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How to clean vape screens?

Discussion in 'ABV' started by vapeguy, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. vapeguy

    vapeguy Well-Known Member

    I love my new LSV but screens seem to get clogged after just 3-5 loads. Since I'm out of iso from cleaning my 'cano one last time for reselling it I haven't tried cleaning them yet but have kept the used ones to clean when I get iso.

    I've never cleaned screens before but at the rate they get clogged in the LSV I'm going to need to. Can anyone explain how they clean them after soaking in iso? And do they come back like new or only slightly better?

    I'm posting this here even though I have the LSV as cleaning screens is the same no matter what vape you have.

  2. VaporEyeSore

    VaporEyeSore Active Member

    They are probably the same as SSV screens. I just take it out heat it red hot with a jet flame let it cool then give it a little twist and blow and its good to go.
  3. djonkoman

    djonkoman Well-Known Member

    I use the same technique to clean screens, torch and blow
    just remember to wait a little before blowing, once I wanted to blow to quickly, moved the screen towards my mouth while it was still (red)hot, shot trough a little and hit my lip with the screen. looked like I had a coldsore on my lip for a while.
  4. SoulCaptivesAreFree

    SoulCaptivesAreFree Hazemaniac

    Always clear your bowl/stem while it is still hot! you can go longer without it clogging up when you always clean it immediately after usage.

    then when it gets clogged up just use a flame as described by the posters above (you can also soak it in iso to clean it - imho it's too much hassle - but there are people who do it because burning out the screens wears them out quickly and if you heat the steel too much there might be some toxic fumes released or something)
  5. max

    max Out to lunch

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