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I want to buy a "log" vape. What are my choices?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Hackerman, May 14, 2018.

  1. Hackerman

    Hackerman Unspecified

    Out there
    Since I have been a member here these 2 short months, I have purchased about every type of vape there is. Butane vapes, desktop vapes, portable vapes, pocket vapes, this vape and that vape.

    Overall, I really like the 'log' style vape for the desktop. It is truly an 'on demand' vape for me since it's plugged in all day and the wand or WPA takes about 1 or 2 hits.

    I own the E-Nano and it is, by far, my favorite of all the vapes I have purchased so far. And, their customer service was also right at the top of the list. I'm almost afraid to buy another log vape because I think I already own the best and anything else will be a disappointment. LOL However, variety is the spice of life so I thought I would buy another log style vape and try it out.

    The winner becomes my daily. The runner up can always be a backup. LOL

    So, what are my choices? I saw 2 here at FC called the Underdog and I think Ed's TnT makes one but I have not looked at anything yet, in detail.

    Love to hear what you have to say about logs. Those 2 or any others that exist.

  2. ZC

    ZC Well-Known Member

    I don't think you can lose with any of the logs out there. The HI, UD, Enano, and Woodscents all work spectacularly and have great build quality and customer service.

    Alan makes the HI, and he has a ton of different styles and customization depending on what you want. He's a true artist and engineer and is constantly improving his designs and evolving his vapes. The downside is that his waitlist is on average a year. He'll occasionally have some HI's in stock though, which is how I got my first log.

    Underdog's usually the easiest for me to recommend. They have a couple different core types, all SS heating element, and definitely the most variety in stem choices out of any of the competitors.

    Both the HI and UD have accessories that are completely interchangeable from voltage regulators to stems. They also work off of 12v, so you can easily find a 12v battery pack and take them on the go -something you can't do with the enano. The VVPS options can also show the exact voltage which gives you a very clear and accurate idea of how hot it is, another thing you don't get from the enano's dial. Though you can use a blind dial on the UD/HI if you prefer that style.

    I haven't tried the woodscents yet, but Ed is a fantastic guy and his work has always been high quality. I like the idea of using the vapcap as a stem and being able to just take that stem on the go with a small torch. I already have a vapcap though so it's not enough to be worth buying for me.

    At the end of the day though, I really think the results are going to be really similar. I've got about ten logs and have tried others and to me they're all pretty much the same. Plug it in for five minutes at your desired voltage, lightly pack a stem and inhale. Easy and effective and the differences are honestly minor.

    The only log that I think is truly different and unique right now is Alan's iHeat. Regulated, instant, with a manual button press. High surface area heater with an 18mm bowl. It combines the best parts of vapes like the Milaana or Zion with the best parts of a log. I've hardly used my other vapes at all since I got it and my others logs I use pretty much just for novelty every once in a while now.
  3. Hackerman

    Hackerman Unspecified

    Out there
    Thanks for the great answer. I know I saw a post around here somewhere that explained all the abbreviations. LOL

    OK, UD is Underdog and Ed is TnT Woodscents but what is the HI? I won't wait a year but if he has something in stock that I like... maybe.

    I remember one had a VapCap interface. I'm not really big on that but if it has other attachments.... maybe

    I have an E-Nano and love it.

    So, that leaves the Underdog. I definitely like some of the features you outlined like the control and the assortment of mouthpieces.

    Any other people making log style vapes? Odd that I didn't see anything on eBay and an Amazon search turned up zero.

    Thanks again
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  4. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    I think I have at least 1 of the different log vapes made in the us. My HI is my favorite but I think that's because I love the shape and because it's small and a perfect fit for my hands. Alan also makes a log called the tasty top and I think it has it's own thread. He sometimes has extras and I got a bamboo HI without waiting. You need to choose glass or stainless steel and the glass doesn't work with all moutpieces. Alan also makes incredible wood mouthpieces.

    I wouldn't call his Iheat or the Splinter a log. I have the splinter and will soon get an iheat- you attach them to a box mod. They use 18650 batteries. I don't have my Iheat yet but Alan said that there's a way to use it plugged in. Many people describe the tubo as being like a portable log and I kind of agree. It is built around a box mod so you don't need a separate one. You also get to program the temp you want it set at. It's my main vape. I almost never read of people who don't like their tubo as opposed to many other vapes. So the tubo is similar to the iheat or splinter but it's all 1 piece. Plus the maker is constantly upgrading the software. You might consider the tubo, splinter or iheat instead of a second log. The iheat is a year wait though. You get on Alan's list and then choose whatever you want when your name comes up.

    As for the others: the Woodscents, it does use a vapcap as a stem. Ed is a master woodmaker and this is a nice option. I think that other than the woodscent they are all very similar. And, most important, they all have incredible customer service and are often on the board.
    That includes the underdog which, as I said, works much like the others. I think that, unless you want a woodscent, you can't go wrong if you choose by price, shape and wood. So why not just buy another enano since you already love that? Having tried all the vapes, I'd buy another HI if I wanted another log because I love it and Alan's work.
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  5. Dynavaper

    Dynavaper Karma Farmer

    HI stands for "Heat Island", I think that question has not been answered yet. My apologies if I overlooked it. ;)
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  6. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

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  7. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    I would suggest looking into the Woodscents by Ed's TnT. Aside from the fact that Ed is a fabulous guy and a great craftsman, the Woodscents uses VC Ti tips so you should be able to put a VC cap on it and use it like a VC.

    Ed is just getting his shop up and running again after a move, but without any criticism of other log vapes, I would suggest giving Ed a good look.

    Disclosure, I don't have a Woodscents. I have an Enano that I bought before Ed's was available and I have found that I don't need two log vapes.

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