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Humboldt Vape Tech Sai Atomizer with Titanium Cup

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Hackerman, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. kernal6500

    kernal6500 Well-Known Member

    Not sure what all those letter mean, you must be a millennial.
    The products from a company I really like because they are very health conscious, test their internal parts to ensure quality and authenticity I dont know a company that does that except for them.
  2. Hackerman

    Hackerman Unspecified

    Out there
    If the millennials were born in the late 40's, yeah, I'm a millennial.

    A lot of companies do that bud. Check out the Health and Safety page at Healthy Rips, manufacturer of The Fury. Most of the good companies are concerned about [not being sued because of neglect for] their customers' health.

    The truth be told, you have no idea where Humboldt sources their materials or whether it's good or bad. Shame on you for bashing someone when you really don't know anything about what they are doing.

    Tell me WHERE they source their materials and WHY it is bad, and I will go right along with you. But, if you are just pissed or rebleating something you heard, again, shame on you.

    Be nice and always remember....... always tell the truth.

    Thanks for your input.
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  3. kernal6500

    kernal6500 Well-Known Member

    I am strictly talking about Hvt. That is the topic of conversation, bud.

    The items are not designed by them so they have no choice of what material is put into them.

    I can tell you the manufacturer w9tech is far more concerned with health than any competitor.

    Inhaling a hvt always gave me a nasty taste in my throat and mouth. It’s my opinion old man it’s not bashing. People are aloud to spreak their opinion.

    Be nice and always remember.... Jesus u sound like priest
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  4. Hollabackatcha

    Hollabackatcha Well-Known Member

    20% off today at HVT
  5. tennisguru1

    tennisguru1 Well-Known Member


    I think it's because Matt's stuff from DC is so loved up here
    and his 2.5 V3 & Weed V2 all work GREAT.
    I have and Love Matt's Atty's also but
    Really this thing is AWESOME also in another way.

    The Ti Bucket Cleaning is My Dream Come True!!!
    I got one on a DNA75 Lavabox mini & Another on a dual
    Evic & WOW it just keeps getting Better.

    AWESOME Discovery, When you finish up your bowl in the
    Ti Skillet, don't iso it. after about 5 pulls on it for me
    Just Swab with Dry QTip and "Here's the Magic" add a few drops
    of Wally World's Sterile Saline Contact Lens Soaking Solution.
    Pulse the power a second or two, it will bubble a little.
    You can wait or not , Swab Perfectly Clean.
    The waste jumps on the Qtip in a matter of seconds.
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  6. Evilevile

    Evilevile Active Member

    The Fraser Valley
    I found that odd that you said you leave a couple bottom airflow holes open.

    (I'm new to it though, I just got it)
    But I only leave the top airflow open and closed the bottom. I thought I read that the Ti bucket works in TAF mode, and according to the HVT instructions, you leave the bottom holes closed and the top holes open.

    The times I've wondered why I wasn't getting anything: while the load cooked away, it turns out I had accidently left a few bottom holes open.

    That being said, I recently got the HVT TAF Sai with bucket and I am amazed. I am so happy that I can use concentrates now! I can have one little hit and get to a [5] easily. I love this thing. I want to try oil carts next.

    So much stealthier too.
    I blow into a smoke buddy and I don't have to leave my room. That will be really handy in the winter.

    Has anyone used the water attachments like the hydro tube or Poseidon bubbler? Would you recommend?
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  7. florduh

    florduh Well-Known Member

    For the buckets, I would say go for the Poseidon. It turns this thing into a rig. Get a directional carb cap to move the oil around, and you'll be even happier.

    I tend to just use it without water though, because it's simpler. But using the water piece with a directional carb cap is great for efficiency since you're swirling the oil around in the bucket.
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  8. tennisguru1

    tennisguru1 Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... I use my Globe without water & also the Pinnacle Water Tool
    connected by 50 cents adapter & sometimes a whip.
    Has a diff effect without water, thick Milky clouds.

    I've now gone to a Simple Distilled Water & Sea Salt Combo to
    easily clean the Ti Skillet Bucket, heat & stir clean with Big Wood Toothpick, mop up with Qtip
    Can't wait to get some Quartz cups to play with
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