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I Quit Facebook and it Feels Good

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by Diggy Smalls, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. Diggy Smalls

    Diggy Smalls Tom Cruises

    Land of Confusion
    Quitting Facebook feels strange at first, but then it feels so good. Honestly, I was just checking it out of habit anymore. A lot of what's on facebook is just garbage, and then the rest is a bunch of images with words that I'm supposed to think are funny, but don't. The people on there who I actually have a relationship with will continue to flourish, and I'll forget about the people I kind of know, just like how it used to be.

    For real though, I didn't realize just how many times I pick up my phone and check a website for information I don't give two fucks about. Why would I want to be inundated other people's politics and children pics? lol

    Anyway, I didn't even delete or suspend my account, I just stopped using it. Willpower! I can do it, you can do it! Stop checking up on people you don't know in real life! It's strange! YOu don't need to see what they ate for lunch.
  2. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    Yeh I've been doing that for several years now, I couldn't agree more with you.

    I did at one point close my account, I got quite a few emails from people I hadn't actually spoken to in years exclaiming how concerned they were about me either dieing or cutting myself off from the world.
  3. Doktor Dub

    Doktor Dub Well-Known Member

    never been on Facebook & happy about that. Now the wife uses it and it gets harder not to join.
    I try to stay strong!
  4. HellsWindStaff

    HellsWindStaff Dharma Initiate

    I keep my facebook active as a means for long lost friends and people who I've lost contact with to find me if they wanted (its happened) but I rarely ever check it or post anything on it
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  5. TeeJay1952

    TeeJay1952 Well-Known Member

    Never had an account. @Diggy Smalls What did you have for dinner last night?
  6. Diggy Smalls

    Diggy Smalls Tom Cruises

    Land of Confusion
    I've never used twitter. I still don't really care to check it out, and it seems ridiculous that politicians use twitter. Or what about those supposed news stories that just collect a bunch of twitter comments about something. Gah! Do I sound like an old fogie? Is this what people sounded like when the president started addressing the nation via television?

    Anyway, cool to see some people going against the grain of social media popularity. ;)

    @HellsWindStaff that sounds good to me. Right along the lines of what I was thinking, too.
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  7. Morty

    Morty Well-Zoned Member

    Fuck Facebook! It's the sound of a million morons trying to out life each other & show up one another in a passive aggressive environment. "No, my political views are better" - Meme. "Well, my religion is better" - Meme. "So. My vacation was better than yours" - Pics. "Big deal. My family pictures are more professional & my kids look nicer". - Pics. Ugghh...fuck off! I could give 2 shits. That's my experience at least.
  8. Ricardo

    Ricardo Well-Known Member

    An island somewhere.
    I quit Facebook a few years back - incredibly hard to actually cancel an account - click on the wrong link and it's reactivated. Great not to see an endless cycle of fucking kittens and cappuccinos :peace:
  9. Diggy Smalls

    Diggy Smalls Tom Cruises

    Land of Confusion
    I logged in once since I quit, and guess what? I didn't even miss anything! Why did I check it so much when I didn't care about what was being posted?
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  10. Buildozer

    Buildozer Baked & Fried

    It's funny, I have lot's of friends and family bitching about their FB addiction :lmao: Just the other day, my brother came up to me, and was like "I quit FB; Again.. On my phone only though." :doh: :lmao: shit's so incredibly weak! I try to tell them "Just quit being such a fucking bitch about it!" but they don't hear me though :lol: maybe I should be more sensitive, they say FB withdraws can kill! For real! :lmao:

    I don't use social media aside from FC.. not even for people I haven't seen in a while.. People will just have to track me down some creative old-school way if they need me.. I hear, "If there's a will, there's a way"; not sure how true it holds in this era of FB though :shrug: ;)
    Even on FC, I keep my "Like" alerts off.. I don't put much value on shit like that.. I still "Like" posts for reason though, if I happen to see them.... but I don't know what posts of mine get liked, or by who, or how much, unless I end up coming across the post again and noticing.... I'm on that next level shit w/ my social media! Word, Point the grain out! I'ma go against it! ;) :spliff:
  11. GetLeft

    GetLeft Well-Known Member

    Convection City
    yeah I tried fb for a year a few years or so back but I'm on the older side of the tech thingy so I tried it out of a 'don't knock it 'til you've tried it' mindset. Just wasn't my cup of tea. I found the process of crafting a fb me to be troubling and hell you know what they say about trouble.

