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How to Clean MicroG Pen once Air Intake is Clogged?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by BentSpace, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. BentSpace

    BentSpace New Member

    Saw a MicroG Pen on Craigslist for $20, seemed like a good deal and a good one to try out for my first vape. Used it for a couple weeks. it appears to have two air intake holes on the sides of the coil, which now seemed to be clogged with wax. This link says how to clean it, but not how to unclog the air intake. https://grencoscience.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/991064-do-i-need-to-clean-my-microg-pen-
    It says to stay away from the coil itself and don't soak anything in iso. Any ideas how to unclog the air intake? Was thinking soaking the coil in iso might do it, but would it damage it?
  2. Caligula

    Caligula *results not typical.

    So Cal
    IMO this is the best solution for fixing any Grenco product:


    ...or maybe try heating up a needle or paperclip and pushing it into the air holes?
  3. SlinginPaint

    SlinginPaint As Above ∞ So Below

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  4. BentSpace

    BentSpace New Member

    Found a way (if anyone cares). Heated it up in my hand, turned upside down, put finger over one air intake hole and blow in the other. I see what you guys mean, what a crappy design. Do other vapes clog up like this or leak everywhere?
  5. hanfhead

    hanfhead is high

    Others do clog. But as you point out they say don't soak it in iso. I soak both my thermovape carts and dube carts. Both are all metal and ceramic.

    My friend has a micro g, the head is plastic and the coil is wrapped around a wick. The taste is bad and like you have found, it clogs like crazy.
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  6. Caligula

    Caligula *results not typical.

    So Cal
    Not to mention you are inhaling off of hot parts that were produced and put together by the lowest bidding Chinese factory...

    Also my Hercules cart never clogs (its basically impossible) then again I wouldnt consider it a "pen". Maybe more like a dry erase marker...
  7. idlebyte

    idlebyte New Member

    Grenco MicroG is good for the size and worth the maintenance, it's barely bigger than a BIC and is smaller around. TINY. You CAN submerge the cartridge in iso. It's just a plastic housing with two copper contacts (two inside, two outside) soldered to wires on the inside that lead to a heating element in a ceramic bowl surrounded by steel, of course you can submerge this in iso. Just not the battery... And make sure the cartridge is dry before applying power.

    Also, if you pull (don't twist or you'll break the wire connecting the coil) on the metal bowl containing the coil, it will slowly slide out of the cartridge and you can clean under it where all the resin drips if overpacked (which is easy to do cause it is frigin tiny.....). If you can handle this on occasion, the convenience of having a vaporizer you can conceal in the palm of your hand (entirely) is well worth it.

    Actual gripes on this product include the following:
    1. Bowl is small, wish it was more oval shaped with the coil along the long axis. This would allow for larger dabs and more hits between packs. But might lead to more splatter though.
    2. Area beneath bowl gets filled with residue and clogs air intake easily, see above. Using smaller dabs will prevent this. Once you know how to remove the bowl without breaking the wires (easy), cleaning this is easy. I've found holding the coil upside down and heating it up without the cover will help the hot liquid drip out of the base.
    3. Mouth tube interior gets gunky since bowl spatters under heat and wax/shatter jumps up into mouthpiece. This gunk makes repacking and usage difficult after a while so you have to stay on top of it. A better designed mouth piece might prevent as much of a mess without making a straw to suck hot wax into your mouth... maybe? I also imagine this is an issue for all brands of pull/twist apart bodies. Using smaller dabs prevents the gunk buildup but you have to pack more frequently.
    4. Don't use alcohol ear swabs, these things fall apart and leave shit inside. Amazon the Puritan Self-Saturating 91% Alcohol Swabs, they have no cotton to pull off and remove the residue a lot better. One cleans my two MicroGs.
    5. This isn't a pack-once use all-day/even half-day trippystic. It's a special occasion concealable visually acceptable method of dabbing while walking.

    The cartridges are also supposed to be replaced every so often, not necessarily when they break/stop heating. So the next time one stops, pull it apart and check with the above. For price, size, and reliability (battery lasts for day or two with constant use) I haven't found a nicer one. But I'm open to trying them. But for the moment my standard is the MicroG. And I don't want my E-Cig looking like a woodwind instrument or fashion accessory, plz... ;)
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  8. Melting Pot

    Melting Pot 45 going on 75

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