only.
    • Offer customisations, people love customisations, just look at the DynaVap thread. I was thinking you could have a Grinder builder where you can choose the style of each section:
      • Laser engraved lid and/or base
      • A couple different grip designs. Maybe different patterns or different levels of depth for those who prefer a rougher grip texture. Or no grip at all for the minimalist with King Kong level grip strength? :shrug:
      • Offer the grips as options on all sections
      • Select different colours for different sections
    Regarding instagram, I'd be way more interested in seeing some stock and some user generated designs for laser engravings that could be supplied to the top and base sections of the Grinder.

    Will offer up additional thoughts as more material is ground.

    So far it's a :tup: from me.
  13. InterplanetaryTanner

    InterplanetaryTanner Interplanetary Development Accessory Maker

    • The gasket seems to be one of the biggest pain points at the moment. It will be fixed in the next literation. It's has to be.
    • Do you mean you want the top piece to double its function as a lid/cap for the button sections? - We're actually looking at making aluminum storage jars. They were going to be the same threading as the SWII, but we came up with a new design for the SWIII, so were holding off on them for now…
    • Customizations on that level is not really something we are set up to do unfortunately. But some sort of silicon add on gripper could probably be done.
    • Regarding laser engravings, I just reached out to Phil Lewis earlier today. So well see if anything happens with that!
  14. snackmaster

    snackmaster Well-Known Member

    Nature/babes/memes is pretty accurate for manufacturer accounts, but I wouldn't rule out the nature stuff completely. It's the kind of low-effort, good-looking content that's easy to post frequently and get into people's feeds. I like most of what santa cruz shredder and space case post even though it's always grinders hanging out on the beach or in the woods.

    User-created art isn't a bad idea, but you don't wanna shift focus too far from your products. Maybe you could tie it into the laser engraving stuff, and each month there's a "winner" based on likes and they get their art engraved on a grinder. Could also do limited runs of winner designs if there was demand.

    Other than that, just make sure you're posting high-quality, well-lit pics: "scenes" that feature your products with other smoking/vaping tools, groups shots of your products shown in different colors/sizes, before and after pics of ground bud (unless that's something you're trying avoid), etc.

    Short videos with product info or tips on use are good too - Sneaky Pete has done some slick-looking little vids that are engaging and don't feel too much like ads.

    Anyway, not sure if that's helpful, but I'm glad to see you're thinking about it!
  15. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    Yep, but not screw on or magnetic. Just a basic lid that sits on top that can easily be lifted off with one hand if the Grinder was sitting on a table.

    Yeh I was just throwing ideas out there. Something to grow into maybe :brow:

    Also for the instagram account, how about some shots of the manufacturing process? Always interesting to see products half cut on a lathe.
  16. InterplanetaryTanner

    InterplanetaryTanner Interplanetary Development Accessory Maker

    You're right. It shouldn't be totally ignored. - I still find it strange though… and it really isn't anything meaningful. It's just a moderately disguised ad.

    We don't mind shifting focus away from them… We figure featuring user created art would be a cool way to engage with those who use ID products. Because really, whats better than using an ID product than making art? lol.

    As far as laser engraving goes, we don't have one in the office. But we did just send a few off to Phil Lewis for him to play with.

    That's not a half bad idea. Well have to see if we can come up with a way of doing something similar.

    Hmm. I'm not sure how the grinding lid would fit on the remaining chamber. I just tried it with the SWII and it kinda fits… but if we go with a Male Lid for the next literation, I'm not sure it would be a worthwhile thing.

    If we did our manufacturing ourselves, we'd totally be posting videos of it all the time. :(
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