    FC's pretty much the same thing but there's a strong commonality among users that makes me need to be less crafty. I can be pretty much me who the fuck cares. That's why I like drinking beer at microbreweries. The person next to you is there because they like good beer too and they'll be no disagreeing about that at least.

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  12. ichibaneye

    ichibaneye Vapriot, Traveler & Vaporizer/ing lover!

    The Honeycomb Hideout
    I left about 5 years ago. I never used it when I was on it. When I did I posted things that the corrupt corporation and others didn't like. Thus getting banned multiple times. I used it against them for a bit then I found better ways to use my energy. I've never been one that shared to much about myself to begin with. Well... publicly that is. It's smart not to hand everyone a map of your life. And even smarter to keep the government out of your business. So fuck facebook, twitter and all the rest! Cheers and it feels good to be awake!
  13. ginolicious

    ginolicious Well-Known Member

    I've been off Facebook for years. Probably at least 4 or 5 years now. What a waste of time it was.
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  14. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    Never joined! so no need to quit and it feels Good :)

    seriously though, I had my internet identity thingy before facebook was popular so did not feel a need to do it again via facebook save for FC and a few other forums I now post in...
  15. Gigsabits53

    Gigsabits53 Well-Known Member

    I ended up having so much right wing political BS in my newsfeed that I decided life is too fucking short to spend one more second on that website.

    I did the same thing as Diggy, just stopped going there. Removed the app from all my devices and its been quite liberating.
  16. Receptor

    Receptor Well-Known Member

    I still do not understand the values of those sites?.
    People used to write diaries....personal...but now...for everyone to see!
    FC ....INVALUABLE..yes.

    CANNABIS....Cluster Headache...ReNew...Mission. Good to-Go!!!
  17. Ah Fecesbook. Quit because those hundreds of friends were not really current friends.

    You are the product Fecesbook sells to advertisers, along with your preferences and interests.
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  18. stoneleopard

    stoneleopard Well-Known Member

    I left about 8 years ago, I assume I haven't missed anything.

    I have another friend who did the same thing slightly before me. When I did it, he said "welcome to the faceless". I kinda like it.
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  19. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    I'm in the process of abandoning my personal page, but also starting a cannabis advocacy one :tup:


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  20. 4tokin

    4tokin Well-Known Member

    I am not into FB.

    It amazes me the shit that dribbles out of peoples brains.

    It makes me think twice about a lot of people.
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  21. Petrolhead_GR

    Petrolhead_GR Well-Known Member

    I'm away from fb... never join there...
    but is for laugh when I read about founders, 2 guys 20+ years old !
    Damn, behind facebook in my opinion is all secret services of the world and just watch and wait
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  22. adamster

    adamster Well-Known Member

    I have not liked FB for a long time. I truly don't enjoy it that much. I have my real name and then I have a couple of weed oriented accounts. I wish I had the courage to quit it. I would have to close mine, I don't think I have the willpower to resist it. I guess I could block the site off my devices. Right now I am quitting sugar, so I think I will wait till this is secure. I had a couple of relapses on my Iceland trip so I want to nip that because I am already cheating a little since I got back. a half cookie here and there. But I am loving the idea of ending fb.
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  23. macbill

    macbill Gregarious Misanthrope

    The Evergreen State
  24. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead trance-form

    Facebook can go suck a cactus.

    Or is that cacti?
  25. OldNewbie

    OldNewbie Well-Known Member


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