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How to use a digital e-nail to vaporize dry herbs (convection)

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Xymas_Snarlmo, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Hippie Dickie

    Hippie Dickie The Herbal Cube Manufacturer

    where the Cube rules!
    noticeable ... so much so, that i would never sell a product with nichrome60 ... the nichrome80 always looks brand spanking new.
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  2. Xymas_Snarlmo

    Xymas_Snarlmo New Member

    Wow! So I'm gonna start searching around for a nichrome80 e-nail coil because both types of coils I have I got 2 years ago, and the they are ever so slightly dark and a bit rougher to the touch than the "wand/handle"
  3. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    Here my progress:

    Contacted a local scientific glassblower about a prototype, he's afraid borosilicate doesn't resist to a lot of thermal expansion/retraction cycles, he think quartz might be a better choice but would be more expensive...

    Contacted an enail supplier and I'm able to get already a decent price for controller+coil+Tinail&carbcap, I'm just try to figure if the ti nail is a good option (or not) to get in the package... although he wasn't able to certify what the coil are made of, for the moment i only asked what they made of without to specify any preference (i know some guys could lie to get a sale...). Also i'm thinking a lot of people already own a controller so I'm thinking to sell only the vaporizer and you'll have to connect it to your own controller. I know there is 110v and 220v coils, is there some other reason a coil doesn't work with every controller?

    Now I'm torturing my brain to find a way to build a sort of shell cause I don't want the user to be afraid to burn himself (or to burn his house) and it will make the vaporizer a lot more versatile since I want it will offer water fltration, direct inhalation, whip, bags and double decker. The shell (shield?) will add a lot of reliability too since you will not be afraid to break something.

    About the stems and accessories, glass would be done by the glass blower and for the wood stems and wongs I will try to do it with my wife Or (if too difficult for us) i will contact somebody else (EdTnt, EpicVape or Rastavapa ).

    I'm dreaming wake up now...but my friends, even if I'm not objective, i can tell you how hard and tasty this vape rips, a beast!
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  4. Xymas_Snarlmo

    Xymas_Snarlmo New Member

    So as far as the different voltages for coils I think (but am not certain) different countries/continents supply different values of electricity standard through their wall sockets. So it's not so much about the coil as it is about how much and at what levels the electricity must be supplied to maintain proper functionality. However, your coils are rated for electrical resistance so they are a direct reflection of the electricity desired.

    Ever notice how North American electrical plugs differ so greatly in looks when compared to say a European standard plug. It's partially so you can't just ram in a foreign plug from a foreign electronic whose operation demands a different standard of electricity (which could honestly be fatal worst case scenario). You can get adapters which allow SOME domestic appliances to function abroad. I think Europe is 220v/50 and North America is 110v/60. Not 100% on those numbers though and all of this is just what I've come to understand through tryin to figure out which electronics work for me in my region when buying from international distributors online.
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