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Im having a tough time finalizing my decision on a new tube

Discussion in 'Glass' started by METHODOLOLGICAL, May 17, 2014.


    METHODOLOLGICAL Well-Known Member

    I want a high quality tube finally

    I have been smoking flower for too long with shitty glass pipes, its time too enter the real world

    But i dont have money to shell out on 3-4 expensive bongs and take my pic, I can only pick 1 and make sure its the best and lasts me atleast 2 years.

    The stem 8 seems to be really popular but I cant find it anywhere. I wanted The stereo matrix but as i do my research the odd person seems to always have a problem with it whether its too airy or no flavor or whatever so it always makes me second guess my decision.

    Toro is too expensive for me i want to keep it around 500 or less.

    If i were to get a sov i think id want a stem 8 i dont think id want a king stem or something else knowing i could have a stem 8

    Can you guys please help me out? I am dying here for a new smoking piece and I have the funds to do so but cant finalize my decision so im left smoking out this dinky dirty glass pipe FML. HELP ME PLZ!!
  2. blankrider

    blankrider Well-Known Member

    Hey @METHODOLOLGICAL the stem to 8 is indeed one of the best combustion pipes out there if you plan on continuing to do such. The problem is all the demand for these and glass flippers driving up the price. They retail for $500 sometimes can be purchased for even less but usually the second it hits the shelf or website someone buys it to resell for $700+
    In my honest opinion, not trying to upset any sg fans, but they are not the great company they once were and their recent offerings have just been extra pieces they had laying around and threw together in different combinations for a quick buck. They got to the leve l where they can sell you a half functional piece for hundreds and people buy it and stand behind it just because it is SG. Well F that!
    Lol anyways, I would look towards more up and coming companies or just names that people hate on. There a weird politics in glass.
    I have a itza mini gridded circ to 8 arm tree that I got used on Boro for a little over $200. People passed on it like it had the plague. I could not be happier with it and I swear that it is on par with my buddies stem 8.
    Efs glass is a great choice. Both the stemline and donut function amazing and if you want a multi stage piece like stem 8, you could get a efs stem to showerhead. Probably even a worked one.
    There are a lot of great options out there if you just look for a while and don't get so wrapped up in the names

    Check out this link for some suggestions
    Last edited: May 17, 2014

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