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Ideas for different ways to warm up distillate for mixing/syringing.

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by jared7284, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. jared7284

    jared7284 New Member

    Okay so I regularly buy pure distillate and make my own CCell carts. I have two heating methods that are both less than ideal. First and my most accurate is putting shot glasses in a small pot on the low setting on my electric stove. I've checked it with thermometer and it stays plenty safe temps for mixing terps, 150 F. The non ideal thing about that is the water/steam. I've been told that's not good. Can someone confirm or deny that for me? My other method is the oven itself. Which I really can only use for heating up distillate that is pure to suck up in a syringe. But I can't put it back in my oven for warming for mixing in the terps cause set at 150 F my oven jumps between 150-180F. Maybe higher idk.

    Hot plate may be the first thing most people think. I can't find one that has an actual temperature setting for less than a few hundred bucks. So that's out for me. I looked up incubators (like a small counter top thing) and nope, same as hot plates way to expensive.

    I really like the idea of an accurate toaster oven so I can heat up syringes too. Right now I run hot water from the tap over a syringe until it it warm enough for the cap to even come off.

    Ovens and toaster ovens both are known for being inaccurate. There are many ovens and toaster ovens that are accurate enough. I think 5-10 degree accuracy would be plenty fine just keep it below 150F for the terps. But the toaster ovens that are accurate generally cost two hundred bucks and up.

    So I finally looked up how to build an incubator. The first result on duckduckgo was great. It was an instructable showing how to hook up a PID controller to a toaster oven for ultra accuracy on a budget. PID controller, relay, and temp sensor should run someone under fifty bucks. Here is that. I would disable the fan in the oven too if it has one. I feel like that could kinda be just blowing dust around ya know. Idk.


    How do you heat up your distillate for mixing with terps? And if you were using your preferred ideal equipment then how would you mix and fill the carts? Just looking for ideas while I hold off on spending of equipment for a different method.

    And here is a good write up about mixing distillate and terps for cartridges. This is the only good write up I can find.

  2. Monsoon

    Monsoon Well-Known Member

    Something like this PID controlled heating pad should meet your needs, they've got larger sizes too. Just stick it to the bottom of a small baking sheet and you have an accurate heating plate. You should also get an infrared temp reader from Amazon to get temp readings from your surface, it'll help you troubleshoot easier and give you more accurate localized temp readings.
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  3. jared7284

    jared7284 New Member

    That's a good idea. I've never heard of those. The one you linked to is max temp of 160F. I'd rather get something with a little higher temp capability just to be sure.

    Ever use these before? Any recommendations of brands to get or to stay away from besides that one you linked to?

    Thanks very much. Very good idea.

    I really want to get this one but it doesn't say the max temp. I messaged but so far no reply.

    I'm looking at one on Ebay

    And maybe one from china
  4. Accept

    Accept Well-Known Member

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  5. gunmetalshark

    gunmetalshark Glass Addict

    I found two very good options... for the first one u need to have a Rosin press lol...u can use the plates
    on it and turn the Temp exactly where u want it to be on the PID :D :D :D

    ...joke aside, or in case u dont have one...i found out that the D-Nail polar shifter works perfect...it has a small 3"x3" heating/cooling plate and the heating setting turns out to be 140°F in my case :) :D
    Works via usb and is 50$ :)


    Here is a old link with more pics and infos...i guess it depends on your ambient temp how hot and cold the peltier plate gets cuz it highly depends on how efficent the radiator can work...but it works great and is rly cheap trust me...i originally bought it for collecting sappy rosin but nowadays i just use it for mixing terps and rosin :D :D :D


    I also leave the ccells/syringe on it to warm up and get better oil distribution in the carts...sometimes a second one would come in handy...but i also have a rosin press so i dont need another :D :D
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